Random Thought Thursday! Here We Go Again…

Well, welcome to another edition of Random Thought Thursday. I will be your host today. Yep, the host I am. I will admit to you now that I *may* have had a bit too much coffee this morning, so I thought well, this would be the perfect time to write this, as my thoughts are bouncing off the walls.

Speaking of walls (actually, this has absolutely nothing to do with a wall), the American Idol Auditions in Milwaukee were last night. Did you watch? I did, course, not at the right time. I had to wait for awhile, let my Tivo pick it up, then watch it before I went to sleep. I’m not really interested in commercials, unless they are funny. Hey, by the way, if you have seen any really weird or funny commercials, submit them to us, or you can post them in our commercial forum HERE. There is one weird one out there now by Cisco, where some kids are on a computer, and this little weird monster shows up… I have yet to figure that commercial out. What were they looking for to begin with? Maybe I just don’t get it. I will put the commercial at the bottom of this post so you can explain it to me. Otherwise, it will end up being one of those things that just goes unexplained in my life, and that’s just not acceptable.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes, walls. Wait, no, American Idol. Yes, American Idol… What was with that toothbrush guy? I’m guessing he was trying to be the next “Pants on the Ground” guy, teaching us a lesson about brushing our teeth. They didn’t give him much time, but who here thinks that we may see him again on the finale? You know, the part where they bring back all the weird ones? I’m guessing we may see the Bieber opera singer as well. Really? Bieber opera? …And for that matter, why is Bieber on absolutely everything these days? Is there no escape? As long as I don’t have to see Kara Dioguardi stripping down to a bikini, well, I will put up with toothbrush guy and Bieber opera. Yes, I will gladly make that trade.

Speaking of trading, actually, no, this has nothing to do with trading… The last guy on Idol last night… Chris Medina… Apparently fans are letting others know what they thought about this story… Some are expressing major support for him, while others are thinking his motives and actions were exploitive, bringing his brain damaged fiance to the auditions. Either way you feel, I will admit that it made me cry. How horrible for the both of them, and what an outstanding man he is. Now I just hope that if he happens to win American Idol this year, that he keeps on with her, and the fame, and groupies don’t get in the way of that.

Speaking of fame getting in the way… what’s with that Glee Producer (Ryan Murphy) telling bands that say no to “F*%k off”? I mean really, can his ego get any bigger? I expect to hear “You will never work in this town again!” come out of his mouth pretty soon. If a band or artist doesn’t want to do it, then they don’t want to! Get over it and move the heck on dude! Bieber will do it. Go ask him. Also, you cannot state that artists or bands who say no to you are ignorant and their careers are over in the same diatribe about Kings of Leon. Their careers, I believe, are far from over. This Producer is also now running his mouth over at Perez Hilton, telling everyone he thinks Kings of Leon are homophobic. Dude, please, get some help! Personally, after seeing how this guy reacts to rejection, and what he does and says about those that say no, I would hope there are a line of artists ready with that same answer soon.

Alright, I’m done. My random thoughts, or at least the ones I can say¬†out loud, are out there for all to see. Here are my favorite random thoughts today from the web:

From Joy @ FB: “let me be patient and let me be kind….”

From Angelique @ FB: “Thong underwear…why???”

Susan @ FB says “Live Laugh & Love Often…”

tatoomom69 @ Twitter: “my feet are starting to look like my mom’s, gross, need to fix that”

From King_Dunn @ Twitter: “what part of the chicken does the chicken nugget come from??”

From murielvega @ Twitter: “My roommate just called me to tell me that she stole a pumpkin for me. Today just went from shitty to really great.”

From Kaseyville @ FB: “I wish I had a different flavored chapstick!”

From Teresa @ FB “Why did I move here?”

From Joanne @ FB: “Look, a CAT!”

Want yours¬†included? Well, too bad, too late. Now you will have to wait another whole week until the Yak asks again for your most random thoughts. You could however post them below… Let’s see just how random your brain is today!

Seriously… did they discover Pokemon really do exist or something? I don’t get it.

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