Webtastic Wednesday! Our Faves for the Week.

With hump day being almost through, at least on the other side of the hump of hump day, what else is there to do but look at the wonderful, amazing, stupid and wacky web. Here’s what we came up with for the week in web:

Video of the week:

Facebook Groups: Really? There is a group for that?

The Guy Who Discovered Milk… What Was He Doing With The Cow ?? 🙂 – Well this is an important group to join!

Dear Rose, Jack TOTALLY could have fit on that damn door with you! – I have to admit it, but even I thought this while watching!

An Arbitrary Number of People Demanding That Some Sort Of Action Be Taken – YEAH! You tell ’em!

Concerned Students against Backpacks With Wheels – Are you concerned?

50 Things to Do While At a McDonald’s Drive-Through – Alright now this one has some good ideas!

English Whirled Wide – I am actually a member of this one!

A Lion would never cheat on his wife.. but a Tiger wood. – Bazinga!

When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila – Now this is a group I can get behind!

I Wish I Were Your Derivative So I Could Lie Tangent To Your Curves! – Yeah I know, I’m a geek.

I was gonna post a status, then I remembered I have family on Facebook. – This one rings true for a lot of people.

Site Spotlight:

‘Two Dudes, a Truck and a Megaphone: The Story of Grill Em All’ is the lead in to their ‘about’ page. Everyone that has had the pleasure to run into one of their trucks has NOT been disappointed. If you find yourself out in L.A. with no place to eat, and want a terrific meal for a great price, check them out! Truly an experience, and these guys are just awesome.

Here is their main site: Grill Em All.
CLICK HERE for their Facebook Page.
CLICK HERE for their Twitter Page. 

You can find truck location info, which changes everyday, so you can plan your Grill Em All truck experience! Tell them YakkityYaks sent ya!

That’ll about wrap it up this week, mainly cause I gotta run. To submit ideas, links or sites for consideration in Webtastic Wednesday’s, please send via e-mail to TheKdd@yakkityyaks.com, or by joining us HERE in the forum!