American Idol Spooky House For Sale!

[singlepic id=455 w=200 h=150 float=left]So who wants an alleged haunted house that the Idol 10 group lived in? Well, for those of you with a large sum of cash on hand (and we all know we just are bursting at the seems with extra change from our last grocery trip) it’s available for a mere $12 Million! Like I said, just forego your Costco or Target trip and you too can have a chance at this once in a lifetime deal!

[singlepic id=452 w=200 h=150 float=right]Built in 2008, the house features 9 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, and is approximately 15000 Sq. ft. on 2.14 acres of land. The home boasts a swimming pool and spa, butler/maid prep Kitchen, Lavish Landscaping, Parking for over 100 cars, dual winding staircases, and of course, ghosts, so say the American Idol troop.

[singlepic id=454 w=200 h=150 float=left]Yeah that’s right, not only do you get this wonderful piece of property where you can throw huge elaborate parties with that extra money you saved offering 11,995,000, but you will also have the opportunity to live with extra special guests that just won’t move on. Oh, and spiders.

As you may recall, the group of this years Idols have reported that the house began being infested with spiders, then lights began to flicker, sheets floated down the hallways on their own, and a hand floated down from the ceiling. This is when they decided to move out, and now, lucky you, you can own it! I mean come on, if you put only 20% down, it would only cost you $48,362 a month! Now that’s affordable!

Let us know below how much you are going to offer! It’s only fair, so others have a shot too.

American Idol Finalists Moved, House Haunted?

The finalists for American Idol are being moved to a new home today, and out of their Beverly Hills mansion. Apprently, the Idols became convinced that the house was haunted, and insisted on leaving the estate, according to reports.

They began believing the house was haunted a couple weeks ago, when the lights began flickering, and there was a “spooky spider invasion” in the house. However, what put a few of the finalists over the edge was a bed sheet reportedly taking on a life of it’s own, and floating down an empty hallway last week. In addition, after the heavy rains So Cal experienced a couple of days ago, the roof of the home began to leak. At that point, the Idols insisted on moving to a new location.

We will keep you updated with the latest as we hear it! In the meantime, head over to our FORUM where we discuss the show live! You won’t regret it, and we kinda promise the forum isn’t haunted, but then, you never know.