Tech Tuesday! Get All Caught Up in One Day!

It’s Tech Tuesday! Here are your quick little tech updates, all in one place!

Netflix: Streaming, Charging and the Kiddos

Let’s begin with Netflix. As you may already know, Netflix is raising their prices for their streaming/DVD out plans. Well, this is our way of reminding those of you that wanted to switch their plans before the changes take affect, better get to it. The price change takes affect for current subscribers on September 1st. Time to get those DVD’s back you had sitting around for months! I myself am canceling the DVD Service, and will just stick to streaming. If something new comes to DVD that I just have to see, then I guess RedBox will be getting my business. In the meantime, for the geeks out there, check out the nifty PBS Documentaries Netflix has streaming. I can vouch for the FDR and Huey Long Docs as being pretty interesting.

Another Netflix note: Netflix is currently testing a “Just for Kids” interface that will allow kids to browse for streaming content by character. Users that were selected for this beta test will notice a new tab on the main menu of their accounts located between the “Watch Instantly” and “Browse DVDs” tabs. Clicking the characters will bring up choices that feature that character. Sounds pretty great for parents who have to shuffle the kids around on errands. No word when it will be available to all.

iReadersDigest, iPad 3, iPhone 5 = iWantThemAll

Starting in September, Readers Digest will launch it’s digital subscription just for iPad users. Print subscribers will be able to receive their first 6 months free, but thereafter, will have to pay the regular non-print subscriber rate of $1.99 per issue, or $14.99 for the year. I know, you younger set think Readers Digest is just so old school, but I still subscribe, if only for the short articles that you can read when, well, you know when. Is the iPad about to take over the bathroom magazine rack?

Speaking of the iPad, rumor has it the next iPad version, iPad 3, is scheduled for release around February, 2012. Yep, right after Christmas, just like the iPad 2. I’m not real sure why Apple keeps pushing the latest and greatest AFTER the holidays, but I am assuming it’s to try and get rid of it’s previous version inventory as quickly as possible. I won’t make that mistake again. (Damn you iPad original!)

Which leads us to Apple, again. Did you run out and grab the iPhone 4? Well, of course, here comes iPhone 5. It’s just a rumor for now, but a report stemming from a Japanese website puts September 8th as the next Apple Media Event Day, which they believe Apple will launch the iPhone 5. Although in the past, Apple traditionally released their newer version of iPhone at the summer Worldwide Developers Conference, they didn’t this year, leaving speculation that Apple will announce at the September Media Day, usually reserved for their new iPod releases.


Since Apple’s “Magic Mouse” has been released, it doesn’t seem like companies have been paying that close attention to that little gadget we use every day, until now. Two mice have hit the market recently, and both are very interesting, in their own very unique ways.

First the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Exclusive to Windows 7, this mouse scrolls like a dream. A three finger swipe will minimize all your windows, the two finger swipe will minimize the window you are in. The biggest difference between this mouse and the Apple version however is it’s feel. Testers say this mouse fits in your hand perfectly.

Our next mouse innovation is the USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale. Yeah, you heard me. A mouse with a mini scale built in. The mouse offers a precise scale with a range of 0.1 to 500 grams allowing you to weigh small objects laying around on your desk. Perfect for the jewel thief or drug dealer on your Christmas List.


Can you just see the informercial for these? Picture a man, tossing and turning dramatically in bed, trying to listen to music to sleep by. His ears aching for the dastardly large headphones he is wearing. Introducing Bedphones! The amazingly thin and tiny headphones designed to put you to sleep. That’s right, for only $29.95 you too can stop that horrible ear ache you get from those unsightly headphones you use when trying to sleep. They are less than 1/4″ thick and about as round as a penny. They ear hooks are made from moldable memory wire for all your comfort needs. The headphones are compatible with all devices that have a standard headphone jack, and come with a Satin eye mask and a travel case. Course if there were an infomercial for these, getting the eye mask and travel case would mean you would have to call within the next 15 mins… Aside from the corny infomercial we may see in the near future, these are pretty cool.

Yo 911. Cn u hlp me plz?

FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, announced a plan last Wednesday to update the 911 technology to include texts, photos and videos, along with a way to track the location of such communication. 911 Operators think this is a great idea, but without a way to track where the text or video came from, it will be useless. The Chairman is trying to implement that feature first.


That’s it for this week! Are you going to grab the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3? Are you cancelling Netflix because of the price hike? Let us know below!

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