The Yak’s Interview with Keith, the First Evictee of Big Brother 13

The Yak had the wonderful opportunity to ask Keith a few question on his game play and experience being in the Big Brother House and being the first evictee of season 13! Continue reading below to see what he had to say!

The Yak: Us fans can see what a pressure cooker the Big Brother House truly is, but we never had the chance to experience it. Can you tell us now, first hand, how it felt to be trapped in the house with strangers, and how stressful it really was?

Keith: Being trapped in the house with strangers, that wasn’t stressful. I deal with strangers all the time with my regular job and I am a people person. The only stressful part would be missing my family back home, but playing the game wasn’t stressful at all.

The Yak (from Forum members KaysarRocks and kmteach): Throwing the POV… As you can see now, unfortunately, nothing is ever set in stone in the Big Brother house. Looking back, do you regret throwing the Veto competition?

Keith: Yes, I regret throwing the Veto comp because my newbie alliance didn’t back me up they way they said they would.

The Yak (from Forum member hevnlee): You were pretty blatant about your love for the ladies and willingness to lie in the Big Brother house. How do you reconcile this with your position as a Deacon to young people?

Keith: My Youth group knows and understands how I feel about the ladies, and I didn’t say or do anything outside the lines of god when it came to the women. As far as lying, it’s a game and they know and understand that.

The Yak (from Forum member CR): Do you think that the returning HGs have an unfair advantage due to their previous time in the house?

Keith: No, I don’t think its an unfair advantage. They just know how to work the system and they know who they can use. Its sad that there are newbies that don’t mind being strung along like puppets.

The Yak (from Forum member Knucklehead): Do you think that you would still be in the house had Porsche not been your partner? If so, and you can rewind and change it up, who would you have picked?

Keith: Yes, I probably still could have been in the house if I had picked Kalia or Adam as my partner. But I still wouldn’t change it up. I do not regret picking Porsche as a partner, my strategy was just wrong.

The Yak (from Forum member SassyGal): You joined a “secret” alliance with Dominic, Cassie and Lawon, but yet you went out of your way to try and set Lawon up to take a fall. Did you think that would help your game at the time, and if so, how?

Keith: Yeah, I did think it would help my game cuz I was thinking if they thought Lawon was playing both sides it would take the heat off of me.

The Yak: If you had stayed and won HOH last night, who do you think you would have nominated? Who would you have wanted to see leave the house?

Keith: I would have nominated Brendon and Rachel, and I could care less – either could have left. I guess if Brendon left, it would be better because I have a better shot of beating Rachel in the competitions.

The Yak: What would you say is the best thing you experienced while being in the house? What was your worst experience (other than being evicted of course.)?

Keith: Best thing was the conversations by the pool, the dinners with all of us, the games we played like a family.
The worst thing – none of the newbies stepped up and told the veterans where to go. We had the numbers! No one lead the charge out of the newbies to take control.

The Yak: Now that you are out of the house, who are you rooting for to be final two? Who would you like to win?

Keith: Of the newbies, I would say Porsche. Out of the vets, Dani.

The Yak: Thank you so much Keith. It was a pleasure.

So what do you think of Keith’s answers? Do you think he was able to see his mistakes, or do you think he would have made the same mistakes over again? How do you feel about him being okay with how the youth at his church would feel? What do you think about who he would like to win the game? Let us know below, then come on in and register in the Forum! We have everything you need for a GREAT season of Big Brother, plus, come get your questions ready for the next evictee!

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