The Yak’s Interview with Cassi from Big Brother 13!

The Yak recently had the wonderful opportunity to yak with the latest evictee from Big Brother 13, Cassi. Check out what she had to say below!

The Yak: Us fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it. Can you tell us now, first hand, how it felt to be trapped in the house with strangers, and how stressful it really was?

Cassi: Believe it or not, it truly is like a family in there, a very very dysfunctional one! I think this season in particular everyone generally liked one another and you have to remember competitions and game play aside, people don’t realize how much down time there is. The experience as a whole is unforgettable and definitely one that you can only fully comprehend when living it. I called it “adult summer camp on steroids”!

The Yak, from Forum Member 19Wingz: What do you think was your biggest downfall in the game, leading to your eviction?

Cassi: Although I didn’t begin to have the time to play the game that I had conceived in my head I wouldn’t say that I played a bad game or that I would do anything differently. I think my eviction was purely from circumstance and unfortunately personal issues within the house. I would have shaken things up if I had more time.

The Yak, from Forum Member Kristin: Knowing what you do now, who would you have teamed up with on the first night so that you wouldn’t feel bad campaigning against them to stay in the house?

Cassi: For several reasons, probably Dominic. He’s a strong competitor athletically so I probably would have spared myself the 15 days of slop and as a duo, our friendship wouldn’t have been seen as such a threat. Also, because he’s the only other person besides Shelly that I really trusted in the house and had it come down to him and I on the block – although we are great friends – for the sake of the game I would have been able to in good conscious been able to promote myself and had reasons as to why I was a safer pick to keep over him and afterwards, he wouldn’t have held me at fault knowing that that is what I had to do.

The Yak, from Forum Member Krazyvickay: Do you regret being so vocal about your plans and your fight with Rachel?

Cassi: Week one – I definitely was campaigning amongst all of the newbies why it was advantageous to keep Keith not only for myself but for everyone. I certainly would have been more tightlipped had I known that the newbies were going to cower to the veterans so quickly and in such mass, however, I think my campaigning was justified and not necessarily something I tried to keep a secret. I actually volunteered that information to Jeff and Jordan and explained my reasons for it. From a game standpoint, no one can knock that that keeping Keith was a smart move for myself and the other newbies. It was simply that I was so outspoken and independent with my own mind that the rest of the newbies used me as a scapegoat for what we were all feeling to stay in the good graces of the veterans – I was their safety net.

As far as Rachel is concerned, it was a very one sided fight.

The Yak, from Forum Member kmteach: Do you feel you defended yourself enough against the people that were coming after you in jealousy of your looks?

Cassi: Outside of the house, the issue would never have even gone as far as it did because I would have been indifferent to their feelings and walked away. I have too many good people in my life to be affected by the few bad. But in these close living quarters, I felt I took the high road and tried to approach the animosity as an adult and at least get to the point of cordial co-existence – but Rachel was having none of that. I certainly wouldn’t say that I backed down to her, which only added more fuel to the fire.

The Yak, from Forum Member knucklehead: Who of all the Houseguests do you think you will remain friends with outside the Big Brother House? Who would you prefer to never see again?

Cassi: I know without a doubt that I will remain in touch with Shelly and Dominic. I have it in good faith that I will still care for Lawon when its all said and done! It is a game, and should never become personal, however, in or out of the house I  have no respect for Brendon and Rachel so that is one friendship that you can expect will never happen.

The Yak, from Forum Member SassyGal: Do you regret going back on the deal the vets offered you before Keith was evicted?

Cassi: The deal was simply that Shelly and I wouldn’t put them up, and vice versa, until the final 7. I had no intention on going back from that deal until then unless they strayed first. I did, however, encourage the other newbies to keep Keith because he may have been one to have the audacity to nominate Brendon and Rachel. I don’t feel bad in having done that because our deal is that I wouldn’t personally do it, not that I couldn’t encourage others because, let’s face it, it needed to be done for any newbie to have a fighting chance in the end against the veterans.

The Yak, from Forum Member terpkings: Do you think being on Big Brother will help in any way to advance your career in modeling?

Cassi: Going into this, I didn’t realize how big it could be. I simply thought I would do the show and return to my life. So, I don’t really know what to expect or that I’ll even be remembered after two weeks!

The Yak, from Forum Member Hapyhouswf: You remained pretty honest in the house, but did misrepresent what you do for a living going in. Do you feel, now, that was a contradiction to your convictions?

Cassi: Absolutely not. I wasn’t forth coming about my career in hopes to prevent exactly what ended up happening anyhow, however, withholding that information wasn’t something that hurt anyone or diminished my character.

The Yak: Who would you like to go far in the competition?

Cassi: First and foremost, I would love for Shelly to win the whole thing, I think at this point she is greatly under estimated which is going to carry her far. Obviously next, Dominic. He’s a big heart and a sweet, gentle person and he absolutely deserves to be there. Adam’s another player I am rooting for – his vast knowledge of Big Brother and his mind could certainly work in his favor if he could just tame the enthusiasm a bit because that is casting a target on him that he may know too much.

The Yak: If you stayed in the game last night and won HOH, who would you have put up? If who you put up won the veto, who would you have put in their place?

Cassi: After it became clear that our deal was not one Brendon and Rachel had any intention of keeping, I would have absolutely nominated the two of them had I stayed in the game and one HOH last night. On the chance they won veto, I would have put up Kalia and Lawon in their place and rallied for Lawon to have the votes. If not, I would hope he could forgive me and realize it is a game and that was the smartest choice for me.

The Yak: What would you say is the best thing you experienced while being in the house? What was your worst experience (other than being evicted of course.)?

Cassi: Best: Honestly, it was a blessing just to have been there at all, and being one of eight new players for the year.  Obviously I am leaving with a couple of really strong friendships that will last beyond the house. And it was very validating to me that I could exit the house knowing that I portrayed myself exactly as I am and have nothing that I said or did to be shameful or regrettable – that is an incredible feeling.
Worst: I am a really honest person and my integrity is everything and to be looked at every day with distrusting eyes and for my name to be associated with “liar” is a hard pill to swallow, but I knew that coming in this was all part of the game.

The Yak: Thank you so much Cassi, we wish you all the luck in the world!


So, what do you think? For those Jeff and Jordan fans, how does it feel to know she would have kept the duo safe? If there is a returning Houseguest this season, does that make you more likely to vote her back in? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Good interview! I would like to see her brought back into the game so long as Jeff isn’t booted before a return!!

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