The Children of Today


First of all I must say that I have no children of my own. I am only an aunt to two very precious boys but I am a school teacher so here it goes…

The children of Today are spoiled rotten that’s right I said it! They are spoiled to the extreme and it is not a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I am not that far from being what some would call a child (25 years old). Everyday I go to work and I hear my students talking about what they have at home to play with. The things that they have are as follows:

1. Iphone

2. Ipad

3. Ipod

4. Four wheeler


As I listen to my little kids (7-9 years old) talk about these items I sit back and think “What in the world is wrong with parents today?” Why does a 7 year old need an iphone? I am sorry I know things are different than when I was a child, but having an iphone at 7 seems very extreme. With all the extracurricular activities out there I know that children need a way to communicate with their parents ,but what happened to the time when adults made sure that other adults were responsible for letting them know of schedule changes and such. When did the child become the one to text and call their parents when something changed?

I guess that I am just old fashioned. I was raised by older parents and my grandparents were older too. They didn’t let me have my own phone till I was 18 years old.  I often wonder if all this technology is going to be the doom of our next generation to come up. It worries me that children would rather play on the Xbox, iphone, ipad,or computer than playing outside in the fresh air.

Well that is all of my soap box today…more to come later…

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  1. I too must be old fashioned and my children had to bear the brunt of it. When I was young, I got my first phone (you know, a “home” phone with my own number in my room… yes, I’m older than you!) when I was about 16. My son didn’t get his first phone until just about High School, my daughter in Jr. High, but they were just plain flip phones to communicate. None of the bells and whistles. In fact, it was just this last Christmas (after years of begging) that they got a smartphone. My son, now 20 and paying his own bill, and my daughter, 15… and there are major limits. Grades, homework, no toying with it at the dinner table… I think all these gadgets are fun, heck I have them all, but I don’t ever want to see these things replace family and outdoor time. So yes, they have to put down the phones when they are around me.

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