The Yak’s Interview with BB13 Evictee Daniele Donato!

The Yak had the pleasure of interviewing the latest evicted Houseguest Daniele this morning, before she was off to the jury house. Keep reading to see what she had to say to our members questions!


The Yak: We have a lot of fans of yours over here at YakkityYaks! We fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it of course. Can you tell us, first hand, how it feels to be trapped in the house with mostly strangers, and how stressful it really is?

Daniele: After I got out last time people would always ask me if it feels like you are in jail and my answer is no. It feels like you are stuck in a mental institution. That is why the have not room is so fitting this year. The Big Brother House is an emotional roller coaster. Words cannot express truly how emotional it is in there.

The Yak: Had you met Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon outside the house previous to this meeting, and did you like them?

Daniele: I met them all for a minute at Big Brother events, but I didn’t get to talk to them long enough to develop a real opinion on them. I wish I had.

The Yak, from Forum Member kmteach: Would you have kept your deal with Jeff and Jordan, not putting them up as initial noms or a replacement, had Jeff not broken the deal first?

Daniele: Yes, unless it meant putting up Kalia. I was never going to turn my back on her.

The Yak, from forum member Sphinx: A lot of our members are baffled about Porsche not washing her hair and how greasy it appears on the feeds… What’s up with that?

Daniele: We were have nots all week and had to take cold showers. She figured she could go one week without washing her hair.

The Yak, from Forum Member CappieSux: As bad as Rachel can be, would you have teamed up with her and gone to final 2 with her?

Daniele: Teamed up yes… to the final two… no. I would have never turned my back on Kalia.

The Yak: Really late last night, it looked like Rachel may vote to keep you. What happened between the time you woke up this morning, and the live show?

Daniele: I thought I was staying until an hour before the live show. Shelly blew up at Jeff and I looked at Porsche and said, “I’m going home.”

The Yak, from Forum Members KaysarRocks, SassyGal, and hwl4wlfmn: You stated that you wanted to make a big move with the backdoor Jeff plan in week two. Do you regret pushing for it so much now?

Daniele: No. If it would have worked it would have been a great move. Unfortunately, it didn’t and I tried to make the best out of it.

The Yak, from Forum Member SassyGal: Why do you think America voted Brendon back in the game?

Daniele: Either America hates me, America loves drama or his Mom voted more than anybody else in the country.

The Yak, from Forum Member CR: Why do you think your dad left early, and are you happy you had a chance to be in this season without your dad?

Daniele: It was a new experience playing without him. Both where great experiences in their own way.

The Yak, from Forum Member CR: If Jeff and Jordan had been split up in week one, or even when you were pushing for it in week two, do you think you would still be in the house?

Daniele: Yes.

The Yak, from Forum Member Hapyhouswf: Do you regret not taking the deal with Brendon or backdooring him over Jeff?

Daniele: At the time I thought it was the best decision for myself. I saw Brendon as my biggest threat.

The Yak, from Forum Member hwl4wlfmn: Rachel teasing you constantly, we saw, got on your nerves. Do you think she may have gotten the idea by the torment your dad is known to cause?

Daniele: I don’t think it had anything to do with strategy. I think that is actually who Rachel really is.

The Yak, from Forum Members hwl4wlfmn and Hapyhouswf: We know you don’t like to play this game personally, but it seemed personal once Brendon and Rachel said no to the backdoor Jeff plan. Was it?

Daniele: Absolutely not. Brendon and Rachel were the biggest threats in the game. When I was working with them they weren’t threats to me but once they turned on me they became threats to me. I had their backs 100% and they didn’t have mine. Why would I work with them after that?

The Yak: Do you think you could have turned Adam earlier in the game had you used the Donato card much sooner?

Daniele: I thought Adam had more of an appreciation of this game being such a big fan. Week three when I tried to back door Jeff it wasn’t only to get Jeff out it was to save Adam. I should have just let him go.

The Yak, from Forum Members TheKdd and Terpkings: Many of us absolutely LOVE the way you dress, (and the male fans think you looked very, shall we say, lovely on your eviction night. (HOT)) Can you tell us females where you get some of those great clothes?

Daniele: Thank you very much! I kind of shop everywhere. My style is hobo sheek. I really like vintage stores and Urban Outfitters.

The Yak, from Forum Member TheKdd: It was very ironic that both you and Jeff agreed that there were many players in the game that never stood up and did something for themselves, rather you both had to get your hands dirty. Many of us were hoping you two would have teamed up. Looking back, do you think there was anything you could have done more of that would have put you two on the same side of the house?

Daniele: I did everything I possibly could to try and team up with Jeff. He just wasn’t buying what I was selling.

The Yak: If you had stayed and won HoH last night, who would you have put up and why?

Daniele: I would have put up Adam and Jeff with Jordan as the replacement if one of them came off. One of those three people need to go.

The Yak: Who at this moment would you like to see sitting in the final two? Who would you like to see join you next in the jury house?

Daniele: I would love to see Kalia, Porsche or Shelly go far in this game and I would love to see Adam come through the jury doors right after I do.

The Yak: Thank you Daniele! You have a lot of fans here at YakkityYaks! It was a pleasure!


What do you think about Daniele’s answers? Who do you think she will vote for at the end? Let us know below, then come join us in the forum HERE for all things Big Brother!

Stay tuned for the Yak’s Interview with Jeff coming shortly!

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