Random Thought Thursday: MCR, Tiger Woods, Birds, and Tears

(Editorial: TheKdd) Well, another week has gone by, and so much information is just dying to get out of my brain, so onto another Random Thought Thursday!

Let’s see, this past week, we celebrated New Year’s Eve. 2011. Other than writing a few wrong dated checks, everything seemed the same, until… The birds are dying! Get that? BIRDS ARE DYING! RUN! Ok, I’m guessing this isn’t the apocalypse, although I did read this week, unrelated to the birds, that there is a group running around the country to tell people the end of days begins this May. Aside from that, the bird thing is a bit strange. So far, we had the birds falling from the sky on New Years Day in Arkansas, with similar reports in Kentucky, Louisiana, and even Sweden! (So it’s not just the U.S. going down in the end times.) There are also reports of fish and crabs keeling over too. Well, today it was reported that 1000’s of birds are dying in Italy. Turtle Doves at that. (There goes that Christmas song.) Scientists believe it all to be unrelated. The birds in Italy have been found with blue stains on their beak, so scientists are pointing to some kind of poisoning. I guess time will tell, or it won’t… muahaha.

In another report, EA Games is reportedly removing the image of Tiger Woods from the cover of their new “Tiger Woods” Golf video game. Really? They expect sales may be better without the image, however the title of the game is ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour’. I don’t have much to say about that, other than… really? Maybe it’s the re-writer of Huck Finn coming up with their marketing plan?

A quick little shout out and thank you to one of my favorite rock bands, My Chemical Romance. Apparently, MCR was offered a good sum of money to record a song for the soundtrack of ‘Twilight’ but turned it down. Way to not take that ‘Vampire Money’. It’s awesome to see a band not sell out these days. I’m still holding my grudge against Muse and their contribution to the Twilight series. I mean come on! They WERE the “Resistance!” Way to stand up MCR! I knew you were one of my faves for a reason! Very nice album by the way.

Last and maybe least, there was a new experiment done that may have proven that a “Chemical signal” in women’s tears are a turnoff to men, temporarily lowering a man’s testosterone level. The experiment, conducted by researchers from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, was unable to test the theory the other way around, since it was hard for them to get a man to cry in a lab setting.  Yeah ok. Scientists can call it a “turn off” all they want, but I figure, with the lowering of the testosterone, it hits a man’s more sensitive side, stripping a little bit of the “manly man” out of them. Maybe this is why women get away without the speeding ticket? Hmmmm…

Alright, I could go on all day, but I will stop now. What are your random thoughts today? Let us know below or in the FORUM!!