The Mystery Behind Big Brother’s Fortune Teller

Just who is Madame Broella?

It has been nearly a month and a half since Rachel Reilly took away the grand prize of $500,000 as the winner of Big Brother 13, but many fans are still discussing, investigating, and debating the identity behind the house’s iconic figure, the fortune teller? Ever since the Fortune Teller surfaced on Twitter shortly before the start of Big Brother 13, rumors have been swirling as to the identity of @BBFortuneTeller.

Before we delve any further, I’d like to point out that the theories and opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the writer or staff at YakkityYaks. We have done our best to compile various opinions as we scour the internet and are bound to miss a few. This piece is meant to be for fun and in no way definitive about the identity of the Big Brother Fortune Teller. We’d also like to thank our exclusive Twitter sleuth, @pj_williamson, a self-proclaimed Big Brother and TV fanatic, for many of the investigative findings below.

A few key and popular theories exist about who the FT really is. Fans all over social networking sites and fan message boards (such as YY) have speculated that Madame Broella is indeed a member of production who has taken to social media sites like Twitter to give Big Brother fans just one more thing to obsess about in addition to the game. Other fans believe that a previous houseguest (popular or unpopular) from Big Brother’s past came up with a sick joke to mess with Big Brother fans. Even further, some fans believe that multiple houseguests are on a “rotation” in using the now infamous Twitter handle. The latter seems to be the most dominant and popular theory at this time.

Supporting the producer/insider theory, avid (and maybe even obsessed) “Fortunate Followers” will remember that the @BBFortuneTeller handle was able to tweet some information regarding the house and houseguests before news was made public. However, that doesn’t completely defend that theory because it is possible that previous houseguests may be privy to such information. So basically we’re back at square one.

As the season went on, it appeared that not only did the FT seem to have some inside scoop, but she (or he?) was willing to sporadically send out clues regarding it’s identity. The clue giving has continued on to this day, as fans continue to investigate this mystery. First up, the FT’s twitter description previously included “#TeamAlumni = #TeamBox.” As we mentioned, it has been believed for some time that the person behind the FT was a previous housguest, hence team alumni (or previous houseguest) = team box (or person inside the box, aka person in control of the FT). However, is there more to this clue that what we see on the surface? In the past week, the FT has released not one but TWO anagrams with the first being “OctoberThirtyFirst.” After much deliberation, the jury is still out on how to decipher this. The names Robert and Eric can be pulled out in two different deciphers (but then not much can be done with the other letters). Robert Roman appeared on BB4, but there’s not much more to go from there. However, Eric Stein was America’s Player on BB8, so … The second anagram was “Never Doubt Broella” and the FT let us know “Ellen” was the first world. Since “Ellen8million” was a trending topic that day, we are led to believe this does not signal any clue as to the identity of the FT. So, let us move on. We want to know if you’ve come up with any other ways to decipher these anagrams.

As we begin yet another week, the Fortune Teller ominously teased her Fortunate Followers regarding a #ManicMonday. Just what is Manic Monday and what does it have to with this Big Brother mystery? It’s clear now that #ManicMonday dealt with a new “Treasure Hunt” in collaboration with @MichelleBB10. As to what the hunt entails and what its reward will be, well, that’s anybody’s guess.

Additionally, the FT uses the term “EyE” rather than “I” with its random capitalization. It is more than likely that the “EyE” may simply refer to a.) The BB eye, b.) The CBS eye or c.) A fortuneteller’s all-seeing eye or even d) all of the above.

Even so, the story behind the Fortune Teller isn’t all fun and games. There was a point in time where fans seemed to get frustrated with Madame Broella and speculation grew that the identity of the tweeter was nothing more than a fan messing around and having fun with obsessed Big Brother fanatics. It was also even speculated that a major Big Brother blog and message board might be behind this social experiment. Some angry tweets were thrown her way, but it’s pretty obvious that the FT can handle angry tweets. She did live in the house with some interesting folk, after all. Plus, she’s probably still flattered with Shelly’s compliments from inside the house. These such theories didn’t hold much weight anyways and weren’t focused on as much by many Big Brother fans, but they did exist and we feel as if they should be pointed out as a reminder.

If there’s one thing EyE know, it’s that this Twitter handle, whether real or experimental, has made waves in social networking with one of the summer’s biggest reality shows. EyE think this could and will open doors for Big Brother next summer … the question is, my personal Fortunate Followers, just who is Madame Crystal Broella?

To follow along the speculation, join in our FORUMS and be sure to follow the Yak on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, don’t forget that you can follow Madame Broella on Twitter as well, so you’re not left in the dark on this mysterious yet enjoyable mystery. EyE know U won’t regRET it!

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