HCG Rogue Diet Update

DietIf you have not read my previous post, here is a quick update. I am currently on Round 2 of the HCG Diet and am “rogue” if you will, ie, not following protocol to a “T”. I lost a total of about 30 pounds on the last go around (I think it may have been a little less) and did a full 42 say round. This time I am planning a 30 day round because those last 10 days or so last time KILLED me for some reason. Hence the rogue part. In addition, I feel I need to put in the disclaimer once again… If you are new to this diet, DO NOT GO ROGUE. You have GOT to do this by the book the first time so you will have a clue what can and cannot affect your weight loss if you decide to “Go Rogue” the second go around. Now, on with the update.

I am about to be a cry baby. Yeah, you heard me. WAAAAHHH! I WANT FOOD! I WANT POPCORN! The last couple of days have been rough on the will power. I don’t know whether being a little on the depressed and wanting comfort side is playing into it, meaning… I want my pjs, a blankie, good TV and GOOD FOOD. Yeah well, can’t give in that easy. This too shall pass.

I have been sticking with my rogue plan. One day I ate a few sunflower seeds to get by. I know now not to do that. They affected the scale big time. I have added broccoli which has been fine for me and I added steak which has also done well with me (thank goodness). I was so incredibly tired of chicken and fish. I am still eating the low carb yogurt as my lunch and it’s been working. I am currently on Day 9 of the low calorie plan and am down 10 from my starting weight. More from the after loading weight but I don’t count that. So all is working great, but Oh Em Gee I want buttery popcorn! This is hard! I feel like I’m on some show called “How bad do you want it” and there are times here and there that make me just want to say… not that bad! But… I go on.