Webtastic Wednesday: An Entrance Fit For a Bride

Its no surprise that all eyes are on the bride as they walk down the aisle to marry the one they love. Arianna Pflederer, however, decided to have the attention on her grand entrance centered on something different. The newlywed chose to walk down the aisle singing to her husband-to-be and express just what she is feeling through the words of a Carrie Underwood song, “Look At Me.”

This video and grand entrance has garnered so much popularity and picked up so much steam that the track from Underwood’s “Play On” album, released in 2009, skyrocketed to the Top 30 on iTunes Singles chart…and the track was never released as a radio single!

“Look At Me” was originally recorded by Alan Jackson. In a Q&A, Arianna shares that her mother sang to her father when she walked down the aisle and she was just trying to carry on a family tradition.

How did Arianna pull it off? Check out the touching & emotional video below!

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