Yak TV: The Yak Gets His Craft On This Week!

candywreathigJust in time for the Holidays, the Yak decided to get a bit crafty for you this week rather than cook.

Today he has put together an edible candy wreath! Fun to make, and good fun with the family, this wreath is sure to be a hit. It’s cute decor AND the kids (and yourself) can look forward to a handful of candy every day. It can be made with any type of small candies (he used M&Ms in his), but Skittles, Reeses Pieces, etc. will make a lovely wreath! Plus, M&Ms should be out with their red and green candies soon if you prefer. You can even use the York Peppermint Candy Pieces (which are white and blue) to make a cute Hanukkah wreath!

So finish up that Turkey, gather the kids and easily make this fun little holiday treat!