The Yak Chats with ‘Race’ Twins Andrew & Elliot Weber

This past week, twins Elliot and Andrew Weber were eliminated on the third leg of The Amazing Race. A team that many might have thought would make it further, Andrew and Elliot might have fallen victim to harp strings. On Monday, the Yak was fortunate to be able to chat with Elliot and Andrew regarding their experiences on the Amazing Race, disappointment in being eliminated early on and just what both of these brothers are up to these days. Read on and find out!

The Yak: Thank you for taking the time to speak with Yakkity Yaks. I know that a lot of people were sorry to see you leave the race.

Elliot: You have no idea just knowing you were eliminated that early, knowing what you are capable of ….it was just our fate and it is hard to accept that but well it is what it is and life goes on.

The Yak: Would you do another Amazing Race if invited back?

Elliot: Oh yeah, oh yeah I would. Now that you understand the many factors of the race and how it is played out I think we would do a lot better at strategies and would now know what to expect and to plan for that.

The Yak: (Elliot and Andrew live in different states; we had a connection glitch so I was afforded the opportunity to obtain the information from Elliot about his band (ENOVA) and soon to be released record.)

Elliot: My project ENOVA will be having an album coming out very soon here in the spring. We are going over some of the fine details with our producer on the tracks we have but I can see it being out in the next month or so. We will have our new album out and will be touring on it as well. Right now you can go the Facebook and get all our updates now. Our site is being built and in about a month we will have an You can also purchase all our songs on iTunes and one of our songs, “Counterpart,” was actually on the premiere episode of The Amazing Race.

The Yak: One of our site members wanted to know how was it for you to lose out on the harp challenge?

Elliot: Doing guitar pulling it thru the hole and wrapping it around the head of the guitar it is similar but at the same time the harp is so much more oriented and our fingers like we have pretty big hands and you really can’t get in there it is frustrating. It was harder then I thought it would be.

(Andrew was now reconnected to speak with Elliot and I)

The Yak: I have asked your brother but would you do another Amazing Race if invited back?

Andrew: Yes, I would in a heartbeat. I enjoyed the experience. I think now knowing what we know and sort of getting a taste of the game I think it would be awesome to go back and actually do better because I know we could do better and get a chance to prove to ourselves that we could do better.

The Yak: Andrew who do you play soccer for and is there a website fans can go to for information?

Andrew: I (now) play for the Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer. You can go to or and click on the Sounders website.

The Yak: Which was your favorite challenge to do?

Elliot: Skydiving!! I feel bad that my brother Andrew didn’t get to skydive (laughs) but that was by far the most amazing experience I ever got to see – seeing the countryside and how beautiful it was. I am sure my brother might have a different opinion on that, but it was just real cool to do the skydive.

Andrew: Yeah, I was a little jealous that Elliot got to do it and I couldn’t. We didn’t really get to do too many tasks since we didn’t really make it that far, but out of making the empanadas and counting the cows (Elliot laughing). I thought the cows was a cool experience. Everyone was yelling at Dave but making the empanadas was cool. Those two were my favorites since they were the two I got to do.

Elliot: You didn’t like doing the harp man…laughing

Andrew: (laughs)

[They agree they hate the harp now!]

The Yak: How was it to get to watch the other complete tasks when separated? Andrew, how was it to see Elliot do the skydiving?

Andrew: To watch Elliot do it was amazing. If you haven’t seen the bonus footage yet I parked in the wrong spot so I was looking up looking at him and I guessed I had to go find him. I ended up going thru the trees and all that. You could probably flip the roles and ask Elliot how he felt standing there in the middle of the desert waiting for his lost brother to yell at him and find him. (Elliot laughing) To watch me at the end watching Elliot do the bottle thing, I felt for him, because I knew he was trying. So sometimes it is hard watching because you are excited, but at the same time you are thinking to yourself “I am sure this is so easy,” like “come on this is so easy,” but it probably is not. You’re not the one there doing it.

Elliot: It was hard to see when I was standing there from skydiving. It was frustrating to know my brother might be lost. I don’t know where he is and I can’t go out to find him. The footage is actually funny. I can’t believe that he ran thru this 10 foot bushes of thorns to find me – which is awesome. Watching him do the cows, I have a feeling that if our bus had never broke down on the way to go do that challenge that we may have ended up on that first flight to Paraguay. My brother did really well at getting the cows done. It took 4-3 tries, and I could see how frustrating it was to be a number off and that would affect whether you got the clue or not. In the long run, my brother finished and he even helped out and partnered up with Joey & Danny. They did the math and it was cool to see him finally get it done. It was frustrating, though, at the same time because you want to see your partner doing well.

The Yak: Any chance we will get to see either one of you doing big Brother or Survivor, throwing your hats into those rings? (chuckling by brothers and CBS rep!)

Andrew: I guess that is a question you have to ask casting. If Elliot and I can beef up on Survivor, me against him, that be cool. It would be cool to be on something else. Hopefully they like our personalities and I would like to go back and try it again, give it another whirl or even maybe do “Elliot and Andrew’s World” you know something cool!

Elliot: I agree. Survivor or even coming back and doing the Race again all over would allow people see us a little longer and interact at a completely different time in our lives. I think it would be cool too, back to what my brother said, back to our lives and show people what they are like and do our own kind of thing.

Andrew: I think people don’t realize it takes a lot to be on the show. It takes a lot of sacrifice not only from the staff and what they are doing, but stuff you have to do and give up to be part of it is a big piece of it. You give up quite a bit to compete for this so it makes it worth it.

The Yak: Do either of you want to keep in touch with other race teams?

[Andrew and Elliot report that they do keep in touch with several other contestants of TAR 20.]

Elliot: Yes, I definitely made some friendships. You bond with people while you are out there running [the race]. You get to know people and understand their personalities, and the people you stay in touch with are lifetime friends.

The Yak: Anything more you want to share with our readers?

Andrew: Elliot’s band ENOVA. (Check out the info above!)

We’d like to thank Elliot and Andrew for chatting with us and wish them luck with all they do in this life!

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