Is Charlie Sheen Still Winning? Detroit Crowd Boos ‘The Warlock’

DETROIT | Just minutes ago, Sheen finished (or so we’re led to believe) the first of many shows on his new “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour at the Fox Theatre in Downtown Detroit. Immediate feedback from attendees and those near the historic building on Woodward Avenue hint to just one word … disaster. It appears Sheen went into the Fox as a “winner” and left as anything but.

The mood shifted a full 180 degrees from 5:30 this evening where fans awaiting for the doors to open described the scene around Detroit as “electric.” Fans were touting the upcoming show as a “once in a lifetime” experience, flocking from all over the country to see the ex-Two and a Half Men star in action on opening night. Media from all over the world were in attendance, ready to report the ups (and apparently many downs) of tonight’s show.

Michigan natives Kelley Jean and Lisa Jacques, the pair who won local radio station WKQI’s promotion to sing “The Star Spangled Banner,” got to meet the show’s star during sound check earlier this evening. They told local newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, that Sheen was “such a cool character.” Jean “looked in his eye and could tell he’s really very genuine and friendly … and funny!” Sheen was apparently seen running around backstage looking over the night’s script, looking as if he genuinely cares about pleasing his fans. Many began to wonder if the story was more about the multitude of fans who showed up more than it was about the supposed man of the hour himself. Just minutes before the start of the show, Sheen tweeted, “”The moment of truth is upon us Detroit!! Do not fear … the Sheenius is here!” And that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The torpedo reportedly went the wrong way.

After Sheen’s opening comic act, Kirk Fox, was booed off stage, Charlie made an earlier than planned appearance to calm the crowd in Detroit. Sheen noted, “This man is here to help, let him do so,” Sheen says. “I gotta change and do my hair. I’ll be right back.” That didn’t seem to help much, as Fox left the stage amid deafening booing before his act was even over. It seems, at that point, fans weren’t ready to give up on the Sheenius. The mood at the Fox Theatre lightened up, as fans got excited for the main event. Around 9pm, Sheen took to the stage wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey (fitting with his Tiger blood and all) with the name “Warlock” on the back. He was here and ready to “identify and train the Vatican assassin locked inside each and every one of you.” It didn’t take long for the crowd to quickly turn on the man with Adonis DNA. Just 30 minutes into the act, fans began to boo Sheen and left their seats to walk out of the theatre during a video clip showcasing a young Johnny Depp. The boos didn’t seem to bother Sheen much. His response? “I already got your money, dude!”

Sheen went on and decided it was a great time to not only mock the city he’s in but the people who live in it. Sheen declares he was going to “Tell some stories about crack. I figured Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stories. Show of hands who here has tried crack? I don’t do crack anymore, but this is a good f—ing night to do some crack.” It didn’t take long for even more people to leave their seats and walk out of the train wreck a sell-out crowd paid to see. The show continued to be filled with padding, mostly videos playing on the big screen, including bits and pieces from his 20/20 interview on ABC just weeks ago. Attendees noted that they saw more of videos than they saw of Sheen himself.

Promises of an appearance by Snoop Dogg proved to be full of nothing but air. Snoop Dogg was a no-show but those still in attendance were basically laughed at by Sheen, as Snoops new music video was going to premiere then and there. Oh boy, what a payoff, right? As 10:30 neared, more and more fans filtered out of the Fox Theatre, prompting Sheen to walk off stage, presumably cue music to drown out the booing crowd. The curtain was drawn and the house lights were turned up. Yup, that was it. Show’s over. He didn’t even say goodbye. Looks to me that this turned into the opposite of #Winning. The Torpedo of Truth has really spoken and it wasn’t a message the man with Tiger Blood probably wanted to share.

What do you think about Charlie’s opening show? Will this tour really last or will there be cancellations looming in the near future?

Charlie Sheen Fired from Two and a Half Men

It’s official, Charlie Sheen was officially fired this morning from Two and a Half Men. Read below for details.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charlie Sheen was fired Monday from “Two and a Half Men” by Warner Bros. Television following repeated misbehavior and weeks of the actor’s angry, often-manic media campaign against his studio bosses.

The was taken after “careful consideration” and is effective immediately, the studio said in a statement. No decision has been made on the show’s future without its star, said Paul McGuire, a Warner spokesman.

The actor, who has used TV, radio and social media to create a big megaphone for himself, was not silent for long.

In a text to The Associated Press, Sheen responded, with the F-word and “They lose,” followed by the word “Trolls.” Asked if he planned to sue, Sheen texted back, “Big.” As for his next move, Sheen texted, “A big one.”

A call to his attorney, Marty Singer, for comment was not immediately returned.

The Charlie Sheen Saga

Sigh. Really, I’m pretty sick of this entire story and wish it would just disappear. In fact, this is why you have seen no updates coming from the Yak about him, and will probably rarely see one in the future. Our members are keeping tabs on this ongoing saga in the Forum HERE, but otherwise, headline news we have decided he is not.

The only upside I see to this whole debacle is Sheen is hogging up the press wires, giving us a reprieve from “Bieber fever”. Did you know his hair sold on ebay for $40,667? Yeah see, a reprieve thank goodness!

As for Charlie, you see, I already have an addict in my family, who is Mr. Sheen, except without the money, fame and media coverage. Well, there is another distinction… Mine is humble and has a great big heart, when sober. I live this saga and really don’t need to see this on my television. That said…

For those who would like a quick general recap of things, we decided to throw out everything we know about what he has done, said, others have said etc. in one short(ish) update. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think below.

  • 2/24 – Sheen berates his boss on a radio show, throws out his real name “Chaim Levine”, calls him a whole slew of nasty things. Maggot comes to mind. The production of Two and a Half Men gets halted.
  • 2/24 – Sheen says he is in talks with HBO for his own show, ‘Charlie’s Corner.’ HBO denies any such thing.
  • 2/25 – Rant continues with texts to Good Morning America, again boss bashing.
  • 2/27 – Sheen schedules sit down interviews with the media, telling ABC they would have the exclusive. He then proceeds to talk with NBC.
  • 2/28 – Sheen wants a raise from 2 million per episode, to 3 million per episode.
  • 2/28 – Sheen says he will sue CBS and Warner Bros. for $300 Million for pulling the plug on the rest of the Two and a Half Men season. He said “I’m out of a job. I got a whole family to support” as for the reason.
  • 2/28 – He apologizes to Chuck Lorre for referring to his real name in a radio interview. He said it was a joke.
  • 2/28 – Sheen denies he suffers from Bi-Polar disorder, says he is “bi-winning”. “I win here. I win there.” Admits he was “banging 7 gram rocks” as to his drug use, but claims he is sober now. He says the last run he was on would make “Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards look like droopy-eyed, armless children.” (editors note: Something to be proud of.)
  • 2/28 – CBS announces the crew will receive compensation for the outstanding episodes not filmed. Sheen takes credit for that.
  • 2/28 – Sheen’s publicist quits. The next day, Charlie would tell Howard Stern that his publicist quit via text message, and that his publicist’s “feelings are coming from his ego and from his emotions, and I don’t have time for either one right now because we’re fighting a war.”
  • 3/1 – In an interview to NBC’s Today, Charlie, in response to footage of an appearance made by his father (Martin Sheen) and brother (Emilio Estevez) in which they expressed concern, said “They tried. But I said, you know, I’m not ready, I’m not interested in your rhetoric right now. I appreciate your love, your compassion, if that’s what you wanna call it. But I’m 45 years old, and I’m not interested in people treating me like a 12-year-old.”
  • 3/1 – Sheen puts down John Stamos as a potential Two and a Half Men replacement saying “I like John, but he doesn’t have what I have and the show sucks if he’s on it.” He also says that it would be nice if any of his co-stars (Jon Cryer or Angus T. Jones) would back him up, saying everything Charlie says is the truth.
  • 3/1 – John Stamos responds, via Twitter, that “contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and half men. however, martin sheen has asked me to be his son.”
  • 3/1 – Les Moonves, President of CBS Corp. says he wishes Sheen “would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy.” He had no news on whether or not Two and a Half Men would return or not, but says financially, this isn’t hurting CBS.
  • 3/1 Sheen has interview with Howard Stern wherein Stern praises him for being special, that he should have his own radio show, and talks about what the sex is like at home with Charlie and his goddesses.
  • 3/1 – Sheen says he is done with Interviews.
  • 3/1 – Sheen joins Twitter and tweets his first tweet. A picture of him and one of his “goddesses”.
  • 3/1 – Ratings begin to come out – Networks are reporting that some shows Sheen was on were seeing their highest ratings to date. (I REALLY wish people would stop watching this stuff!)
  • 3/1 – Internet parodies start popping up all over the place of the Sheen train wreck.
  • 3/1 – Sheen turns down an interview with Nancy Grace. (THANK GOODNESS)
  • 3/2 – Sheen’s children are removed from his home. Brooke Mueller claims he threatened to cut her head off “and “put it in a box.”
  • 3/2 – Sheen asks for reimbursement of child support after losing TV Salary. According to legal documents his estranged wife filed, he wants to use the cash to “knock off a few people.”
  • 3/2 – Brooke Mueller claims Sheen once referred to his manager as a “stoopid Jew pig” in a text message. Sheen denies it, saying he would “never, ever say that about my dear friend.” He also claims the Brooke would steal his phone to send crazy text messages to hurt him.
  • 3/2 – Mueller gets a restraining order to keep Sheen away from their kids because of violent comments he has made in the last few days. Claims he told her he would “stab her in the eye with a pen knife.”
  • 3/2 – Sheen claims he doesn’t know where his kids are, and “this is war”

Do I dare publish this now? I realize this could change within the hour, but you get the picture right? I know there are a bunch I missed. To talk more about Sheen and his behavior, join us HERE in the Forum!

Random Thought Thursday! Sheen, American Idol and Rehab!

Welcome to yet another edition of random thought Thursday. I come to you live from my office, messy desk and all, and I do in fact have some random thoughts to share. My mind is a befuddlement of wonder I tell you! Funny how you can think of these random things all day long, but you can’t remember an appointment, to take a pill, to make a call… Where are my car keys? Or, maybe it’s just that ol’ age thing kicking in. Can’t be that though, because I would have to admit to being old(er), and that’s not happening now, or even when I’m 103. We’ll just call it “life experience.” Yeah, that has a nice ring.

Alright, back to my random thoughts. My first thought is a shout out, or shout at…

Charlie Sheen.

So his new little “interview” over at E! had me thinking… Let me refresh your memory on what he said to them (or if you haven’t seen it yet):  Commenting on all the rumors floating around, like is his father seeking conservatorship, is his show being cancelled, etc. his answer was “”All crap” (sent to them by text message)

“Believe nothing. I will never speak about any of this as long as I’m alive. You’re all gonna have to keep towing the same redundant line, guessing wrong.”

He follows up with, “BTW, two wars are in an endless state of sorrow. Egypt about burned to the ground, and all you people care about is my bullsh-t….?”

He called it “pathetic” that the media shows any concern about his personal life and how he chooses to spend it. “Shame shame shame,” he said.

Shortly after this “interview” (if you can call a convo via text an interview) his representative Stan Rosenfield issued this statement on behalf of Sheen: “I have a lot of work to do to be able to return the support I have received from so many people. I want to say thank you to my fellow castmembers, the crew of Two and a Half Men and everyone at CBS and Warner Bros., especially [CBS CEO] Les Moonves and [Warner Bros. TV President] Bruce Rosenblum for their concern and support, and to my fans, your good wishes have touched me very much. Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say thank you.” A lot different than his text message interview huh?

Well, let me just say a couple of things that came to mind when I read his “interview.” Be careful what you wish for Mr. Sheen. You want the media to not cover you or your personal life? Do you want them to not cover your show either? I mean, how will you be able to afford the “personal life” you choose to partake in if no one feels the need to care about you?

Secondly, about the wars and Egypt. That was a nice touch. Most people out there CAN multitask. We are following everything about the war and Egypt. I mean heck, even you who are supposedly in “home rehab” can do both rehab, text E! and know what’s happening in Egypt right? Maybe people would like something a bit more ‘light’ to turn to when the world is on fire, if only for a moment. You should know what turning to ‘light’ topics are like. I mean, there is a war on, Egypt is burning to the ground, and you are having your playtime with your porn family right? Many of us are fans of yours, and hate what you have decided to do to yourself. But alas, your family and friends should just let you kill yourself and your fans shouldn’t give a crap, because there is a war on. I see.

Speaking of porn family, many of us, myself included, really have no interest in the “Queen of Anal” all over our TVs talking about you. Some family you got there. Oops?

Whether you like it or not, you will be talked about. You are a ‘star’… you chose, in this life, to be in the public eye. Your fans love you and want you to be well. Give in to the love of those who want you well, and reject those that just want to use you for what your worth until you’re gone. Seriously? $30,000 for THAT? That is all.

On to other topics now…

American Idol Apology

Really? Do they not have enough viewers that they need to pull out all the stunts? We still can’t figure what the hey that apology was for. Was it because Steven Tyler had to be bleeped? What did you expect putting a rocker on the panel? Was it because he hinted that one of the young contestants could have been a groupie that he lays? Again, what did you expect putting a rocker on the panel?

For that matter, why wouldn’t you just edit it out of the show? It’s not as if these audition shows are live. Did you get complaints? If so, why wouldn’t there have been a more specific apology, inclusive of what you are apologizing for? Yeah, stunt. All us who watch know it, all those who don’t didn’t really care enough to tune in. Stop that.

Wow… I guess this should have been called ‘Random Yell Thursday”… who knew my thoughts would be so… what’s the word… motherly?

Last Random:

What’s with all the rehab lately? Is rehab the new black? Are drugs and alcohol the new pink? Elton John recommends Billy Joel go to rehab? Even the youngsters are getting into the programs… Demi Lovato, Aaron Carter, and of course, Lindsay Lohan. Is Miley Cyrus next? I guess I just don’t get it. Is it the people they surround themselves with? Is it the pressure of being in the public eye all the time? Is it just straight up depression? Is it lack of self-worth? Is it just spoiled brats not getting what they want? I myself have family with addictions, family members that have gone to rehab. It’s heart breaking to say the least… Here’s hoping that people in general, including celebrities, see the latest trend for how it should be seen… troubling and worthless. I personally thought Lohan had one of the brightest futures ahead of her. She is a beautiful girl and an amazing actress, and yet, she throws it away, and for what? Hold on to what you have, that crap ain’t worth it.

Alright, that’s it for my ranting randoms! What do you think? Do you agree with Sheen that we should just leave him alone? Is rehab the new black? Is all this stuff just a product of our new “entitled” way of life? Do you wish the porn queen would just go away? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Charlie Sheen Breaks His Silence

Charlie Sheen has decided to issue a statement to the media and his fans today for the first time since entering his rehab treatment. In the statement, he thanks CBS and the Cast of Two and a Half Men for their support.

“I have a lot of work to do to be able to return the support I have received from so many people,” Sheen said. 
”I want to say ‘thank-you’ to my fellow cast members, the crew of Two and a Half Men and everyone at CBS and Warner Bros., especially Les Moonves and Bruce Rosenblum for their concern and support.
And to my fans, your good wishes have touched me very much. 
Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say, ‘thank-you.’”

No one is sure how long Sheen is expected to be out of commission, but there is speculation it could take at least three weeks. Personally, I think more time is probably needed than that.

What do you think? Should he take more time off? Are you going to miss the show? Comment below!

Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital

Charlie Sheen was rushed to Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills early Thursday for stomach pains. His condition is still unknown at this time. Reportedly, paramedics were called to Sheen’s address at 6:35 a.m. after a 911 call.

According to TMZ, Sheen was apparently partying all night with 5 women, one of them porn star Kacey Jordan.

This is just the latest in Charlie Sheen’s troubles. We here at the Yak hope he can recover from his current crisis, get himself some help, and get back to work.