Richard Hatch Goes to Jail, May Have Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Richard Hatch turned himself in yesterday to begin his 9 month sentence for failing to pay taxes on his 1 million dollar win on Survivor. However, his time served may be much shorter than expected now that he has a “Trump” card.

According to Mr. Trump, “It sounds like a very tough predicament. I may ask him if there’s anything I can do… I may get involved and ask him what the hell is going on. He wasn’t loved on set (Celebrity Apprentice) because it’s a competition but I will say he was respected. [Helping Hatch is] something I’d think about. He’s been a great character on the show. If he makes it to the finals – and I’m not saying he is – I’m sure we can get him time off for good behavior.”

Seriously? Donald Trump, you know, the guy thinking about running for President of the United States wants to help out a tax evader? Not sure I would want a guy like that representing my country. So not only may Mr. Hatch be being released early, but Trump may also pay off his debt to America.

What do you think? Fair? Let us know below!

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