Big Brother Alums Brendon and Rachel get Engaged!

Ahhh… they say Valentines Day is for lovers, and now, everything is right with the world.

That’s right, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly (BB12) announced on Valentines Day via Real Player Superpass that they are engaged to be married. Rachel’s twitter lit up, “I’m engaged 2 my best friend!!!!!!!!!” and “Yay 4shellic nail products! Making manicures last!! Gotta have pretty hands 4my pretty ring!” and “Oh gym no sugar diets why do you hate me! but you make my butt look cute and after all I gotta start wedding dress shopping next week!” Thank you to Yak Forum member kmteach for the heads up on this precious moment!

We even got a picture of her engaged hand via Twitpic (included below).

No word yet on where they will set up house, but we would imagine Las Vegas is in the running. She “is Vegas” after all.

Cheers to you two! We hope it lasts a lifetime!

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Big Brother 12 Crowns a Winner!

The Jury of 7 crowned Hayden Moss the winner of Big Brother 12, who walked away with a nice chunk of change of $500,000! The jury votes were as follows:

Lane – Rachel, Brendon, Britney
Hayden – Kathy, Matt, Ragan, Enzo

It came down to the last key to be turned, which was Enzo’s, revealing the tie breaker handing the win to Hayden. (Course those with a keen eye saw Lane’s key sticking out of Enzo’s bag on camera after he put Hayden’s key in the box.)

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