Emmys: Nominated Choreographers To Create Number, Plus Reality Host Award to Creative Ceremony

emmy208With the Emmys airing next month on CBS, producer Ken Ehrlich is plotting a number of firsts that will grace the awards show on September 22. For the first time in Emmy history, the nominated choreographers will join forces to create a unique dance number that will feature host Neil Patrick Harris. The news comes not so long after Harris’s much talked about opening Tony Awards number.

In another first, the award for Choreographer will be handed out during the main Primetime telecast and not during the Creative Emmys, as has been tradition. Shifting from the Primetime telecast to the Creative Emmys to make room for the Choreography award will be the Reality Host category. “This came about because we wanted to look for another way to involve our host, our friend Mr. Harris,” said Ehrlich. “I was thinking about what we could do with him that would be different or unusual and exciting,” added Ehrlich. “The idea of having him interact with these choreographers and dancers in this number just became something that was so attractive we couldn’t pass it up.”

This move is only for this year’s telecast, as next year’s producer could opt to do something entirely different or follow in what may become a new tradition. Derek Hough (Dancing With the Stars), Allison Holker (So You Think You Can Dance alum, nominee for Dancing With the Stars) will join forces with So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Sonya Tayeh, Tabitha & Napolean Duomo, Mandy Moore and Travis Wall for the special number. While it has not yet been announced who will perform, the option for the choreographers to grace the stage is on the table. The work going into the number will be used as a documentary of sorts during the Primetime Emmy telecast.

Each choreographer has been given the option to invite two dancers to participate in the number. Ehrlich also made a point to note that this number will not open the show, but rather be placed later in the telecast. As for the Reality Show Host award being handed out at the Creative Emmys ceremony, the winner will be a presenter during the Primetime Telecast and receive proper recognition for their award.

Happy 200th, SYTYCD – A Look Back At Some Iconic Routines

How do you begin to even name off the top dance routines from the last 199 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance? Ever since the show kicked off with season 1, there has been routine after routine that has stood out in the eyes of many fans. In looking back at the iconic reality competition series, we thought of counting down our favorite 10 or 20 routines. Then we realized that was impossible. It rarely is a challenge to rank performances from a reality competition series. Usually everyone has their favorite, but we couldn’t pinpoint just one. And that’s not because there isn’t a routine worthy of being named a favorite. Rather, how do you just choose between routines that hit you so personally and to the core? It’s like choosing your one and only favorite child.

If we wanted to, we could rank some of the top routines from each choreographer. No other show has the distinction of so much talent behind the scenes to showcase the talent right on the stage. We could go by choreographer. We could go by genre. We could go by season. We could go by male vs. female. We could go by routines judges have claimed to love in the past. The possibilities are endless. So, instead of wracking our brains to rank and pit some of the best of the best against each other, we’re just going to take you down memory lane and post some of our personal favorites.

Tonight, on the show’s 200th episode, Season 9 names the Top 20 that will no doubt have us glued to our TVs. If you ask me, a milestone like 200 episodes is a perfect outlet to name the 20 contestants that will work hard through blood, sweat, and tears and win the hearts of Americans this summer. So, without further adieu and in no particular order, with every line, leap, swag, buccness, and hot tamales, here are some of our favorite SYTYCD routines. Be sure to let us know your favorites down below in our comments and don’t forget to watch tonight’s Top 20 reveal at 8/7c on Fox!

To kick it all off, enjoy this 200 Moves in 200 Seconds clip garnished by the people at Fox. We recommend not even looking for your favorite, but rather to just enjoy the fluidity of the clip and marvel at the moves. Make sure you click on through to see all of the others!

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