FIRST LOOK: The Talk “Big Brother” Edition, Plus Time Lapse of Big Brother House Construction

The Big Brother pre-season may have been quieter compared to previous, but CBS’s The Talk visited the house this Spring. As we previously announced, the special “Big Brother” edition of the award winning Daytime talk show will air THIS Wednesday, June 26 – the day which “Big Brother 15” is set to premiere (8/7c on CBS). We have your FIRST LOOK pictures of the special episode of “The Talk” where the ladies will vote to evict one of their own live.

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Julie Chen and co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler played an abbreviated version of the game that will air. Along with the revelation of the votes live, we’ll get a special preview of Wednesday’s “Big Brother” premiere. Check out these FIRST LOOK pictures of the ladies and watch a special time lapse of how the Big Brother house came to be (below).

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Big Brother 14 – The Yak’s Interview with Evicted Big Brother Houseguest Janelle Pierzina

Bye, Bye, Bitches Jani! – Evicted Big Brother Houseguest Janelle Pierzina sits down with Mikey for an exclusive interview.


Still reeling from her untimely eviction, Big Brother legend, turned coach, turned third time competitor Janelle Pierzina sat down with The Yak today for an exclusive interview on her stay in the Big Brother house.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind was the bitter rivalry she shared with Season seven winner Mike “Boogie” Malin. When asked whether or not she thought he was playing it personal, Janelle said yes. “It was like he was playing with some vendetta against me for Will” the legend said. On remaining friends with the former winner turned coach outside of the game she said “probably not, he played it personal and I try not to do that”.

When time came to discuss the seasons “Coaches Twist” Janelle explained that she enjoyed it. “My favorite part was when my newbies would come to me with all this information everyday” she said in response to questions about Wil, Ashley, and Joe. Two of which – Joe and Wil, she’d surprisingly like to see walk out the door sooner rather than later. Although she has forgiven both Wil and Ashley for their betrayal, she went on to say that “Ashley and Wil are playing the game one week at a time” a move Jani isn’t too fond of.

What was Janelle’s ultimate downfall in the Big Brother house this time around? “That I’m a competitor” she said confidently. “I felt like Britney was threatened that I was a fan favorite” she added. A woman of few emotions, Jedi Jani broke her tough exterior with tears last night upon her departure from the house. “I hugged this really nice lady when I walked out, and I just couldn’t hold it in. I felt like I let her down!” Janelle said humbly.

Another hot topic was the issue of leaving her family behind to enter the house a third time. Many a Big Brother fan made their voice heard on the topic this summer, but what did Janelle have to say? Somewhat surprised, she simply said it was “rude”. A dignified and classy response to a question that could have potentially been volatile, it’s safe to say that the Big Brother beauty is confident in the decision she made.

As we get closer to the finale, everyone wants to know who has what it takes to make it to the final two? And, as any true Big Brother fan does, Janelle has her top picks. “I think Dan has what it takes win, and I’m rooting for him” she said. Of all the houseguests she lived with this Summer Janelle has the most respect for fellow coach and former winner Dan Gheesling. “Dan’s the only one who came to me and said look you’re leaving, I respected that ya know? I was always honest with people in season six and seven and I played the same way this time.” Not only does Janelle believe Dan has what it takes to get to the end, she believes the same of fellow coach Britney Haynes. “I definitely think Britney has a shot at making it to the end” she said. Of the newbies, “I would like to see Ian win because he’s a fan. Not so much for his game play, we didn’t talk much game; we talked about nature and science a lot. He was kind of awkward, socially. I will definitely be rooting for him if he makes it to the end” But, what about those who don’t have a shot at making it to the end? Janelle filled us in on her bottom picks. “Wil, Ashley, and Jenn really don’t have what it takes” she told us with much certainty.

After what proved to be a wild week, who surprised Janelle the most? “Britney, we had good times in the house, we always did stuff together. I could definitely tell that something was up with her, and Dan had dropped some hints too so I kind of knew what was going on.”

Is this the last we’ll see of the Big Brother legend? Not necessarily. She wouldn’t rule out returning to air waves if the “right thing” came along, but she did make one thing clear, her life is in Minnesota not Los Angeles. All in all, Janelle seems at peace with her departure from the house. She can’t wait to get back to Minneapolis to reunite with her baby girl and the love of her life.

Big Brother v. Glass House: The Saga Continues…

ABC is not taking the threats from CBS over their upcoming show ‘Glass House’ lying down. ABC, in response to the eye network claims it’s new reality show is NOT stealing any trade secrets from ‘Big Brother’ stating that nothing about ‘Big Brother’ is a secret.

ABC’s responses is official, filed in the court in response to CBS’ lawsuit, asking the judge to throw out the absurd and “over-the-top” lawsuit immediately. According to court documents, ABC calls the stealing of Big Brother “outrageous” because “there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing a narrative structure for it. That is reality TV.” They go on to say that using hidden cameras, having contestants in isolation etc. is not new and should not be considered a “trade secret” as CBS is claiming.

ABC made note in the court filing that there are many differences between the two shows. For one, ‘Glass House’ will be a team oriented game rather than a single individual game. They also say the reason so many old Big Brother employees came on board with ‘Glass House’ leaving CBS and Big Brother behind is that it is “common knowledge in the industry that low pay and the 24 hours a day/7 days a week filming schedule makes life on the Big Brother set difficult,” going on to say that “employees prefer a different show with benefits and better hours is hardly evidence of a trade secret violation.”

ABC is asking the judge to deny all demands and accusations filed from CBS so it can begin production on it’s show. No ruling has yet been made.

Who do you believe? Is ‘Glass House’ just a rip off of ‘Big Brother’ or is CBS just trying to quell any competition? Will you be watching?

Big Brother 12 Crowns a Winner!

The Jury of 7 crowned Hayden Moss the winner of Big Brother 12, who walked away with a nice chunk of change of $500,000! The jury votes were as follows:

Lane – Rachel, Brendon, Britney
Hayden – Kathy, Matt, Ragan, Enzo

It came down to the last key to be turned, which was Enzo’s, revealing the tie breaker handing the win to Hayden. (Course those with a keen eye saw Lane’s key sticking out of Enzo’s bag on camera after he put Hayden’s key in the box.)

Now, just because Big Brother is over, the Yak still has all your entertainment needs covered! Be sure to check us out! We will be covering all your favorite shows, Reality and otherwise, plus we have the arcade!  Can you be “King of the arcade?”  Some members may disagree!