The Couch Potato Reviews the Willie Saga

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Smart move Janey, keeping Frank so he and Willie would go after each other. Ashley wants to slide under the radar, my god, were I there she’d be drop kicked out that door on annoyance alone.

Dan, as always, keeps a strategy thought pattern. Gee Boogie, smart. Go after Willie instead of the last person on Dan’s team. Stupid ass. Why do these idiots always go on emotion, which is something Boogie used to preach against, instead of thinking strategy? And piss off with that CT impression in the DR with Frank.

Willie, having the worst person win HOH isn’t the end. Shane, OMG, you dork. Sure, now you jump ship when the chips are against you. Quite loyal, you are. Britney, you couldn’t have known that Willie would act that way, it’s called hindsight hon.

This is why I like Dan. Telling Danielle to get in good with Janey’s team, she’ll need those votes if Frank decides to play smart and puts her up OR the others will need her vote if she’s not up.

I’m amazed at both JoJo and Shane. On one hand, yes, cover your ass. On the other hand, they can never cry loyal. Jesus, you’d think Jesus arrived at their reaction to Frank’s HOH room.

Okay, Boogie drives me nuts but his kid is cute. He does breed well. The others shouldn’t be gloating too much towards Willie, or make remarks about his bad attitude, they’ll all be in that spot one day too.

Britney was right in lecturing Willie, and Willie’s an uber sore loser.

Oh Danielle, I had hope for you. Shane’s a dope, he’s so ugh. Hon, you can do better. Yes, dear, relationships in the BB house are always so “real”. At my count, in 14 seasons, there’s been TWO couples that have lasted beyond a year. Talk to Skeletor…I mean Erica from BB7 about how real it was for Boogie.

Boogie, piss off, if Britney wants to get rid of Willie, she can you dick. Britney, if you fall for what Boogie’s selling you then you’re a moron. If you win, get rid of Willie and YES, glad you realized it up front.

Ian, WHAT?!? My god, I realize they’re stuck there and options are limited but the taste levels in this house are just insane. He scores the “slop” date with Ashley, this is hilarious. Okay, it’s kind of cute now. But Ian, hon, you have to explain chemistry to a person like Ashley in layman’s terms.

This Britney team strategy is interesting. Do you save your team member or do you blow him off, get rid of him and hang on to your two players that aren’t…well, Willie….

This coach’s comp should be good; Britney wins and the house panics. Oh, Ian…you’re so young. Britney, hon, they’re Hammer Pants. You’re so young too.

Were I Britney, and I won, I’d get rid of Willie for someone on Boogie’s team. Force Frank and Willie together. Dan, par for the course, is going to throw it. Britney, slow down girl. Yup, you got going too fast and screwed up.

Is it me or does Ian remind anyone else of DJ Qualls? And I keep expecting Ashley to say “This one time, at band camp?!?” ROFLMFAO AAAAHAHAHAHAHA Boogie you cocky JERK! You flip your ego onto high gear and stepped off the beam before you hit the button. That’s awesome.

Janey, I loved you but you’re not exactly the comp queen. You won because Boogie’s ego was too big. Gee, will Willie go on slop? Yup. JoJo, Shane..and Ian. Big shocker there but bad move on your part hon. I’d agree with JoJo but JoJo’s a bigger bitch so yeah…pork rinds and pudding, not bad actually….

Good lord, Franks’ nipples rival BB8 Joe’s….

Willie trying to rally the team; Britney, wow….I don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand I don’t blame her, but on the other hand, seems sucky to abandon a player like that too. Russell deciding to get the heat off the others, interesting BB8 ED tactic. Britney, I get your position here, but you don’t have to be a total bitch either. UH OH, Britney stokes the fire and sets Willie off. And Willie, wow, he does seem sincere in wanting to take the heat off the others but that’s only a natural move from the house too. Willie is officially the house pariah.

Okay, so they don’t like him, he’s being a dick, they say he’s a bully so they essentially bully him by ignoring him. The House of Hypocrites. Britney, would YOU want to be totally ignored by the house and treated like crap? I don’t think so. Willie is being a prick, granted, but treat him that way….o there it goes…wow, Willie goes after Joe and Joe looked hilarious in his reaction…let’s just say that when Joe’s threatened he looks like a squirrel backed into a corner.

Smart move Ian, you would have been squished….whoops, there you go chest shoving Joe….oh it was a head butt and Britney, crying, really? You were riding the nut’s ass all day long, what did you expect? Congrats Willie, you’ve been Chima’d. Seriously, Britney, why the tears?!? JOE, STOP SHOUTING IN THE DR!!! At least he recognizes the crap situation Willie was in….

Okay, the only rankings I’m giving are that I like Danielle a lot (except for her crap taste in Shane); Dan’s a really smart coach and player. All the rest are meh right now…and I hope Boogie gets stuck in the workout room for 24 hours with Ashley as she sings every Hippie Dippie song from the 70’s stuck in her head.

So that’s it. Really wish I could’ve watched that fight on the feeds, that would’ve been fun!

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