The Yak Chats with The Amazing Race ‘Team Pink’ (Kerri and Stacy)

Yesterday, The Yak had the chance to sit down with the latest eliminated team from The Amazing Race, Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers! Read below to see what they had to say!


The Yak: Hello Kerri and Stacy. Thank you for sharing time with me today! First questions, would you do TAR again?

Kerri: Hell yeah!
Stacy: Yes, I hope there is an all-stars 2 so we can be on it!

The Yak: What was your favorite challenge?

Stacy: Our favorite one had to be the empañadas…
Kerri: We went there after everyone else and dominated it so that was part of it.
Stacy: Duh cooking! We’re both girls, we’re fly! It taught me how to make something so when I came home I could make for my husband!

The Yak: Stacy you had said in your bio that you wanted to taste real Spanish food so was that enough of a taste of it for you?

Stacy: [laughs] I’m not sure. I would’ve tasted one of those that I made and I definitely would have enjoyed it… but I did get to try one and I know it is not Spanish. I got the opportunity to try the Argentine steak so I at least I have that one under my belt. I am like a food connoisseur with the exception of… what you didn’t see was me barfing, totally losing it during the salami challenge.

The Yak: that was a lot of salami.

Stacy: After eating a bit and running back and forth I completely lost my stomach… on the sidewalk… in front of about a million people.

The Yak: Well hopefully they will forget that!

Kerri and Stacy: [laugh]

The Yak: Which was your favorite city to visit?

Stacy: Even though we lost there my favorite city was in Germany where we did get to see the castles. How many times in your life do you get to go to a real fairy tale castle, a real live one! I really enjoyed it and wish we had the opportunity to look around.
Kerri: I agree. I wish we had the opportunity to look around more.
Stacy: In the heat of the moment looking back at the show, OMG that was so beautiful and amazing, but in the heat of the moment I don’t think I noticed what the outside even looked like… now it is like yeah that’s the one I went to!
Kerri: You are just focusing on traffic and getting through the race okay. [Shares her favorite] I think Paraguay was mine. I feel that whenever we were done and could actually take in the city, in the square where we were and the weather was really nice, it was cool but wasn’t freezing. I just thought it was beautiful and was a nice place.

The Yak: Stacy how excited were your children to see you overcome the challenges on the race?

Stacy: My children are like the greatest ever; they were so excited leg after leg. They look at my husband like he is this awesome superhero because he is a professional basketball player and sometimes we are watching his games and he does something spectacular and we are like how did he do that? It was so fulfilling to have them look at me in that respect! They saw me not just as their mommy but as one of their heroes! I am really honored that I got this experience but that my children had the opportunity to watch me overcome so many obstacles and persevere.

The Yak: What did they think of the skydiving challenge?

Stacy: They were watching and freaking out! They were like mommy your not going to do it, then like OMG and you said my name on TV! [laughing] My son was heartbroken last night. He was crying and crying [when we were eliminated] I told Kerri last night that the only way I got him to stop was like Cam, but now you are famous! Everyone has seen you on TV and know you, so he was like “Oh but you still were last! Waaahh!”

The Yak: For the basketball camp you and your husband are planning, is there a website people can go to?

[Stacy shared that the website is still under construction but the camp will be locally in Gulfport, Mississippi in July as a day camp]

The Yak: Kerri, how has being on the race helped in your work, you do some exciting things in Gulfport?

Kerri: Well now it is hard because everywhere I go people see and recognize me and they say you are on The Amazing Race! My coworkers come to me every Monday and stand in my doorway with their arms folded and they are like “tell me about this or that.” I mean it has really affected me in a positive way, Sometimes people see me in one light and it is good to have them see another side of you. I think it was a really good experience for me and for my coworkers because they get to laugh. It is kind of a stress reliever. They are really proud of me since I helped put our city on the map, since I work for the city, so it has been a really positive experience.

The Yak: Did the two of you achieve your goal of reconnecting over The Race?

Kerri: We did and we are still connecting, we still party and get together to watch The Race. We are real family people and Stacy decided to stay home this basketball season so she is still here.
Stacy: The kids and I are still here and our family is really enjoying it. This is the first time my kids really got to experience Mardi Gras, my daughter is getting real comfortable. I am like oh my gosh how are we ever going to leave again because now they just want to stay here! I am planning to go visit my husband (soon) to make sure he is still alive. [laughs]

The Yak: Are there any other reality shows in the works for you two?

Kerri: We would love to do the race again. If anyone is interested just give us a call because we are always up for more challenges!
Stacy: Everybody is asking me “are you going to bring Kerri and stop in on the Basketball Wives?” I am like I don’t know if Kerri and I can go bring some southern flare to those ladies.
Kerri: Yeah because we are both athletes’ wives, my husband played minor league baseball for a while. He is a scout from Italy baseball so we know that life. We definitely have the athletes wives thing down.
Stacy: In The Race people got the opportunity to see us for who we really are and we are really sincere gals. We’re fun and very approachable. We are looking forward to whatever the future holds for us. We are very easy going people and I hope you can see us in the future. Bring Team Pink to a whole other level!
[Kerri and Stacy shared that both husbands are waiting to see what vacation plans the ladies will spring on them! Stacy shared that her children are always ready for a traveling adventure!
They also shared a touch of irony… both of their husbands were in Venice, Italy while the ladies were tasting salami in Turin, Italy. The time distance was only about 1.5 hours away… close yet so far!]


Thanks to Kerri and Stacy for chatting with us! What do you think? Will you miss them on The Race? Who are you rooting for to win? Leave us a comment below!