Big Brother 13 2nd Place Winner Porsche Briggs: ‘Burning the Pink Velour’

The Yak had the pleasure of talking with second place Big Brother winner, Porsche Briggs yesterday morning, immediately following her win of $50,000 the night before. Read below what Porsche had to say about her Summer of Big Brother, her other Houseguests, and how she feels about her 2nd place victory!


The Yak: Hi Porsche, congratulations on final two! I know you wanted to win the big money, but you got second place, $50,000, a summer of Big Brother and now freedom this morning! How does it feel to be you about right now?

Porsche: Oh it’s pretty nice! It’s $50,000 more than I started this Summer with!

The Yak: Too true! Our members as you know watch the feeds, watch the show and criticize the game play of course, but can you tell us first hand now what it truly feels like to be in there and how stressful it really is?

Porsche: Oh that’s the biggest difference between watching it on TV and being there actually. It’s stressful ALL the time you know, everyone is constantly trying to determine who’s side are you on, what you will do if we win, if you win… it’s all game talk all the time in that house and it’s REALLY stressful!

The Yak: Yes because the fans can watch the show and feeds and see what is going on behind all the doors and what people are saying but of course you can’t, so it must be paranoia city!

Porsche: Oh of course… when you walk out of a room, you are always wondering if someone is plotting your demise! We used to joke about that in the house. Now we are going to see people on the street and wonder if they are plotting our demise!

The Yak: Ok let’s get the most asked questions out of the way here. I’m sure you have heard these words a lot since you have gotten out of the house. Let’s start with “Benefiber.”

Porsche: Yeah that’s so funny that that question keeps coming up! It was literally only in the stuff for like a couple hours. You know I never actually had to use Benefiber, I didn’t know if it was going to make someone sick or anything like that and I had Dani and Kalia sitting right there and not telling me anything different and they were the ones, you know, keeping an eye on me. You know you just get really bored in the house, and you kinda look for ways to kind of spice things up and keep it interesting you know, and it was a joke that just kinda got out of hand… but yeah it was only there literally for like a couple of hours before I just threw the entire container of protein shake away.

The Yak: Yes and I’m sure you heard about it a lot since last night huh?

Porsche: A few times for sure yeah! [laugh]

The Yak: The other most asked question… pink velour suit!

Porsche: Ok, it will be burned yes! [laugh] Everyone can rest assured.

The Yak: I think it was just that you wore it so often. I have a feeling if you had only worn it a few times that no one would have said anything, but since you were always in it…

Porsche: Yeah, I mean, I didn’t have to get dressed, like any kind of fancy or anything, and it was cold in the house you know, and kind of cold outside at night so you always just want to be comfortable you know… and whatever, it is a matching little sweatsuit and I had a couple of them but yeah that one was my favorite!

The Yak: I’m certainly glad no one has feeds to my house because I’m sure they would get sick of what I am wearing around the house as well! Anyway… what caused you to jump ship from Rachel and the vets to the Dani/Kalia side of the house?

Porsche: Yeah ok, well after Brendon left Rachel definitely had a very emotional week but she definitely didn’t take it out in the best ways possible, you know as far as game play and everything is concerned, you know she had the whole house going against her, and when he left she just stuck real close to Jeff and Jordan and at that time, even though I was in the vet alliance, I wasn’t really aligned with Jeff and Jordan, I was more aligned with Brendon and Rachel and that’s why I even voted for him to stay at that point. She just went and hung out with Jeff and Jordan, then Jeff wanted me to throw the “Knock Out” competition and all that kind of stuff… I’m not there to help anybody else. I am there to play my game. I didn’t come into that game as a duo, with a partner, anything of the sort. I came in by myself and only I can help myself win $500,000, and at that point, it just didn’t feel right playing with them. I wanted to be able to get to know the rest of the people in the house and just not hate people because I was told to do so. I made friends with the other people in the house and I find out I really liked them, we got along, we had a lot in common, and I had a really enjoyable few weeks there.

The Yak: Yes, and there is a lot of downtime in the house, so it was probably nice to find someone you can speak to.

Porsche: Exactly, and their not just always trying to talk game. It was nice to just have a little break from constant game talk.

The Yak: Speaking of the duos, if you were able to rewind and choose to partner up with someone else instead of Keith, would you, and who would it be?

Porsche: Absolutely not. At this point in the game, I am extremely happy that Keith was my partner. He definitely blew up in the beginning you know, right when we were on the block and it worked out to my advantage obviously. But when we were all sitting down, me and Kalia thought that we would have partnered up together and you know what… we did later on in the game so… I guess it worked out for everyone.

The Yak: Do you think if you went to the end with Adam you would have won?

Porsche: Umm, no actually. Adam was really close to Jeff and Jordan obviously, and at that point, Rachel and I had week to week deals going back and forth. That’s all you have in the Big Brother game, you don’t have any kind of money or anything else but your word and your deals, and if I would have broken that promise with Rachel, I know that Rachel would not have wanted to vote for me and neither would Brendon, so right there would have been the 4 votes for me to get second place so… people can say that maybe I could have beaten Adam, but when you look at it, Jeff and Jordan didn’t like me and they would have voted for Adam because he was their friend so… whatever. [laugh]

The Yak: Yeah and speaking of that, it didn’t seem you got along well with Jordan in particular and Jeff really. Do you have any idea why?

Porsche: I never really had anything against them. Obviously they were the longest running couple in the house, so they had to be broken up. Jeff was a really strong competitor and I did talk to him a lot just on free time, not game or anything like that… we talked about different Humanitarian Services and things he did from Around the World and he has obviously done some TV and I would like to get into that business, so we talked a lot about that stuff, as well as just hangin’ out playing 20 questions. Jordan and I, you know we were the closest in age in the house… I mean I was the youngest and she was second youngest but we definitely had two different lifestyles. She is definitely a little bit more guarded than me, I have had a lot more time to grow into my skin, and I’m really happy about that. I think she is an awesome, pure girl, and she was carried by Jeff, you know, most of the game and it worked out for awhile, but I was not going to be able to take her to final 3.

The Yak: Yes and it seemed like she felt the same way about you when she would say things about you “like to bake cookies, host competitions and hang out in a bikini” insinuating that you didn’t real play and got carried as well.

Porsche: What they keep forgetting in there is that I was given a golden key for the first 30 days of the competition so what did they expect me to do? Get in people’s faces and try to cut people’s throats when I can’t even compete to save myself?

The Yak: It seemed that’s what Daniele did with her golden key and look where it got her right? If you had won the final 4 HOH, who would have been your target?

Porsche: Honestly at that point, the final 4 HoH does mean as much as that final 4 veto. The veto is what you need… in fact it is almost better the way it did work out cause if it had gone any other way with me winning HoH, I could have been facing with Jordan and Adam because at that point, with coming down to final 3 and what not, you know Jordan would have taken Adam and Adam would have taken Jordan, so I would have been out 3rd, so… it was what I needed to ensure that I could make deals and get myself to final two.

The Yak: Who do you think you will remain friends with now that it’s over?

Porsche: I definitely think I will remain friends with Rachel, she’s great and we get along really well obviously under extreme circumstances. I will definitely also continue to talk with Adam and Dani.

The Yak: If asked, would you do it all over again for All-Stars?

Porsche: Oh absolutely. Big Brother is normally a once in a lifetime opportunity and I got my first time on Big Brother playing with more winners than All-Stars even had, so they must have saw something in me that I was a good competitor, and I am… I would definitely come back and compete again. I can only get one more thing in Big Brother. You know, I have done Pandora’s Boxes, I’ve done HoH, Veto… I’ve done it all and won second place, now all I need to do is win. [laugh]

The Yak: Speaking of playing with past winners, did your strategy change at all from what you planned on doing before entering the house when you saw the vets walk in?

Porsche: Absolutely. My personality is outgoing, flirtatious, fun… basically what I was in the house but being in the house with couples, engaged people and people who have boyfriends/girlfriends on the outside, it makes it really difficult to play the kind of game you think you are going to play when you come into the house. Especially playing with veterans who think “hey we’re hot shit and we’re going to be the number one alliance and be awesome” but you can only be on top for so long in that game and then you are back on the bottom, then from the bottom you can get back on top. It’s very flip flop week to week in that game and I definitely had a struggle playing with a lot of people that had already played this game but it was definitely worth the challenge.

The Yak: Well thank you so much for talking to us this morning Porsche. Keep us in mind when you decide to take the dive into reading things online which could be dangerous! [laugh]

Porsche: I know, that’s what they have been telling me! [laugh]

The Yak: Enjoy your freedom and your wrap parties!

Porsche: Thank you so much!


The Storybook Wedding in the Big Brother House

It was a wedding to rival that of Luke and Laura (for those old enough to remember). A Page out of Prince William and Kate, complete with a designer dress and specialty made rings. Love was in the air tonight, and we Big Brother aficionados got a chance to indulge and completely immerse in it. The bride blushing, the groom like a Prince awaiting his Princess, gushing with pride. Yes, a fairytale to be treasured for Big Brother seasons to come. Surely it tops Mike “Uncle Jerry” Malin proposing to the love of his life season 2, and all love birds to come in future season. It was a site to behold, and behold we all did.

[singlepic id=586 w=200 h=140 float=left]We all held our breath as the bride readied herself in the Parlor on this August night, with onlookers adoring her every ruby red hair and lips. The Bridesmaids shined in their chosen gowns, but paled in comparison to the bride to be. We rushed in excitement to the live feeds, 10:30pm Pacific we were told to converge. The storybook wedding did get off to a bit of a late start, but we minded naught.

[singlepic id=599 w=200 h=140 float=right]Amidst a beautiful ambient bubble wand goddess, adorned in all white, she emerged. Rachel Reilly was a site to behold. The dress made of a shimmering pliant, yet resilient sheath, was crafted by hand by none other than the world renowned fashion designer Hefty, beating out top designers Glad and Ziploc. Putting the final touches on the gown was none other than the derrière bonded Shelly Moore, who also happens to be the world’s premier matriarch and knowledge of all circumstance. The Grooms attire, fit for a King, was also designed with great effort by Hefty to adhere to the gowns conception.

[singlepic id=591 w=200 h=140 float=left]The ring bearer, clad in Elf wear reminiscent of our childhood October celebrations, carefully and steadfast balanced the ring on the luxurious Ikea pillow made of a beautiful faux chenille. Those Swedes sure know how to rest their heads!

[singlepic id=600 w=200 h=140 float=right]Out of the house came the beautiful bridesmaids, all stunning in their own right. Posche Briggs, Jordan Lloyd and Kalia Booker, with naught a bite to be had, led the precession amidst thundering applause resembling music, making way for the bride to gracefully float to the groom. The bouquet was adorned with fresh plastic flowers, and a peacocks tail feather borrowed from the mystical fortune teller of the Parlor. Awaiting the elegant bride was the swelling groom, Brendon Villegas and his Best Man, Jeff Schroeder, all dressed up in his mid century blue blazer and top hat.

[singlepic id=596 w=200 h=140 float=left]The preacher, Rev. Lawon Exum, gleefully yet calmly awaited to give the last rights to the delighted couple. His presentation of the vows rang like a melody, enchanting the crowd gathered. Even the happy couple was heard singing his praise. Nothing like it has ever been heard, and could only be challenged by the great Rev. Jesse Jackson.

[singlepic id=601 w=200 h=140 float=right]The two wrote their own vows, the bride’s in limerick, ending with a beautiful rendition of her reality television trademark “No one comes between me and my man” as the goddess in white waved her bubble want magically in the air. The couple said their “I do’s” and marched their way down the aisle to a sea of gatherers awaiting their congratulations.

[singlepic id=606 w=200 h=140 float=left]The night that followed was simply fairy tail. The Bride’s bouquet was caught by Jordan, the garter by her soul mate Jeff, young lovers on a path to happiness. Nothing could have ended this magical evening better. [singlepic id=608 w=200 h=140 float=right]

Big Brother behind the walls of the castle were also cast under the bewitching spell of the evening, prompting them to provide the entire party with Dom Ralph’s Champaigne. All toasted to a wonderful evening of elegance and romance. We hope you didn’t miss this exquisite and once in a lifetime experience. If you have, the night was surely recorded, and can be found as a marvelous flashback to August 2, 2011 at approximately 10:30pm. We hope you don’t become one who cheats ones soul of this glorious event.[singlepic id=604 w=200 h=140 float=left]

[singlepic id=603 w=200 h=140 float=right]To the couple, the Yak would like to extend his cup and make a toast; May you both be happy with one another always, love one another always, respect one another always, and keep your parcels off the Twitter.

To see more pictures of this stunning evening, take a look at the slideshow below. To read more about it, and to see the Yaks reactions, come join us in the forum HERE.

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