Tech Tuesday: Google, Hulu and Twits!

Welcome to another edition of Tech Tuesday! Here are the top stories in the tech world you may have missed!

Google Logo: Diver Down!

Honoring Jules Verne, the French author who pioneered the Science Fiction genre, Google has an interactive logo today that allows you to explore the depths of the sea.

Jules, best known for his classic novels ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, ‘A Journey to the Center of the Earth’, and ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ was born on this day in 1828.

Check out the interactive logo HERE.

TwitPic Launches Video for Twitter

Twitpic is bringing support for video to Twitter today, allowing users to timely share their clips. Now, instead of posting your links to YouTube to spread your awesome vid, you can upload it over to Twitpic and share it immediately.

So be sure to tweet @yakkityyaks so we don’t somehow¬†miss your video! Hey, if it’s a good one, it may just get notice on Webtastic Wednesday!

“The Social Break-Up” Study

A study that surveyed 1500 consumers on why they unsubscribe, unlike, or unfollow brands in the social media world was conducted, and the results are in! I would think this shouldn’t be surprising…

More than 90% say they they do it because of too frequent, irrelevant or boring communications. Of the 1500, 91% have opted out of e-mails, 81% have “unliked” on Facebook to remove the company from their News Feed, and 77% say they are just more cautious about who they share their information and e-mail with.

So, now that you have that shocking information (sarcasm), why don’t you go follow the Yak on Facebook and Twitter! We promise not to bore you, too much anyway, and we promise to NEVER share ANY of your information, including your e-mail address!

T-Mobile – All Phones FREE!

As part of a special Valentine’s Day promotion, T-Mobile will offer all of the phones in it’s inventory for free with a new 2 yr. contract this Friday and Saturday. (February 11th and 12th.)

This includes their high-end Smartphones, like the HTC HD7, the T-Mobile G2 and the Samsung Vibrant. You can see a list of all the offers on T-Mobiles website HERE.

These are huge savings, but just like all other companies, I’m sure you will still need to pay the sales tax based on the original price. To take advantage of their offer, you must go to a T-Mobile store. However, there will be some offerings online if you wish to order from the comfort of your home.

Care to guess if this is really just for Valentines Day, or could it be because the Verizon iPhone comes out this weekend? Hmmmm.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report Returns to Hulu

Fans of Jon Stewart, Colbert and Hulu unite! Both shows are returning to a computer near you. Hulu closed a major deal with Viacom last week, and as part of the deal, a “selection of great current programming from MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, TV Land, BET, and other Viacom channel brands will also be added to Hili Plus.

What does this mean for us? Well, previously the two above shows were on Hulu (free) and have now moved to Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus is a subscription based service that currently costs $7.99 a month. It’s a nice add if you are thinking about cutting the cable cord and accessing HULU through other platforms attached to your TV.

Well there you have it, all caught up. So, what do you think? Will you subscribe to Hulu? Will you run out this weekend for a new T-Mobile phone? Will you @yakkityyaks your Twitpic video? Let us know below!

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