‘SYTYCD’ Q&A With Eliminated Dancers Caitlynn & Ricky

So You Think You Can Dance sent home two more dancers this week, narrowing the field down to four leading up to next week’s finale. Caitlynn Lawson and Ricky Jaime might no longer be in contention for the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer” but they’re not letting that bring them down. They are rooting for their fellow dancers Melanie Moore, Marko Germar, Tadd Gadduang and Sasha Mallory. Caitlynn and Ricky chatted with members of the media after their elimination and we’re bringing you the details. Keep reading to hear what they have to say. Don’t miss them as they return to the SYTYCD stage next week for a celebration of dance during the SYTYCD finale (airing Wednesday & Thursday at 8/7c).

On Waacking
Ricky is very “excited for waacking to be a part of the SYTYCD family now.” He wasn’t particularly worried that it would send him home. He believes it’s important to keep an open mind on the show, no matter which dance style you get.

Most Memorable Pieces
When asked what her most memorable pieces were this season, Caitlynn couldn’t pick just one. In fact, she wanted to list her Top 3 for us. Mandy Moore’s “To Love You More” with Mitchell and Sonya Tayeh’s “Heavy In Your Arms” with Marko made the top 2. “It’s always nice to get good response from the judges and audience. The tango with Pasha was probably my third favorite.”

On Growing Throughout the Competition
Both Ricky and Caitlynn agreed that they learned so much from this competition. The reason Caitlynn initially auditioned for the show was to be around amazing dancers and learn as much as she could. “Coming of age,” as Nigel Lythgoe described it was her whole goal. “Hearing that from them, I couldn’t feel any more accomplished that I had reached the goal I set out to accomplish.”

Future Plans
Ricky plans on moving out to LA with Clarice. As of now, he is up for anything and excited to hopefully get into the acting business and dance more. He hopes to keep teaching, specifically to show what he’s learned in terms of quality of movement. He’s excited to show his students how others grow. Caitlynn is looking to broaden her horizons and get into more singing, acting, and modeling. She wants to continue to learn and grow and would especially love to come back as an all-star on the show.

On Celebrity Guest Judges
Caitlynn and Ricky loved all the celebrity guest judges this season. They both agree that there was not one where they were confused with the critiques and wondering what credentials they had to be sitting there judging them. “It’s nice to hear critiques from someone who’s a different type of performer,” Ricky said. He went on to say that “They see what America sees, but even in a better light. They know what to tell us to keep us going in the competition. Hopefully they remember us.” They thought it was amazing to hear what Gaga especially has to say.

Forming Bonds With Contestants
This show automatically brings the contestants close. Caitlynn and Ricky were inspired by them all and feel as if they are all inseparable now. Caitlynn is especially “grateful to be in this group and have had the most wonderful time getting to know them.” Ricky and Clarice seemed to form a special bond throughout this season. They have plans to move in together in LA after the tour is over.

On Being Eliminated
Caitlynn sees a silver lining. It’s a sad feeling, but she’s happy she’s been able to grow and get better. They are both happy with the whole experience. Getting cut before finale is sad because you wanna compete for the last show. “The good thing is we don’t have to go home, we’re in rehearsal now and get to participate in the show next week.” Ricky didn’t even believe he’d make Top 20 because of his age, so he’s very grateful to have made it this far – to the Top 3 guys.

Routine They Are Most Proud Of
This past week was the toughest for Caitlynn. The Samba was really fast and the Sonya piece was hard emotionally, tough to dive into the character. “Seeing the judges stand up was an amazing moment,” she went on to say regarding her piece with Marko. Ricky is mostly proud of his ballroom routines, especially the Cha-Cha with Ryan. The show was the first time they actually got the choreography right. Production wouldn’t slow down the music for them to get their steps down, so he’s proud of that moment.

Getting Into Dance
Ricky surprised his mom at her wedding. He came up with choreography and performed for her that day. He then got into studios and went from there. Caitlynn has always been into dance. Being from a small town, she’s always wanted to progress to this point and be a part of something this big. It’s refreshing that they are both fans of the show and have been watching for many seasons. They feel so privileged to have been able to learn from and dance with the dancers they watched and idolized growing up.

Favorite Choreographers
Both Caitlynn and Ricky share an affection for Sonya Tayeh. Caitlynn “learned so much from her. She’s an amazing person.” Sonya seems to push the contestants beyond what they believe they can do and makes them dive head first into the dance. She hopes to work with her again some day. As for Ricky, he really wanted to work with Travis. He thinks his work is incredible, but he didn’t get a chance to work with him. You never know what the future may hold…

Dances They Want To Perform On Tour
Caitlynn: Argentine Tango (if Pasha makes the tour) and Sonya routine with Marko
Ricky: Contemporary routine with Ryan (the fabric piece) and his ballroom pieces

On Dance Style To Further Study
Ricky wants to go straight into the ballroom world, to “take it under his belt.” He went on to say that “It’s a different dynamic than contemporary and any other technical dance I’m trained in.” As for Caitlynn, “ballroom has always been something I’ve always been interested in.” She has loved getting to experience it; she wants to continue with hip-hop, too, if she gets a chance. Hip-Hop has always been a style she’s enjoyed performing.

Advice For Dancers Looking to Audition
From long time fans of the show to soon-to-be-alumni, Ricky and Caitlynn are great people to ask for advice for future SYTYCD hopefuls. They stress to not be afraid to push yourself. “The show isn’t expecting you to be a perfect dancer. They want to see you grow and get better. It’s all about having confidence in yourself. Work your butt off and push yourself. Never give up and don’t compare yourself to other people.”

On Being in the Bottom Multiple Times
Ricky Jaime is grateful to have made it this far with the help of the judges, saving him after being sent to the bottom by America’s votes. He believes that making it this far “helped show America why I’m here and driven sometimes. I don’t think it was anything bad, I took it as a good thing.”

We want to thank both Caitlynn and Ricky for their time. Good luck on the finale and on the tour! Looking forward to seeing you back on stage next week performing some of our favorites!

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