The Yak’s Second Interview with Brendon from Big Brother 13

The Yak had a second opportunity to interview Brendon, the latest, two-time evictee from Big Brother 13. See below what he had to say!

The Yak, from Forum Member Yellowdog: You were voted back in, only to be sent back out a week later. How are you feeling now that you have been evicted 3 times from the Big Brother House?

Brendon: The third was definitely the hardest, but I really look at it from the standpoint of a blessing to be able to go back in for another week to comfort Rachel and recharge her fighting spirit.

The Yak, from Forum Member KaysarRocks: Why did you get so upset that Jeff wouldn’t vote for you to stay, when you knew it’d be useless and a tie vote?

Brendon: Because we had been in an alliance since day 6 and we were a big part of the reason that Jeff hadn’t gone home or had been a target by Dominic if we had allowed him to stay.

The Yak, from Forum Member Kristin: Everyone talks behind others peoples backs in the Big Brother game. Why do you complain about people talking behind others’ backs when you and Rachel do the same thing?

Brendon: Everything that Rachel and I have said behind people’s backs we have said to their faces.

The Yak, from Forum Member CR: Now that the game is nearly through, we know you must be thinking of your upcoming wedding! Would you want your wedding to be televised?

Brendon: At this point, I would love for our wedding to be paid for, but I also want it to be very special and I don’t want it to be a spectacle because Rachel and my marriage is forever and not just some made for TV special.

The Yak, from Forum Member 19wingz: Did you plan on adjusting your game plan should you have re-entered the Big Brother house? If so, what was your new strategy?

Brendon: Not really. My game is always going to be the same no matter what big brother season I am in. It is going to be to win as much as I can and to align myself with people who will keep me safe if they win, but other than that I am always going to be a huge target in the house.

The Yak, from Forum Member 19wingz: If you could be remembered for ONE thing during your time in the Big Brother house, what would you like that to be?

Brendon: Using the POV on Rachel.

The Yak, from Forum Member Sphinx: Our readers would like to know more about your future plans with your Ph.D program and your Master’s. What do you hope to study, and what would you like to focus on in your career?

Brendon: I will be focusing on positron emission tomography imaging and the application to pharmaceutical drug therapy for cancer patients. Eventually, I would like to work in a pediatric cancer patient setting, something along the lines of St. Judes.

The Yak, from Forum Member yellowdog: Did it frustrate you that Rachel was unable to control her emotions in the game?

Brendon: At times, but if she was anybody else I wouldn’t love her like I do.

The Yak, from FB Member Shauna: If you could go back and do anything different, what would it be?

Brendon: I might have confronted Daniele about her plans to backdoor Jeff before we went to Jeff and told him what was going on.

The Yak, from FB Member Shauna: In hindsight, do you think that throwing Jeff & Jordon under the bus to Daniele was a mistake?

Brendon: Not at all. I know that Jeff had already struck a deal with Daniele the first week that Rachel and I had gone up.

The Yak: Who would you like to see Rachel try and evict from the house?

Brendon: At this point, I think I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff be evicted.

The Yak: Thank you Brendon!


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The Yak Chats with Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 13!

The Yak got a chance to chat with the latest evicted Houseguest from Big Brother 13, Brendon Villegas this morning. See below to read what he had to say!

The Yak, from Forum Member SassyGal: When you first came into this game, you and Rachel had said that you were going to play a different game this season. What exactly was your strategy this time around, and how did it change from last season?

Brendon: Last season we just had a straight up fight every single week to stay together and remain in the game. But this season, we wanted to work with other players and play a much better social game and take advantage of the fact that we weren’t going to have to play alone.

The Yak, from Forum Member kmteach: What was your strategy behind using the veto on Rachel, and how did you think it would further you in the game?

Brendon: By using the veto on Rachel, I figured I might stand a slightly better chance of staying in the game. And if not, at least Rachel would have a chance to stay in the game and play in the jury and I could protect her one last time.

The Yak, from Forum Member KaysarRocks: You and Rachel are great competitors as far as competitions go, but is it a good strategy to go in the game needing to win everything in order to stay?

Brendon: No, because Rachel and I realized, especially this season, that you’re better off being a floater and not winning anything and flying under the radar b/c nobody wants to take you out. But unfortunately, neither she nor I will ever be able to play in Big Brother with that strategy.

The Yak, from Forum Member Knucklehead: Out of the two seasons you have been on, which cast did you feel like you connected with the most?

Brendon: I definitely connected with more people from this cast and enjoyed it more.

The Yak, from Forum Member KaysarRocks: Do you believe that any of the fights that happened in the house were the fault of you and/or Rachel, or were all of them the fault of the other Houseguests?

Brendon: I think all of the fights somehow boil down to something Daniele has done or said in the game, even the latest one when Rachel approached her about what she said to Shelly, Daniele ran downstairs to turn it into a public fight essentially.

The Yak, from Forum Member Cappiesux: You and Rachel went into the house wanting to be different people this year then last year, do you feel you accomplished that despite getting into multiple fights with people and once again being the center of much of the drama?

Brendon: I do, because I think we had a much more relaxed time in the house and definitely showed to everyone that we are a real couple and are still very much in love and that we mean the world to each other.

The Yak, from Forum Member Sandy: What exactly was the strategy behind lying to everyone about who you were using the veto on?

Brendon: Because I wanted to really throw off Daniele’s plan. I know Daniele and I knew she would start making preparations on who she was going to put up as the replacement nominee and she would start making deals in the house and reassuring people they were safe, and if that changed, it would further people’s ideas about her as a manipulator and a liar.

The Yak, from Forum Member 19wingz: What’s different about your approach to the game this time around knowing what America thinks about you and knowing that you’re not being introduced to us on TV for the first time? How does that affect how you act in the house and how you make game decisions, if at all?

Brendon: I know that everybody in the house is going to have a preconceived notion of who I am as a person and who I am in the game makes me realize that I am never going to fly under the radar to the new people in the game.

The Yak: Us fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it. Can you tell us, first hand, how it feels to be trapped in the house with strangers, and how stressful it really was?

Brendon: The boredom factor really plays a huge role in it, because there is not a lot to do in the house. You often begin to stress about the game way more than you should.

The Yak: If you stayed in the game last night and won HOH, who would you have put up? If who you put up won the veto, who would you have put in their place?

Brendon: I would have put up Daniele and Kalia, if someone won POV I would have put up Lawon as a replacement nominee.

The Yak: Who would you like to see make final two?

Brendon: Rachel, of course.
And besides her, I think I would enjoy seeing Adam go far in the game because he is a sweetheart and is also a huge fan of the game which to me, means a lot more than someone just wanting to win half a million dollars. Of course we are going to be inviting Jeff and Jordan to our wedding, especially since Jeff has that $10,000!

The Yak: What would you say is the best thing you experienced while being in the house? What was your worst experience (other than being evicted of course.)?

Brendon: The best thing was the mock wedding Rachel and I got to have in the house. It was a very special moment for me and I do believe it helped with me leaving the house. The worst thing was having Daniele, who I considered a friend, turning on Rachel and I early on in the game

Thank you Brendon!


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The Storybook Wedding in the Big Brother House

It was a wedding to rival that of Luke and Laura (for those old enough to remember). A Page out of Prince William and Kate, complete with a designer dress and specialty made rings. Love was in the air tonight, and we Big Brother aficionados got a chance to indulge and completely immerse in it. The bride blushing, the groom like a Prince awaiting his Princess, gushing with pride. Yes, a fairytale to be treasured for Big Brother seasons to come. Surely it tops Mike “Uncle Jerry” Malin proposing to the love of his life season 2, and all love birds to come in future season. It was a site to behold, and behold we all did.

[singlepic id=586 w=200 h=140 float=left]We all held our breath as the bride readied herself in the Parlor on this August night, with onlookers adoring her every ruby red hair and lips. The Bridesmaids shined in their chosen gowns, but paled in comparison to the bride to be. We rushed in excitement to the live feeds, 10:30pm Pacific we were told to converge. The storybook wedding did get off to a bit of a late start, but we minded naught.

[singlepic id=599 w=200 h=140 float=right]Amidst a beautiful ambient bubble wand goddess, adorned in all white, she emerged. Rachel Reilly was a site to behold. The dress made of a shimmering pliant, yet resilient sheath, was crafted by hand by none other than the world renowned fashion designer Hefty, beating out top designers Glad and Ziploc. Putting the final touches on the gown was none other than the derrière bonded Shelly Moore, who also happens to be the world’s premier matriarch and knowledge of all circumstance. The Grooms attire, fit for a King, was also designed with great effort by Hefty to adhere to the gowns conception.

[singlepic id=591 w=200 h=140 float=left]The ring bearer, clad in Elf wear reminiscent of our childhood October celebrations, carefully and steadfast balanced the ring on the luxurious Ikea pillow made of a beautiful faux chenille. Those Swedes sure know how to rest their heads!

[singlepic id=600 w=200 h=140 float=right]Out of the house came the beautiful bridesmaids, all stunning in their own right. Posche Briggs, Jordan Lloyd and Kalia Booker, with naught a bite to be had, led the precession amidst thundering applause resembling music, making way for the bride to gracefully float to the groom. The bouquet was adorned with fresh plastic flowers, and a peacocks tail feather borrowed from the mystical fortune teller of the Parlor. Awaiting the elegant bride was the swelling groom, Brendon Villegas and his Best Man, Jeff Schroeder, all dressed up in his mid century blue blazer and top hat.

[singlepic id=596 w=200 h=140 float=left]The preacher, Rev. Lawon Exum, gleefully yet calmly awaited to give the last rights to the delighted couple. His presentation of the vows rang like a melody, enchanting the crowd gathered. Even the happy couple was heard singing his praise. Nothing like it has ever been heard, and could only be challenged by the great Rev. Jesse Jackson.

[singlepic id=601 w=200 h=140 float=right]The two wrote their own vows, the bride’s in limerick, ending with a beautiful rendition of her reality television trademark “No one comes between me and my man” as the goddess in white waved her bubble want magically in the air. The couple said their “I do’s” and marched their way down the aisle to a sea of gatherers awaiting their congratulations.

[singlepic id=606 w=200 h=140 float=left]The night that followed was simply fairy tail. The Bride’s bouquet was caught by Jordan, the garter by her soul mate Jeff, young lovers on a path to happiness. Nothing could have ended this magical evening better. [singlepic id=608 w=200 h=140 float=right]

Big Brother behind the walls of the castle were also cast under the bewitching spell of the evening, prompting them to provide the entire party with Dom Ralph’s Champaigne. All toasted to a wonderful evening of elegance and romance. We hope you didn’t miss this exquisite and once in a lifetime experience. If you have, the night was surely recorded, and can be found as a marvelous flashback to August 2, 2011 at approximately 10:30pm. We hope you don’t become one who cheats ones soul of this glorious event.[singlepic id=604 w=200 h=140 float=left]

[singlepic id=603 w=200 h=140 float=right]To the couple, the Yak would like to extend his cup and make a toast; May you both be happy with one another always, love one another always, respect one another always, and keep your parcels off the Twitter.

To see more pictures of this stunning evening, take a look at the slideshow below. To read more about it, and to see the Yaks reactions, come join us in the forum HERE.

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Big Brother Alums Brendon and Rachel get Engaged!

Ahhh… they say Valentines Day is for lovers, and now, everything is right with the world.

That’s right, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly (BB12) announced on Valentines Day via Real Player Superpass that they are engaged to be married. Rachel’s twitter lit up, “I’m engaged 2 my best friend!!!!!!!!!” and “Yay 4shellic nail products! Making manicures last!! Gotta have pretty hands 4my pretty ring!” and “Oh gym no sugar diets why do you hate me! but you make my butt look cute and after all I gotta start wedding dress shopping next week!” Thank you to Yak Forum member kmteach for the heads up on this precious moment!

We even got a picture of her engaged hand via Twitpic (included below).

No word yet on where they will set up house, but we would imagine Las Vegas is in the running. She “is Vegas” after all.

Cheers to you two! We hope it lasts a lifetime!

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Big Brother 12 Crowns a Winner!

The Jury of 7 crowned Hayden Moss the winner of Big Brother 12, who walked away with a nice chunk of change of $500,000! The jury votes were as follows:

Lane – Rachel, Brendon, Britney
Hayden – Kathy, Matt, Ragan, Enzo

It came down to the last key to be turned, which was Enzo’s, revealing the tie breaker handing the win to Hayden. (Course those with a keen eye saw Lane’s key sticking out of Enzo’s bag on camera after he put Hayden’s key in the box.)

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