Survivor: One World Fireside Chat with Kat Edorsson

Kat Edorsson the 22-year-old Timeshare rep from Orlando, Fla. was blindsided on the 12th episode of Survivor One World. What made the blindside so unique was that Kat was anticipating an exciting fun blindside! She said blindsides can be fun. Kat now wants everyone to know that she’s really embarrassed about that comment and laughingly tells us that she has definitely changed her mind! “No, blindsides are not fun nor are they exciting, I take back everything I said!” Kat cried all of the way to the Ponderosa. Her eviction hit her hard. Many of her tears had to do with the fact that she adored living on that island. She considers herself an outdoor girl, loves camping and roughing it and doesn’t want to go back to her everyday life.

The Yak: What has the reaction been for you online after everything that happened last night?

Kat: Great question, um. I’ve had a lot of love ya know, Kitten always has some love. I’ve had a few here and there that say “ OMG, You’re so stupid, how can you be so naïve and selfish?” What am I gonna do? Everyone has their own opinion on how I played the game. I just take it all and roll with it.

The Yak: The last couple of episodes it seems that you were really enthusiastic to cement your place in Survivor history by making a big move. What were some of the moves you wanted to make and did any of them end up being successful for you?

Kat: Ultimately my biggest mistakes were when it came to the reward challenge and things like that. But if I were ever going to make a move, mind you they never showed me being strategic. I did start an alliance very early on and was loyal to that alliance. I wasn’t as open minded as I should have been. Like to Troy, entertaining his idea to his alliances, etc. I wasn’t really entertaining the idea but I should have been more open to it. I had so much heart in the game and I wanted to do so well, all I wanted to do was kick Kim’s ass in the challenge and so I see myself trying to beat Kim. Ultimately, say I had won immunity that night. If I was going to make a big move I could have chosen to go with Tarzan, Christina and Alicia or I could have gone with Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina. If that was ever going to be a move, that was the move that I was gonna make. What would be more beneficial for me? So you know, again, we can never say that I did make a big move because I didn’t win. I wasn’t strong enough that day.

The Yak: If you could go back and do the reward challenge again would you take the same people?

Kat: (Laughs) Absolutely not. I hate that people said I was selfish, because I completely sympathize with everybody. The reward challenges are death, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this but if you watch them, you don’t want to be the person who chooses who gets to go with you, you want to be the person who’s chosen. So when I chose Kim and Alicia it was such a terrible decision because I didn’t know how Sabrina and Chelsea were going to react and I didn’t know they were going to be so sour about it. I guarantee you this. I look selfish because I didn’t take Christina and Tarzan, that was Sabrina and Chelsea’s excuse, and I love these girls. They know for a fact that if I took one of them instead of Alicia they would have not been saying anything at camp about me the next day. So yes, I did make a really bad mistake because Alicia was part of my final three. Why would I take her? I don’t know I was not thinking strategically and that was my million-dollar move that I completely messed up.

The Yak: Looking back and seeing yourself through the eyes of the viewers, do you think you are too naïve?

Kat: Um, I wouldn’t want to say naïve, I really don’t. I mean joking around everyone doesn’t want to hear this but I am only 22. I don’t want to say it’s naïve, that’s a negative word and actually I’m a very positive person. In survivor you actually have to trust somebody. What I did is trust somebody with my whole heart. I trusted all these women with everything I had. In Survivor you shouldn’t play that way. In real life you shouldn’t do that, especially to a stranger that’s not your family. I treated them like they were my family. I would do anything for these women. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off in the end and it made me look very naïve for believing what Kim said to me and getting completely blindsided. You saw my face! I mean my face was like “no way this is happening to me right now!” My eyes were like Oh My God! Nobody wants to see Kat cry, nobody does, and it’s not good. There’s not a mean bone in my body. So if I were to say that I was naïve, I think I made naïve decisions but I don’t think that I’m naïve. I think I was playing the game that I really wanted to play; I was playing as hard as I could. I just unfortunately didn’t see what was happening right in front of my face at that particular moment. So, that decision I made was a little bit naïve, yes.

The Yak: Why didn’t you try and make a move with Troyzan the week before and try to vote Kim out or another strong female?

Kat: No of course, the episode shows me crying hysterically because Troy wouldn’t leave me alone. (laughs) The silver fox was in action. I was like “old man, leave me alone!” My decision for not being more open to what he had to say had nothing to do with Troy and the fact that he basically was telling me what was about to happen. If I would have went with Troy, if I had voted with Troy to send Christina home, my alliance would have found out that I betrayed them which means I would have had to take on all of them. Honestly when you’ve gotten that deep into the game when you’re so loyal? Kim said to the viewers that I am her final 3, I was her best decision. The only reason she couldn’t keep me anymore is because the majority flipped. My whole alliance flipped on me so ultimately if I would have went with Troy I would have been gone today anyway. Now look at me I’m gone! It’s so sad.

The Yak: Were you more upset that you got voted off before Christina and Tarzan or that you were blindsided, which one is worse?

Kat: (laughing) I would have to say that it has to be that I got voted off before Christina and Tarzan. Troy makes this big thing about the fact that people who deserve to play are people who are in the game right now but that’s not how Survivor works. Survivor’s deceitful. Troy says Survivor’s like an ex-wife who’s very deceitful and doesn’t understand how to play or how to get along. The fact that Tarzan and Christina were there longer than me broke my heart! If you asked Christina that day, “Christina what game are you playing?” she probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what the game is called.

The Yak: Knowing what you know now, would you still vote for Kim to win the million dollars?

Kat: I can’t say but knowing what I know now and the type of game she’s played and how she’s bamboozled everyone I think she has a fantastic shot to win the game. I do think Kim is playing a fantastic game.

Kat is enthusiastically looking forward to the reunion. She’d love to do Survivor again. Thanks for speaking with us Kat, good luck to you!

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  1. Even accounting for her age (22), Kat is still the dumbest competitor to have played Survivor, by far. That’s saying something, too, considering how foolish this entire group is, except Kim and maybe Sabrina or Troizan. The men are foolish for having voted one of their own off. Colton was a selfish jerk, and very annoying. Few of these contestants seem to realize that they’re among the lowest group, and if they do, like Christina, they fail to band together and vote the top group out. Instead, they just keep voting with Kim (or when the men were alive, Troizan and Colton). 

    I’d love to have something positive to say, but…

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