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CBS Listened to your feedback! The Big Brother Live Feeds are now available to purchase and watch in Canada! No more hunting around for a way to do it!

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BB15 Aaryn and GinaMarie Lose Jobs After Racist Comments

If you are a Big Brother Live Feed Watcher, then you will already know that there have been some pretty incindiary comments coming out of the mouths of some of these Houseguests and, well, a couple of them are already paying the price. Course, they don’t know it yet since they are still inside the Big Brother House and cut off from their outside world.

AarynBB15SwimsuitAaryn Gries, the 22 year old from Texas, has been let go from her modeling contract with Zephyr Talent. When Zephyr Talent got word (or do they watch the feeds?) of all the racist comments spewing from her mouth, they decided enough was enough. In a statement made by her Agency: “Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.”

If you missed any of it, Aaryn was observed making pretty much derogatory, racist and prejudiced comments about just about everyone, except of course her blond hair, blue eyed surfer boyfriend in the house David. I’m not going to repeat some of the things she has said, but you can certainly read about them in our forum HERE.

Aaryn isn’t the only one. In fact, there are a few of the Houseguests doing this in the house this season. Which leads us to the next job casuality…

GMBB15SwimsuitGinaMarie Zimmerman, the 32 yr. old from Brooklyn New York, is reported to have lost her job as a Pageant Consultant from East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. In a statement released by East Coast “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past. We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants. In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.”

In fact, East Coast had promoted the fact that GinaMarie was going on the show to their girls, telling them what a great role model she will make on the show, and to vote for her. How unfortunate for them.

In the meantime, CBS has made a statement that they are disgusted by this behavior by the houseguests, but have no plans to air it as of yet. For me, this is very disappointing. The pull of Big Brother for myself and many that I know was always the social experiment. You take people from different parts of the country, from different walks of life, put them together and cut them off from the outside world. Well, this is what you get. This is, unfortunately, a little slice of this melting pot we call America. Racism, Prejudice, Misogyny, etc. exists and is alive and well in the Big Brother house. I have heard it reported that CBS has spoken to the houseguests about it which really, I wish they wouldn’t involve themselves at this point. This is who they cast. These people are adults (whether they act that way or not) and are aware that there are cameras everywhere recording them at all times. They wear a microphone around their neck. They know there are feeds online 24/7. They know anything they say could possibly make it to air. Even if they were recruited and have never seen a show, they are still made aware of the above. What they say, who they are, should be shown and be their own consequences. It is a game show, and if viewers of the television show do not watch or follow the online BB community, they may not know what they are voting for. I say let their true selves air.

That said, who do you think will lose their job next?

FIRST LOOK: The Talk “Big Brother” Edition, Plus Time Lapse of Big Brother House Construction

The Big Brother pre-season may have been quieter compared to previous, but CBS’s The Talk visited the house this Spring. As we previously announced, the special “Big Brother” edition of the award winning Daytime talk show will air THIS Wednesday, June 26 – the day which “Big Brother 15” is set to premiere (8/7c on CBS). We have your FIRST LOOK pictures of the special episode of “The Talk” where the ladies will vote to evict one of their own live.

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Julie Chen and co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler played an abbreviated version of the game that will air. Along with the revelation of the votes live, we’ll get a special preview of Wednesday’s “Big Brother” premiere. Check out these FIRST LOOK pictures of the ladies and watch a special time lapse of how the Big Brother house came to be (below).

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It’s Official: Big Brother Live Feeds Moving to CBS

BBLiveFeedsWhat the internet and Twitter couldn’t keep secret, CBS officially announced and confirmed today. The Live Feeds for Big Brother 15 will be moving to a new home – from Superpass to

CBS is boasting that it will be the same feeds, just at a new home and for a new season. Remember, CBS has always controlled the content of the actual live feeds that were seen on Superpass with Real Networks. The CBS site boasts 24/7, uncensored and real time live feeds. In addition, games, chat and episode playback will be available on the website.

Per the CBS website

*To preserve the integrity of Big Brother, the feeds may be edited, delayed and/or blacked out on occasion at CBS’s sole discretion. Some content may not be suitable for users under 18. You agree that we shall have no liability whatsoever relating to the Content and you waive any claims you may have, now or in the future, against us relating to the Content.

Be sure to check the official new feeds website to sign up for updates sent directly to your email! As always, you will be able to purchase your live feed subscriptions right here at YakkityYaks as Big Brother 15 nears. Remember, the season kicks off early this year – June 26 at 9/8c on CBS!

CBS Announces Premieres for “Big Brother 15,” “Unforgettable” Return & “Under The Dome”

cp_cbs_yak_logoDuring Saturday’s session for the TCA 2013 conference, CBS announced their summer plans in front of the television critics. Summer is starting early on CBS this year, as evident by the premiere dates for the sophomore season of the recently resurrected Unforgettable, an expanded 15th season of summer staple Big Brother and Stephen King’s mini-series Under the Dome.

King’s series will kick off June 24 at 10/9c. CBS President Nina Tassler touted her hopes of the event becoming a “big summer event.” “What we heard was this extraordinary vision for 13 episodes and beyond, we have a unique opportunity here to do a big summer event and to do a script to series. [During the] summer, you have to make some noise, and we really wanted to this summer. We’ve got a lot of fresh, great content.”

The network also announced that “Unforgettable” will premiere its second season on Sunday July 28 at 9/8c and reality show The Great British Bake Off kicks off May 29 at 8/7c. “Big Brother 15”, which will be getting an expanded season, kicks off Wednesday June 26 at 9/8c. The show will air Sundays at 8/7c (starting June 30), Tuesdays at 9/8c (starting July 2) and live evictions on Wednesdays at 9/8c (starting July 3). Effective July 2, NCIS: LA will air encores at 10/9c to make way for Big Brother. Also, note that Big Brother 15 will shift to 8/7c on Wednesdays beginning July 17.

FIRST LOOK! Big Brother Canada House Tour


With Big Brother Canada set to premiere in February 2013, the production crew is hard at work on the cage that will house the first crop of Canadian hamsters. ET Canada takes BB fans (American and Canadian alike!) inside the walls of the Ontario studio for the very first glimpse at the BB Canada house. While the house is still very much under construction, it’s looking pretty righteous, eh? The house will feature an indoor backyard, similar to the one featured on the Glass House. The shows producer promises that a “soft box” will be installed that will change the lighting throughout the day, casting shadows and bringing the outdoors indoors. Also noted in the video is the fact that just like its American sibling, BB Canada will feature a studio audience during its live eviction shows. So, Canadian super fans, be on the lookout for tickets soon!


Thanks to YouTube, we can now bring those of you here in the USA the clip. Enjoy, and be sure to share your thoughts with us.



Just Announced: Yak Big Brother Season 2 Is Coming … This Winter!

UPDATE: Casting is open! Click here to apply!

Think you have what it takes to be crowned the next winner of Big Brother? Well, grab your mittens and bundle up because YBB Season 2 is heating up the Yak this Winter! With a premiere date of Tuesday February 12th quickly approaching, casting details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned to this thread (click here) for updates (including – Casting updates, Cast/Bio releases, House Tour, and more!), follow our YBB Twitter account (@YakBigBrother!), and tell your friends to do the same!

This season, the twists and turns will most definitely be H.O.T!