And Your New American Idol Is …

After what constituted a record number of votes (over 122 million to be exact), the 2011 American Idol has been crowned. After a night full of (mostly) entertaining performances and not too many surprises (since we dispelled and confirmed some of the night’s rumors for you in our forum), the crown once worn by Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, David Cook and most recently Lee DeWyze has been handed down to the next most promising talent Nigel Lythgoe and company had to offer … Scotty McCreery.

Scotty wasn’t afraid to show his real emotion after being named victor over finalist Lauren Alaina, as he went around and hugged his closest family and friends before humbly thanking and congratulating the other finalists and this years judges, barely giving himself the opportunity to give an encore of his latest single to drop tomorrow. Not long after, Scotty found himself on the floor balling tears of joy, I’m sure, and expressing a sense of relief at what he’s been able to accomplish this season. Scotty’s first single, “I Love You This Big,” will be available tomorrow on iTunes and possibly on your radios very soon. After a season of what many (unless your name is Ryan Seacrest) will claim to be one of the most anticlimactic in Idol history, season 10 is now in the books and your next champ is waiting to be found. What’d you think of tonight’s finale? Any performances get you tapping your feet? Are you pleased with the next American Idol?

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American Idol Finalists Moved, House Haunted?

The finalists for American Idol are being moved to a new home today, and out of their Beverly Hills mansion. Apprently, the Idols became convinced that the house was haunted, and insisted on leaving the estate, according to reports.

They began believing the house was haunted a couple weeks ago, when the lights began flickering, and there was a “spooky spider invasion” in the house. However, what put a few of the finalists over the edge was a bed sheet reportedly taking on a life of it’s own, and floating down an empty hallway last week. In addition, after the heavy rains So Cal experienced a couple of days ago, the roof of the home began to leak. At that point, the Idols insisted on moving to a new location.

We will keep you updated with the latest as we hear it! In the meantime, head over to our FORUM where we discuss the show live! You won’t regret it, and we kinda promise the forum isn’t haunted, but then, you never know.