Random Thought Thursday! Sheen, American Idol and Rehab!

Welcome to yet another edition of random thought Thursday. I come to you live from my office, messy desk and all, and I do in fact have some random thoughts to share. My mind is a befuddlement of wonder I tell you! Funny how you can think of these random things all day long, but you can’t remember an appointment, to take a pill, to make a call… Where are my car keys? Or, maybe it’s just that ol’ age thing kicking in. Can’t be that though, because I would have to admit to being old(er), and that’s not happening now, or even when I’m 103. We’ll just call it “life experience.” Yeah, that has a nice ring.

Alright, back to my random thoughts. My first thought is a shout out, or shout at…

Charlie Sheen.

So his new little “interview” over at E! had me thinking… Let me refresh your memory on what he said to them (or if you haven’t seen it yet):  Commenting on all the rumors floating around, like is his father seeking conservatorship, is his show being cancelled, etc. his answer was “”All crap” (sent to them by text message)

“Believe nothing. I will never speak about any of this as long as I’m alive. You’re all gonna have to keep towing the same redundant line, guessing wrong.”

He follows up with, “BTW, two wars are in an endless state of sorrow. Egypt about burned to the ground, and all you people care about is my bullsh-t….?”

He called it “pathetic” that the media shows any concern about his personal life and how he chooses to spend it. “Shame shame shame,” he said.

Shortly after this “interview” (if you can call a convo via text an interview) his representative Stan Rosenfield issued this statement on behalf of Sheen: “I have a lot of work to do to be able to return the support I have received from so many people. I want to say thank you to my fellow castmembers, the crew of Two and a Half Men and everyone at CBS and Warner Bros., especially [CBS CEO] Les Moonves and [Warner Bros. TV President] Bruce Rosenblum for their concern and support, and to my fans, your good wishes have touched me very much. Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say thank you.” A lot different than his text message interview huh?

Well, let me just say a couple of things that came to mind when I read his “interview.” Be careful what you wish for Mr. Sheen. You want the media to not cover you or your personal life? Do you want them to not cover your show either? I mean, how will you be able to afford the “personal life” you choose to partake in if no one feels the need to care about you?

Secondly, about the wars and Egypt. That was a nice touch. Most people out there CAN multitask. We are following everything about the war and Egypt. I mean heck, even you who are supposedly in “home rehab” can do both rehab, text E! and know what’s happening in Egypt right? Maybe people would like something a bit more ‘light’ to turn to when the world is on fire, if only for a moment. You should know what turning to ‘light’ topics are like. I mean, there is a war on, Egypt is burning to the ground, and you are having your playtime with your porn family right? Many of us are fans of yours, and hate what you have decided to do to yourself. But alas, your family and friends should just let you kill yourself and your fans shouldn’t give a crap, because there is a war on. I see.

Speaking of porn family, many of us, myself included, really have no interest in the “Queen of Anal” all over our TVs talking about you. Some family you got there. Oops?

Whether you like it or not, you will be talked about. You are a ‘star’… you chose, in this life, to be in the public eye. Your fans love you and want you to be well. Give in to the love of those who want you well, and reject those that just want to use you for what your worth until you’re gone. Seriously? $30,000 for THAT? That is all.

On to other topics now…

American Idol Apology

Really? Do they not have enough viewers that they need to pull out all the stunts? We still can’t figure what the hey that apology was for. Was it because Steven Tyler had to be bleeped? What did you expect putting a rocker on the panel? Was it because he hinted that one of the young contestants could have been a groupie that he lays? Again, what did you expect putting a rocker on the panel?

For that matter, why wouldn’t you just edit it out of the show? It’s not as if these audition shows are live. Did you get complaints? If so, why wouldn’t there have been a more specific apology, inclusive of what you are apologizing for? Yeah, stunt. All us who watch know it, all those who don’t didn’t really care enough to tune in. Stop that.

Wow… I guess this should have been called ‘Random Yell Thursday”… who knew my thoughts would be so… what’s the word… motherly?

Last Random:

What’s with all the rehab lately? Is rehab the new black? Are drugs and alcohol the new pink? Elton John recommends Billy Joel go to rehab? Even the youngsters are getting into the programs… Demi Lovato, Aaron Carter, and of course, Lindsay Lohan. Is Miley Cyrus next? I guess I just don’t get it. Is it the people they surround themselves with? Is it the pressure of being in the public eye all the time? Is it just straight up depression? Is it lack of self-worth? Is it just spoiled brats not getting what they want? I myself have family with addictions, family members that have gone to rehab. It’s heart breaking to say the least… Here’s hoping that people in general, including celebrities, see the latest trend for how it should be seen… troubling and worthless. I personally thought Lohan had one of the brightest futures ahead of her. She is a beautiful girl and an amazing actress, and yet, she throws it away, and for what? Hold on to what you have, that crap ain’t worth it.

Alright, that’s it for my ranting randoms! What do you think? Do you agree with Sheen that we should just leave him alone? Is rehab the new black? Is all this stuff just a product of our new “entitled” way of life? Do you wish the porn queen would just go away? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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American Idol: Top 10 Best Auditions

American Idol hits it’s 10th season on the airwaves tomorrow night with it’s much anticipated winter premiere (8EST/7CST on Fox). Lots has changed with the show following Simon Cowell’s departure. Ellen Degeneres left the judge’s table, soon followed by Kara DioGuardi. Randy Jackson is the only original judge left and welcomed Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler to the panel. A few more changes will be made to the show’s format this season, which you can read all about HERE! As we prepare to begin a new season with the audition stage, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at some of the best Idol auditions of the past. We’ve narrowed it down to our Top 10, but we know you’ll have a different list. So check ours out and be sure to comment below and share your very own Top 10 list here in our forums! Didn’t like ours? Well let us know below! Here we go…

#10. Clay Aiken, “Always and Forever”

Love him or hate him, Clay was the original Idol surprise, if you will. Walking in, not looking like a pop star, only to surprise the judges and America with his powerful and soothing voice, Clay gave them reason to believe he had what it takes to follow Clarkson and become the next American Idol. And he got pretty close…Until he released “Invisible” and I think people’s opinion on Clay started to change.

News on the Reality Front!

Not much going on in Reality lately, but a good amount of shows are coming up! Here is the latest on your favorites:

Big Brother: Matt McDonald (BB Season 9) pleaded guilty for conspiracy to distribute oxycodone, admitting his involvement in a drug ring that also included his season’s winner, Adam Jasinski. Both are now facing a maximum prison time of 20 years. Adam has been under treatment for substance abuse has been under house arrest since 2009, and is due to be sentenced today in Massachusetts. Matt will have to wait for his sentencing until April. I guess they won’t be included when Big Brother does the next All Star round? Must be Karma for treating BB9 Jesus loving Natalie the wrong way.

Mary Murphy Return Official! Mary Murphy will be returning as a regular judge on So You Think You Can Dance on this upcoming 8th season set to air this Summer. “I am thrilled and already dancing in my seat to be back as a permanent judge this season, which I’m sure will be the best ever.” Murphy stated. Get ready to ride the hot tamale train!!

Pick your Survivor Finalist! As we had reported earlier, Survivor is allowing us fans to choose one of the finalists for the competition! To vote, go HERE to watch the videos, then pick your favorite. Maybe you will be the deciding vote!

American Idol: No one wants the ‘villain’ role.  The new judging panel will not be embracing their inner Simon apparently. No one wants to play the villain, rather, critique young idol wanna-be’s on how they can improve. “There’s nothing like having that kind of discussion with another artist to help you grow,” Lopez said. They want to help rather than hurt. Well, that’s great for the ones that aren’t half bad… but are they all playing the Paula card when it comes to those that really should not be singing?

Sarah Palin’s Alaska canned. We here are unsure whether it was by choice, or a network decision, but the rumor mill has it that ratings after the premier were horrible, and the network made the decision to not renew the show. No word from the Palin camp about it.

Mike Tyson gets his own show, about pigeons? You heard me right. The heavyweight boxing champion, convicted rapist and occasional actor is apparently a pigeon farmer? Not just common or garden pigeons mind you, but racing pigeons, or as Tyson puts it “the creme de la creme of the pigeon world. These are thoroughbred pigeons. Pigeons were mens’ first feathered friends”. “Taking on Tyson”, which comes to the Animal Planet cable TV channel in March, is a six-part documentary in which the former world heavyweight champion returns to his Brooklyn neighborhood to race pigeons. Sesame Street Bert would be so proud. Let’s just hope Tyson isn’t an Ozzie fan.

Well, there you have it folks! The biggest news in Reality TV this week. So, what do you think? Are you going to go pick your fave for Survivor? Are you happy to see Mary Return? Are you sad to see Palin snubbed? Will you watch a show all about pigeons? Let us know below or in the FORUM!