Survivor: The Yak Chats With John Cody and Laura Boneham, Latest Eliminated Castaways

SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATEROn this week’s episode of Survivor Blood vs. Water two castaways were eliminated from the game.

John Cody (spouse Candice) the 30 year old WestPoint Graduate and Physician from Washington DC and Laura Boneham (spouse Rupert) the 44 year old merchandiser from Indianapolis, Indiana were both eliminated after 19 days.

John spent 12 of those 19 days battling it out on Redemption. Laura defied the odds after being voted out day one. Rupert took her spot on Redemption Island and Laura was sent to the returning player’s tribe to compete.

Prior to the tribes merging all three players on Redemption Island John, Laura B. and Laura M. were given one last challenge. The winner returned to the game and the other two were sent packing. Despite proving themselves to be tough competitors John and Laura B. were bested by Laura M. and were eliminated.
We were able to speak with John and Laura today to get their thoughts on their Survivor experience.

YAK: Congratulations you two on surviving 19 days!
Laura: Thank you! Thanks for having us.
John: Not long enough but it’s a long time (Laughs)
YAK: From speaking with your respective spouses did you think that you had a grasp on what actually being on Survivor was like? Was it what you expected?Laura-Boneham-300
Laura: My experience was that the physical side of the game was not as hard as I thought it would be because we had not much rain and the challenges, I really enjoyed. The social game however, I don’t think you can really prepare yourself for the dimension of this game especially Blood vs. Water.
John: It wasn’t that difficult of a season. There was no rain. There was plenty of food at the tribe camp. It was a little different on Redemption Island. The physical aspect surprised me that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but definitely the betrayal you feel from people that you’ve hung out with for 7 or 8 days, that’s tough, it’s tough to get voted off your tribe.
YAK: Is it easier or harder being on Redemption Island physically? What about the difference between camp life and life at Redemption?
John: (laughs) In my mind it was definitely harder to be there physically. I mean the weight really started coming off when I went to Redemption. There’s no fruit, there’s very little reprieve from the sun. Everything that needs to be done you need to do yourself. So you’re getting all the water and boiling it. You’re doing your laundry. If you want to fish or gather coconuts and firewood you have to do it yourself, while tending the fire. All those things that you have help with in a tribe, you’re doing yourself. Doing that for 12 days was a long time! But, it was fine. Your body adapts. Yes, I was hungry and I was dreaming about food but you know you make do with what you have. It’s definitely harder to be on Redemption physically, but also mentally too. You have to struggle to keep your mind sharp and try to stay as connected as possible to the game. It’s mind numbing out there, you’re just sitting there waiting all day, sometimes 2 or 3 days for someone else to show up you have a duel which is exciting just to go back to waiting. Mentally Redemption Island is really difficult as well.
YAK: I imagine you also would be wondering what’s going on with everyone else?
John: Yeah, it was kind of funny Laura M.’s comment about being a kid who missed school for two weeks because of chicken pox and now no one wants to play with you. What I said many times out there is that when you’re on the tribe and at the tribe camp you get a lot of information and very little time to think about it. When you’re on Redemption you only get a little information and a ton of time to think about it. It’s a very different scenario. People come, people who get voted out usually don’t know as much as they think they know, but you just pepper them with questions and try to get as much information as possible about what’s going on, so that you have some kind of foothold in the game when you go back.
laura-boneham-survivor-CBSYAK: Laura, do you regret switching with Rupert or are you satisfied that you were able to have your own Survivor experience?
Laura: I am extremely satisfied that I got a chance to play the game. I was on my way out the first day unless I was like John and stayed on Redemption and tried to win my way back into the game. I am very grateful that Rupert was giving and gave up his game for me. It could have gone differently. He could have stayed in and maybe earned a little money for the family but that’s not what we’re about and he wanted me to have the opportunity to play the game like he had and wanted me to know what the experience was like.
YAK: You both are just a handful of people who together with your spouses are Survivor alumnae. That’s pretty exciting.
Laura: It’s really cool actually. We didn’t get to play together but technically we were in the game together.
John: It’s cool.
YAK: John, we didn’t get to see much about you and your immunity clues. Did you actually spend time looking or did you feel complacent in your position with your guys alliance?
John: It’s funny the reason I didn’t look for it as much as possible was because I didn’t feel complacent about my position in the tribe and I didn’t want my tribe to see me looking for it all the time. The one time I did go out and look for it was the night I got sent home. I casually went out and looked for it with Brad and was looking around camp. But the one time I really spent time looking for it about 20 or 30 minute was the night I left. It was a rookie mistake on my part. You don’t leave without it for tribal council. There really wasn’t much time to look for it. The only time we had over those two days, we had immunity challenge, tribal council, and Redemption island challenge. There was no break in the cycle to go and do that. I didn’t think it was going to be me going home that night but it’s funny my next play after receiving the clue to the idol that day was to share it with my alliance and say I think it’s important that we find this together and keep it for our alliance. You see how well that turned out for everybody. It certainly didn’t turn out well for Brad. Now immunity is not turning out well for Vytas because now he has a big target on his back. He’s done well getting around and avoiding that target the last couple weeks but I think that target may be getting a little too big for him now, we’ll see. (laughs) he’s worked some magic before maybe he’ll be able to save himself again.
YAK: This question is for both of you. Who was your favorite person to meet?
Laura: I would probably have to say getting to know Tina more. I had met her at events but getting to know her. We shared a lot together out there. I shared a lot of personal life and she shared hers and we had a lot of heart to hearts. She was part of my demise out of the game but I really enjoyed getting to know her.
Skin of My TeethJohn: It’s hard for me to say one person from my tribe because we really got along very well which is one of the reasons it was so devastating to go to tribal over and over again. Even the people we voted out early, Merissa and Rachel, we really liked them. We all got along very well. It kind of sucked that we had to keep doing that. But I’m glad I got the opportunity to meet Vytas, he has a good story and has overcome a lot in his life. That’s a refreshing story to hear. We are from two very different backgrounds and we got along really well. I have to say my favorite person was meeting Jeff Probst. I had met him before but it was different out on the island. (ed interjects: that would be mine! I have a thing for Jeff!) Laura and John both laugh. He’s a cool guy!!
YAK: How exciting was it to see your spouse’s after you left Redemption Island?
John: At Ponderosa? It was bittersweet for me. I fought tooth and nail for as long as possible to stay in the game.
YAK: Would you do it again?
Laura: I would definitely do it again. My daughter says Mom, you’re crazy! I’ve got the bug and I would definitely do it again, it was an amazing adventure and to be competitive, I’m so competitive and to be out there again and prove myself again and be one step closer to a million bucks, it would be great!
John: There’s no doubt in my mind. It was such an incredible experience. You feel like you leave so much on the table when you don’t get to the end. So I want to ante up again!
YAK: Thanks for talking with us today. You were both strong competitors. Good luck and come visit us at!

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