Social Media Mourns Two of it’s Beloved Stars, Maddie Tippett and Nick Spears

Social Media took two big hits in the last few days. First, the news of Maddie Tippett, the 3 year old YouTube sensation who passed away from complications of a common children’s infection and then Nick Spears, a popular Vine Comedian who passed at 35 from heart complications.

maddie-tippettMaddie Tippett from Newcastle Australia first went viral when she was only a toddler when her dad uploaded a video meant for the grandparents, trying to trick her into saying her favorite parent was not her mum. The cheeky cutie was on to him however, and would not give him what he wanted, until the end of course, where she said “dad” but then took it back saying “just kidding.” The internet took notice and 9.5 million views later, she was a star.

According to her mother, Maddie displayed some cold like symptoms and took her to the Dr. The Doctor told them it was just a virus and sent them home. Things worsened overnight however and the parents rushed her to the hospital where they found two viruses that had started to attack her heart. It was too much for her and she passed not long later.

The Tippett family have been inundated with messages of support and online tributes since the tragedy – not only from family and friends but from strangers overseas who were touched after hearing about their story. She lives on in her beautiful videos like the one that started it all below. We would like to send our condolences to her family as well.


nick_spearsOn the heels of the news of Maddie came the news of Nick Spears, the Vine Comedian who passed away of heart complication at the young age of 35. Spears was beloved in the social-media community, particularly by a tight-knit group of comedians and friends on the Vine platform.

In addition to his social-media and standup comedy, the Los Angeles, Calif. resident was an active volunteer for F*ck Cancer, a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness, and end cancer through early medical detection.

With 113,000 Vine followers at the time of his death, Spears rose to fame on Vine with his feel-good jokes and character driven comedy.

Spears had developed close relationships within the Vine community, especially with fellow comedians. He will most certainly be missed by all of us.

Here is just a peek at some of Nick’s Vines: