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BB15 Aaryn and GinaMarie Lose Jobs After Racist Comments

If you are a Big Brother Live Feed Watcher, then you will already know that there have been some pretty incindiary comments coming out of the mouths of some of these Houseguests and, well, a couple of them are already paying the price. Course, they don’t know it yet since they are still inside the Big Brother House and cut off from their outside world.

AarynBB15SwimsuitAaryn Gries, the 22 year old from Texas, has been let go from her modeling contract with Zephyr Talent. When Zephyr Talent got word (or do they watch the feeds?) of all the racist comments spewing from her mouth, they decided enough was enough. In a statement made by her Agency: “Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.”

If you missed any of it, Aaryn was observed making pretty much derogatory, racist and prejudiced comments about just about everyone, except of course her blond hair, blue eyed surfer boyfriend in the house David. I’m not going to repeat some of the things she has said, but you can certainly read about them in our forum HERE.

Aaryn isn’t the only one. In fact, there are a few of the Houseguests doing this in the house this season. Which leads us to the next job casuality…

GMBB15SwimsuitGinaMarie Zimmerman, the 32 yr. old from Brooklyn New York, is reported to have lost her job as a Pageant Consultant from East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. In a statement released by East Coast “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past. We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants. In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.”

In fact, East Coast had promoted the fact that GinaMarie was going on the show to their girls, telling them what a great role model she will make on the show, and to vote for her. How unfortunate for them.

In the meantime, CBS has made a statement that they are disgusted by this behavior by the houseguests, but have no plans to air it as of yet. For me, this is very disappointing. The pull of Big Brother for myself and many that I know was always the social experiment. You take people from different parts of the country, from different walks of life, put them together and cut them off from the outside world. Well, this is what you get. This is, unfortunately, a little slice of this melting pot we call America. Racism, Prejudice, Misogyny, etc. exists and is alive and well in the Big Brother house. I have heard it reported that CBS has spoken to the houseguests about it which really, I wish they wouldn’t involve themselves at this point. This is who they cast. These people are adults (whether they act that way or not) and are aware that there are cameras everywhere recording them at all times. They wear a microphone around their neck. They know there are feeds online 24/7. They know anything they say could possibly make it to air. Even if they were recruited and have never seen a show, they are still made aware of the above. What they say, who they are, should be shown and be their own consequences. It is a game show, and if viewers of the television show do not watch or follow the online BB community, they may not know what they are voting for. I say let their true selves air.

That said, who do you think will lose their job next?

Big Brother 14: Interview with 3rd Place Finisher Danielle Murphree

Danielle Murphree, the final Big Brother 14 Juror

Before Big Brother 14 could reveal the Final 2, there was one more eviction and one more Houseguest to add to the Jury. That eviction happened to Danielle Murphree, who was ousted by Ian after his win during Part 3 of the Final HOH competition. Danielle took some time out of her busy post-Big Brother life and held an interview session with the Yak and other press to answer some burning questions from the fans about Shane, her regrets in the game and, of course, putting all her trust in Dan. Here is a what Danielle had to say to all the questions posed! Let us know your thoughts below!


Q: Hey, Danielle, thanks for talking with us! You sound like you’re doing much better today?
Danielle: Thanks! Yeah, I wasn’t doing too hot last night or this morning either.

Q: Shane didn’t seem to return your affection a whole lot until the very last week when you won the HOH and Veto. Knowing what you know now, do you think his feelings were to secure his safety or do you think they were genuine?
Danielle: I think Shane’s feelings are genuine and I think he was so afraid of having a showmance because of exactly what happened.

Q: Everything that Dan did and said this summer, the one thing that got me the most was when he told Shane that you were playing him (Shane) all along. Have you had a chance to discuss that win Dan and how did you feel about that final lie?
Danielle: When I found that out, I was livid. I’m still mad about it. Why would Dan even do that to me? I talked to Shane about it and I said it was totally, one hundred percent not true. I was never playing him. Dan was just trying to run me under the bus for whatever reason. Dan and I haven’t talked about it. Dan and I are not on speaking terms.

Q: Do you think that will change in the future?
Danielle: I don’t know. I found out a lot of stuff last night after the finale that I’m just really not happy with at all. Right now, I can really answer that question. I’m too mad.

Q: One thing that a lot of your neigh Sayers wanted to know about was when you were telling stories about yourself; you embellished your life resume a lot, including talking about your breasts and being Miss Alabama.
Danielle: I never said I was Miss Alabama. My best friend was Miss Alabama. When we talked about Miss Alabama, it was a joke. They were making fun of my Memory Wall picture because they said it looked like Miss Alabama, like a pageant photo. They knew I was never Miss Alabama. I said I did pageant back in high school. About my boobs, I do have a capsule on my right breast, like a scar tissue mass, and I do have to have it removed. It’s nothing serious, but it does need to be changed.

Q: As the season unfolded, it seems like people underestimated you, so are you underestimated in your daily life?
Danielle: I guess people underestimate me because some people might think I’m too sweet or naïve, where I don’t really know what’s going on. It doesn’t really bother me because I know who I am.

Big Brother 14’s Dan Gheesling & Danielle Murphree

Q: Going back to Dan, you said you’re not talking to him right now, but how long do you think it’ll take you to get over it?
Danielle: I have no idea. Some of the comments he’s made during the interviews since the show ended are worse then some of the things that actually happened on the show.

Q: What did he say? What have you heard?
Danielle: I didn’t hear this directly from his mouth, but that he was really going to take Ian into the Final 2 and that the last speech at the finale was all for show. Whether it’s true or not, I’ll have to wait to see.

Q: As you now know, Dan used you during the whole game to further himself. Even towards the end when you used your Veto to save Dan and put Shane on the block, which compromised your position in the game. Did you know that Shane would possibly be evicted?
Danielle: I truly believed that Dan was going to save Shane. Dan had made a Final 3 with Shane and I. Dan swore to me, and even said to me in my HOH room, “I’ll do whatever you want if you’re HOH.” He was getting a little paranoid and I didn’t want him to pull any more antics on me. I didn’t want Shane to be the one to evict Ian to where Ian wouldn’t vote for Shane [to win]. I regret that decision wholeheartedly.

Q: Did you not think that this could have been another antic of his?
Danielle: He swore up and down to me, and I laugh about it now, about how he would never, ever do it again. His antics were over. He swore on everything, like 5 minutes before we had to sit down for that live show, that Shane was safe. I had no idea about him and Ian.

Q: With that being said, do you agree with what Wil had said during the Finale about how you should take responsibility for believing in Dan’s lies?
Danielle: Yeah, it’s my fault. He fooled me several times. It’s definitely my fault.

Q: After you sat down with the Jury, you appeared to lean over to say something to someone off camera, but the microphones didn’t pick up what you said. What were you trying to tell the Jury at that point?
Danielle: I was just asking Jenn what was going on. I wanted to know what the feeling was because when I sat down there was just a very awkward vibe in the Jury. Plus, I had just heard Britney’s comment before [about hoping she was the last Jury member], so I was just confused.

Q: Going back to some of the stories you told the other Houseguests that didn’t really seem accurate, was that a strategy you had or were you just playing with the other Houseguests? For example, when you came back and said that Janelle was yelling at you when we saw it was a very calm conversation or you said you made Ian cry.
Danielle: Ian did tear up. I did make him cry. I guess I exaggerated that a little bit. Yeah, Janelle didn’t yell at me. Janelle was very sweet with me. I guess it was more game play because I was more trying to test the waters with Dan to see, since I thought that him and Janelle might have some kind of deal. I exaggerated it a bit. It was poor game play. I shouldn’t have. I do apologize, but it wasn’t to maliciously hurt anybody.

Q: Despite everything that Dan kept doing to you, you kept going back to him. Why were you so willing to forgive him and try again?
Danielle: Dan would make the comment that he hadn’t done anything to hurt me in the game. When I would try to recall, he hadn’t hurt my game and he had never voted to evict me. I wanted to believe that he was a good person because I kept thinking back to season 10 and how he was a good guy. I was completely mystified by him.

Danielle sits with host Julie Chen

Q: Talking about Part 1 of the final HOH competition where you threw it to Dan after he proved his point with Ian jumping off, do you regret doing that now and if you hadn’t thrown it, do you think you could have outlasted him?
Danielle: I knew I had to make a decision up there. I knew if I hung on longer, I would lose his trust, and then even if I threw it, it wouldn’t matter since he’d be upset with me. Looking back, yes, I regret it. Yes, I wish I would have hung on. He said that he would have beat me in that competition, but I don’t know. I had a lot of will power and I was so mad that Shane walked out that door.

Q: With all the anger you feel toward Dan, if it had been you, Dan and Shane in the Final 3 and you had the choice, who were you going to take to the Final 2?
Danielle: I would have gone with my heart and could have never wronged Shane since he never wronged me, I would have taken Shane. However, I wouldn’t have let myself get into that position to have to decide. I did not want to decide. I probably would have just let the guys duke it out.

Q: Why do you think you were the only one that voted for Dan?
Danielle: Because I think everyone in the Jury talked about how Dan treated people and what Dan had said to everybody. I think the way you treat people is really important in this game and I think that they were just so mad at how it all went down and how everybody left. I don’t blame them.

Q: Do you think it was that or were they jealous that he might be a 2-time winner? That’s part of the game of Big Brother.
Danielle: Since I wasn’t sitting in Jury, I have no idea. After the show, I only hung out with Wil, Kara, Janelle and Shane. Jojo and I didn’t talk. Dan waved at me from afar.

Q: If you had been able to get into the Final 2, how good do you think your chances were to win?
Danielle: If I would have been against Dan, I think I would have won. I think if I was against Ian, he still would have won cause Ian deserved to win.

Q: You didn’t get to hear this because you were still in the House last night, but the Jury got together to discuss the Final 3 and what they thought of each of you. When she was still in the House, you were pretty close with Britney and you developed a great friendship, but when it came to discussing you with the Jury, she sided with Ian and said that she thought you really didn’t deserve to win. Do you take that personally or are you able to separate the personal from the game?
Danielle: I did take it personal. It did hurt my feelings, but it doesn’t change my outlook on Britney. I didn’t get to defend myself. I didn’t get to say anything, so she’s just going off of he-said/she-said stuff in the Jury. I don’t take it personally, and I still love her to death.

Q: If Big Brother decided to do another twist in the future where player’s return, which obviously is quite common, would you ever be interested in playing again?
Danielle: I wouldn’t say I would never go back, but I’m not going to say it’s a definite possibility. It all depends on who’s playing. At this moment, I really don’t think that I would ever want to play with Dan again because emotionally I can’t go through that stress. I think that if Dan wasn’t coming back with all his antics, I might do it again.

Q: What was your favorite moment of the summer?
Danielle: I loved the Wil impersonations! I loved when Wil would look at the Memory Wall and joke around. Wil definitely made the House more fun!

Q: Will you be going to the Wrap Party in Vegas or the one tonight?
Danielle: I will not be going to the party in Vegas, but it’s possible I’ll attend the one tonight.

Q: Will you be going on Twitter any time soon?
Danielle: Maybe. I don’t know. I really don’t like the negative stuff. It gets to me, so I try not to look at it.

Q: What’s in the future for Danielle? What do you plan on doing now – going back to nursing, staying in Alabama, moving to Hollywood?
Danielle: I’m not moving to Hollywood. I’ll definitely stay in Alabama. I will go back to nursing as soon as some of this stuff dies down.

Q: As it worked out, you ended up being the last woman in the House. Was this part of your strategy or was it just how things worked out?
Danielle: It was just how things worked out. It was never my intention to be the last woman. I’m very proud and flattered to be the last woman, but it would have been nice to have another female presence in the House.

Final 3 – Danielle, Ian, and Dan

Q: You mentioned that it’ll take some time to work up to being friends with Dan again, but looking at how Ian and Dan played the game, do you regret your vote for Dan?
Danielle: I don’t like to play the “Would of/Could of/Should of” or the “What if?” game, but I am glad that Ian won. I think it would have been nice for Ian to win 7-0 because I think he does deserve it, but I did give my word to Dan. I did say I would vote for him, so in that sense, I didn’t want to break my word. I just wish I never would have told Dan that I would have voted for him.

Q: When you first got out of the House and sat down with Julie, it looked like there was a crowd reaction that maybe you saw something going on between Dan and Ian in the House. Did you see anything?
Danielle: Yeah, I saw them jump around and I saw Dan was laughing and giggling when he did the “Suck It” move. I was thinking, “Are you serious?”

Q: For a long time, Dan was going to take you to the Final 2. It was near the end where he panicked and thought he was going to lose to you, so he switched to Ian, so don’t feel too bad.
Danielle: He switched to never take me, even after he got rid of Shane?

Q: It was after he realized that Ian was not going to throw the final part of the HOH.
Danielle: It’s just kind of disappointing, when he did say over and over again that his goal the whole game was to get him and his player to the end and he didn’t have any intention of doing that.

Q: So, what’s the future hold between you and Shane?
Danielle: I guess just to see what happens, but I’m definitely not going to not pursue something. We’re definitely hanging out later today. I think we can make it work, for sure. I know we’re both going to pursue something and try it out. We’ll hope for the best.

Q: What are the obstacles for the two of you?
Danielle: The distance. Alabama and Vermont are a long way away, but he is such a great guy and an amazing, amazing person, that I’m not going to let the distance get between us.

Q: Do you think that you’re in love with him?
Danielle: Mm-hmmm. I could be.

Thanks for taking time to talk with us today, Danielle.
Danielle: Thank you!


What do you think about what Danielle had to say? Leave us a comment below, then come on in and join us in the forum!

The Yak’s Interview with BB14 Wil Heuser

Wil, the latest evictee from Big Brother sat down to chat with the Yak today to let us know his feelings on the season. Keep reading to see what he had to say!


Wil was extremely animated this morning, probably more animated than we have seen him this entire season. Last night, Julie had mentioned to him about a large alliance in the house called the “Silent Six.” We asked him who he thought might be in that alliance and Wil knew exactly who it was. “If I had to make an educated guess on the not so Silent Six, that would be Britney, Shane, Dan, Danielle, Mike and Frank.” Wil was more astute than he appeared to be on television.

When asked about his own alliance, “Team Tits”, he is not so hopeful. “Unless the house flips, Team Tits will be having drinks together in a couple of weeks” he said. Had he stayed and won HOH this week, he was really hoping to make a bigger move in the game. His choice for nominations would have been Dan and Mike, with his target directed straight on Dan. Had one of them been removed from the block, his replacement would have either been Shane or Frank. “Removing Frank would disable Mike and removing Mike would disable Frank.” He would have tried to align with Danielle and Shane, which he says he started that ball rolling in week two.

When made aware that the ‘Silent Six’ may be ready to nominate Frank and Boogie via Shane’s HOH win last night, Wil said “If that’s true I think you can kiss Frank’s butt goodbye. My gut says they will go after Frank.” Wil agrees that the coaches need to sit next to boogie in order to win. In fact, he believes anyone sitting next to Boogie at the end will fair well for them.

He truly believes that if these newbies don’t wake up, that Dan will be the most deserving to win the game. “Dan is playing just like he did in his season, making his moves through Danielle, and in a great position in the house. If he makes it to the end, he should win the whole thing again.”

As for regrets, Wil says he doesn’t have many. If there were one thing he could take back, it would be lying to Frank and Boogie in week three about who he was going to vote out. “I consider myself to be a pretty good liar” he said, but “I think I gave away all my cards in that move and It inevitably hurt me and got me on the block and out the door.”

What about the Janelle eviction? What was the advantage of evicting Janelle who was truly on your side this whole game? Wil responded that there was no advantage. “I got myself off the block and she (Janelle) just happened to go up. If Ashley and I were to have voted to keep her, it would have just put a bigger target on our back. She was not real liked by many of the HGs. She was definitely one of the most disliked people in the house.” He said. When he was informed that Janelle was hurt by some of the things he said about her in the house, he replied that he hopes he and Janelle can bond outside of the game. “It was an equal two way street with her and I. I voted her out because I didn’t want that target on my back. She was leaving regardless of how Ashley and I voted. The problem Janelle had in the house was that she didn’t take any interest in getting to know other houseguests on a personal level and when you talked to her it was all about Janelle.” He believes a part of her needs to take responsibility for her own eviction and how she played. It can’t all be him and Ashley for the reason she left the game.

After Frank won HOH, why did Wil not tell Frank and Boogie what they wanted to hear in their discussion to keep himself safe? “It was frustrating because I knew there was a big alliance that I wasn’t a part of, so I didn’t want to to say something that would make me a bigger target. If I was going out, I wanted to go out with my dignity in tact. After the Veto, Frank could have made the biggest move and gotten Dan out… one of the best players in BB history, but he made a mistake.”

Did Wil really want to be evicted before Jury? “Once I knew there was a large alliance in the house, once I knew for certain I was going home, just to go to sequester to give someone else 500k… it wasn’t very tasty to my palette so to speak.”

What was Wil’s take on the supposed homophobic slurs slung by Willie? Wil says he knew they were a fabrication by Frank and made out to be more than what they were. “I don’t know if they showed this on TV or the feeds or not, but I actually took Joe in the storage room and said I would play it up to get sympathy card. I know that sounds horrible.”

Many people expected Wil to last longer in the Pirate Ship Endurance Competition. Asked how much longer he thinks he could have lasted, he said “I could have gone maybe 15 minutes more. It’s a lot harder than it looks! If you were over 5’7” it was going to be a hard Competition. Danielle looked like she was about to pull a cigarette out and smoke it… So I looked at Danielle and asked if I was safe, she said yeah (obviously that wasn’t true) and then looked at Shane who was struggling and said “you jump, I jump.”  I don’t regret jumping when I did. Danielle was going to hang on there all night if she could.”

We asked Wil what he thought his biggest move in the game was to date. “I didn’t get a chance to make one. I had Mike and Frank eating out of the palm of my hand at one point, but then the coaches came in… my big move was yet to come.” Too late.

Now, we know what’s on the mind of many of our readers… His extensions. Yes, it was asked… why does he constantly pick at them? Are they itchy? Why did he decide to get them before he came into the house? He says that he had a “Britney” (Spears) moment back in the Spring and chopped all his locks off. He regretted it as he had always had long hair, so he had decided then to get extensions. About the constant playing with it? “It’s a habit of mine to twirl my hair… when I was doing it i was strategizing and thinking.” (He must have been strategizing and thinking A LOT!)

We pressed Wil about what he thought about some of his former Houseguests… But he says that was the best part of coming into the house, all the different personalities and unique bunch of people. “They are all standup guys and gals. Hopefully friends for life.”

We heard him say once that he thought Jenn was really subdued, but what about Wil? He seemed pretty subdued as well to some. Was it strategic? Wil says yes.  “It was calculated. I’m usually very emotional but I didn’t want to come off as a loose cannon. I wanted to play this level headed and as someone you could trust in the house.”

What are his thoughts on the Shane/Danielle showmance that BB is trying to portray? “I think it’s the most un-genuine thing in the house. He is nasty to Danielle, sure he plants those kisses on her when the time is right or when necessary, but says a lot of hurtful comments to her. I think she just genuinely wants to be his friend and he sort of leads it on for the camera but he will go around and be a total jerk to her.”

How about Wil? Was he tempted for a Showmance with anyone in the house? No, he says. There was no one of his “taste” in there apparently.

How about Ian? What does he think of him? “Coming from viewers perspective i would say Ian is probably well liked. In the first couple of weeks he wasn’t well liked in the house… he did weird things. I think in the end he came out of his shell and I was happy that happened. I think he is a very special person and I hope him and I can be friends after this.”

Who has the best chance of winning this game? Wil thinks Dan has a good chance, stating again that if these newbies don’t wake up and get him out, that he deserves it… But who will set next to Dan? “Call me crazy, but my money is on Ashley” he says. “If Ashley doesn’t get voted out in the next couple of weeks, she will be in one of the two chairs at the end.” He at one point thought Frank could take it all, but thinks that Frank has fallen into the pits of Boogie with no chance to recover.

What’s next for Wil? He is hoping to do another video for the “Wil Show” on Youtube this Friday, and may try in the future to revive his singing career. He says for 10 years it has been all about music for him. He has worked with Producers in the past and hopes that maybe he can again in the future, but he is going to take that one day at a time.

As for the Louisville Cards or the Kentucky Wildcats? He says Cards all the way!


So, what do you think? Are you going to miss Wil in the game? Do you wish he stayed and followed through on his Dan/Boogie nominations? Let us know below, and be sure to come join us in the forum HERE for all things Big Brother!

Big Brother 14 – The Yak’s Interview with Evicted Big Brother Houseguest Janelle Pierzina

Bye, Bye, Bitches Jani! – Evicted Big Brother Houseguest Janelle Pierzina sits down with Mikey for an exclusive interview.


Still reeling from her untimely eviction, Big Brother legend, turned coach, turned third time competitor Janelle Pierzina sat down with The Yak today for an exclusive interview on her stay in the Big Brother house.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind was the bitter rivalry she shared with Season seven winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. When asked whether or not she thought he was playing it personal, Janelle said yes. “It was like he was playing with some vendetta against me for Will” the legend said. On remaining friends with the former winner turned coach outside of the game she said “probably not, he played it personal and I try not to do that”.

When time came to discuss the seasons “Coaches Twist” Janelle explained that she enjoyed it. “My favorite part was when my newbies would come to me with all this information everyday” she said in response to questions about Wil, Ashley, and Joe. Two of which – Joe and Wil, she’d surprisingly like to see walk out the door sooner rather than later. Although she has forgiven both Wil and Ashley for their betrayal, she went on to say that “Ashley and Wil are playing the game one week at a time” a move Jani isn’t too fond of.

What was Janelle’s ultimate downfall in the Big Brother house this time around? “That I’m a competitor” she said confidently. “I felt like Britney was threatened that I was a fan favorite” she added. A woman of few emotions, Jedi Jani broke her tough exterior with tears last night upon her departure from the house. “I hugged this really nice lady when I walked out, and I just couldn’t hold it in. I felt like I let her down!” Janelle said humbly.

Another hot topic was the issue of leaving her family behind to enter the house a third time. Many a Big Brother fan made their voice heard on the topic this summer, but what did Janelle have to say? Somewhat surprised, she simply said it was “rude”. A dignified and classy response to a question that could have potentially been volatile, it’s safe to say that the Big Brother beauty is confident in the decision she made.

As we get closer to the finale, everyone wants to know who has what it takes to make it to the final two? And, as any true Big Brother fan does, Janelle has her top picks. “I think Dan has what it takes win, and I’m rooting for him” she said. Of all the houseguests she lived with this Summer Janelle has the most respect for fellow coach and former winner Dan Gheesling. “Dan’s the only one who came to me and said look you’re leaving, I respected that ya know? I was always honest with people in season six and seven and I played the same way this time.” Not only does Janelle believe Dan has what it takes to get to the end, she believes the same of fellow coach Britney Haynes. “I definitely think Britney has a shot at making it to the end” she said. Of the newbies, “I would like to see Ian win because he’s a fan. Not so much for his game play, we didn’t talk much game; we talked about nature and science a lot. He was kind of awkward, socially. I will definitely be rooting for him if he makes it to the end” But, what about those who don’t have a shot at making it to the end? Janelle filled us in on her bottom picks. “Wil, Ashley, and Jenn really don’t have what it takes” she told us with much certainty.

After what proved to be a wild week, who surprised Janelle the most? “Britney, we had good times in the house, we always did stuff together. I could definitely tell that something was up with her, and Dan had dropped some hints too so I kind of knew what was going on.”

Is this the last we’ll see of the Big Brother legend? Not necessarily. She wouldn’t rule out returning to air waves if the “right thing” came along, but she did make one thing clear, her life is in Minnesota not Los Angeles. All in all, Janelle seems at peace with her departure from the house. She can’t wait to get back to Minneapolis to reunite with her baby girl and the love of her life.

Big Brother: The Yak Chats with Latest Evictee JoJo

The Yak had a chance to chat with JoJo, the latest evictee from Big Brother 14. Keep reading to see what she had to say!


The Yak: If Willie had been on anyone else’s team, would you have cared that he got ejected? Do you think that his expulsion was the sole reason you and Shane were put on the chopping block?

JoJo: His explosion was definitely the reason. If he didn’t decide to evict himself he would have been everyone’s main target and than I would have still been in the house. I would have even voted him out myself. He just wasn’t man enough to go out the right way.

The Yak: If you could have a second chance at the BB house, what would your plea be to the viewing audience as to why you should have that second chance?

JoJo: I would not have trusted Willie. I would form new alliances. I regret putting my trust in the wrong person’s hands so I would try and make better alliances.

The Yak: Having been in the house now, do you wish you could have studied other seasons more to gain a better strategy? Would you change your strategy if you got to start all over again?

JoJo: I wish I would have watched Boogie and Janelle’s seasons so I would know a little bit more about how they think and how they play. Most of the strategies you have you can’t really use once you find out what the twist is. If the coaches hadn’t been there it would have been a totally different game.

TheYak: If you had stayed and won HOH, who would you have nominated for eviction this week?

JoJo: I wanted to go after one of Janelle’s players. I would have said Joe and Wil but right before the live show Joe came up to me and had tears in his eyes and told me the sweetest words ever. I look at him differently now. I think I would have put up Frank and Wil. Everyone else is too scared to get rid of Frank.


Well BB Fans, what do you think? Based on her answers, would you vote her back in if given the option? Let us know below!

Big Brother Heading Up to Our Northern Neighbors!

It’s about time isn’t it? The Big Brother franchise is finally headed up to Canada. Just like the U.S. version, BB Canada will pit a diverse cast of peeps living under the BB watchful eye 24/7 in a house to win some cash.

According to the Executive Producer of Big Brother Canada, John Brunton, “The franchise presents an opportunity to make serious waves north of the border. Like Captain Kirk said, ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before.’ We’ve never produced a show that shoots 24/7. Casting this program is going to be a blast.” Isn’t that true! I don’t know how many times our Canadian fans have complained about not having access to the U.S. feeds or not having their own show. It’s about darn time.

Details, for now, are sketchy, but Shaw Media has announced that the series will be airing on the 2012/2013 season in ‘Slice’.

Now our only question is… will the U.S. have access to watching it? Will the U.S. be able to buy the Canadian feeds? I sure hope so! So Canadian fans, are you excited? U.S. fans, will you tune in if you can? Leave us a comment below!

Big Brother v. Glass House: The Saga Continues…

ABC is not taking the threats from CBS over their upcoming show ‘Glass House’ lying down. ABC, in response to the eye network claims it’s new reality show is NOT stealing any trade secrets from ‘Big Brother’ stating that nothing about ‘Big Brother’ is a secret.

ABC’s responses is official, filed in the court in response to CBS’ lawsuit, asking the judge to throw out the absurd and “over-the-top” lawsuit immediately. According to court documents, ABC calls the stealing of Big Brother “outrageous” because “there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing a narrative structure for it. That is reality TV.” They go on to say that using hidden cameras, having contestants in isolation etc. is not new and should not be considered a “trade secret” as CBS is claiming.

ABC made note in the court filing that there are many differences between the two shows. For one, ‘Glass House’ will be a team oriented game rather than a single individual game. They also say the reason so many old Big Brother employees came on board with ‘Glass House’ leaving CBS and Big Brother behind is that it is “common knowledge in the industry that low pay and the 24 hours a day/7 days a week filming schedule makes life on the Big Brother set difficult,” going on to say that “employees prefer a different show with benefits and better hours is hardly evidence of a trade secret violation.”

ABC is asking the judge to deny all demands and accusations filed from CBS so it can begin production on it’s show. No ruling has yet been made.

Who do you believe? Is ‘Glass House’ just a rip off of ‘Big Brother’ or is CBS just trying to quell any competition? Will you be watching?

CBS Lawyers Threaten ABC Over New Big Brotheresqe Show ‘Glass House’

Update: CBS has followed through on their bluff. Reports have surfaced of CBS taking it one step further with their threat on ABC’s Glass House and suing the network for their alleged Big Brother rip-off. CBS reportedly wants a judge to put an end to production on the ABC summer reality TV show, after ABC refused to back down to CBS’s cease and desist letter found below. Noted in the suit filed earlier today, “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” the suit begins, “then CBS should take pride in ABC’s latest reality TV project. Glass House, which remarkably employs at least 19 former producers and staff from CBS’ hit reality TV series Big Brother, is a carbon copy of Big Brother and an obvious attempt by Defendants to capitalize on its unique success. CBS therefore brings this action to halt and recover its damages from Defendants’ ongoing infringement of its rights in Big Brother.” It went on to say that Glass House “replicates every key aspect of Big Brother, including, among other things, its plot, themes, mood, setting, pace, characters, sequence of events, and other concrete elements.”

Read the full lawsuit thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS lawyers are threatening ABC over a recently announced reality show called Life in a Glass House, which CBS is alleging is a rip off of their long time running Reality Show Big Brother, currently going into it’s 14th season this summer.

CBS Executives sent a cease-and-desist letter today to ABC executives Anne Sweeney and Alan Braverman. According to CBS lawyer Scott Edelman of the Gibson Dunn firm, Glass House is “strikingly” similar to Big Brother. “In the strongest possible terms, we must admonish ABC and anyone involved in the development or production of Glass House that they will be acting at their own peril if they continue to proceed in this manner,” Edelman writes, “and that CBS has instructed us to pursue all available remedies if this course of conduct continues.”

Read the Letter Here (Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)

According to THR, “CBS also claims that the new ABC series is being produced by Big Brother veterans who might reveal private information about the inner workings of the show. Specifically, ABC alternative development executive Corie Henson is a Big Brother alum, and both Kenny Rosen and Mike O’Sullivan worked on the show. Those individuals also received similar cease and desist letters.”

“Even worse, CBS is informed that Glass House is being produced by a team of at least 18 former members of CBS’ Big Brother production staff — all of whom were privy to trade secrets and other confidential, proprietary information and signed broad and binding non-disclosure agreements in connection with Big Brother,” the letter reads.

The Hollywood Reporter has contacted ABC for comment but has not yet heard back. We will update you if they get a response.

What do you think? Too much like Big Brother? Will CBS win this one? Leave us a comment below!