Flashback! TeenNick to Air Their Old 90’s Shows!

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? Yep, you heard right, those old 90’s Nick sitcoms that you remember growing up (or like me, remember playing in the background as your kids watched them) are coming back this fall on Teen Nick! All That, Clarissa Explains it All, Kenan and Kel, Rugrats, The Amanda Show and more are returning this fall, and will be played, like Nick at Nite, from Midnight to 2am. Nickelodeon got the idea by seeing all the interest on social media sites in the old programming, with million of fans liking the pages devoted to the old shows. I know my son will be pleased!

“At the time, we were completely devoted to that audience ages 9, 10, and 11,” Keith Dawkins, senior VP and general manager of TeenNick said. “It was ground-breaking and for the young viewers, a powerful and pivotal time in their lives. Those kids who are now 22, 23 and 24 want to bring that back.” Course, my son is only 18, but I remember him watching these shows, so I think Teen Nick may be being stingy on their age ranges.

TeenNick is calling it “retro”, but I myself prefer not to call the 90’s retro just yet thank you very much! The network also hopes to be able to also showcase their 90s movies in that time block in the future as well.

Amanda please! What do you think? Excited? Have kids that will be excited? Let us know below!

Say What?! Dora Sues Nickelodeon

Ok, well maybe not Dora herself. Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of Nickelodeon’s Dora on Dora The Explorer, has filed a lawsuit against the network with the support of her parents. Sanchez, 14, has voiced Dora since the show hit the airways in 2007. According to a report from the New York Daily News, Sanchez and her parents claim that she was pressured by Nickelodeon into signing a complicated contract that has ripped her off millions of dollars. The suit claims that they were rushed into signing the contract without consultation of a lawyer. Sanchez’s agent, Jason Burcy, allegedly gave the family 22 minutes to look over the contract mentioning that if they didn’t sign quickly Nickelodeon would pass on the offer for Caitlin to voice the cartoon character. The contract would allow Nickelodeon to exploit her as her alter-ego, Dora. The suit claims that Sanchez was not compensated for hundreds of hours of recording sessions and was compensated only $40 a day for travelling around the country promoting Dora The Explorer. She was also promised $5,115 per episode and compensation in residuals and merchandise. Nickelodeon, MTV Networks, and Viacom International are named as defendants in the suit who “”used Caitlin, unjustly enriching themselves of millions of dollars in profits from the series and branded products, which Caitlin performed and promoted.”

Nickelodeon has released the following statement in response: “The claims being made are baseless. Unfortunately, Caitlin’s voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the Dora character, as happened with the actress who originated the role. Caitlin’s contract was extensively negotiated through her agent and in compliance with her union. She was well-compensated for her work and for personal appearances. We have enjoyed working with Caitlin on Dora the Explorer these past three years, and we did in fact offer her a contract for other work with us.”

So what do you think? Are you heartbroken to hear this beloved cartoon character is turning on Nick? Let us know in our FORUMS or just comment below!