Webtastic Wednesday!

It’s Webtastic Wednesday! This is the day the Yak shares what he has found most interesting on the web recently. Enjoy!

We all got stuff.

Are you looking to get new stuff, swap some old stuff, or just do something with your stuff? Are you tired of all the Craigslist crap, the Newspaper Classifieds or the ebay fees and shipping? Well, look no further, there are new sites popping up to help!

First up is Pawn Go. Pawn go is an online Pawn Shop, as the name implies, and allows you to do all your pawn dealings from the comfort of your own home. You can pawn for a loan, getting your items returned to you at the end of the term, or just straight pawn your stuff, up to you. In this economy, I would imagine pawn shops are doing pretty good business.

Swap.com is, well, a swapping site. You enter what you have, and what you want, and they match you up with someone who wants what you have and has what you want. It’s that simple. There are however, shipping fees, but you can search local to avoid that.

U-Exchange: So imagine that you are looking for someone to paint your house, and you are, say, an accountant. Enter U-Exchange. You just put in what you do, what you want done, and that’s where the matches begin. Are you willing to do the taxes of Joe Bob the Painter, in return for him painting your house? There are no fees associated with this site (unless the exchange includes property), they make their money off Ads. Nice way to save.

Hackers Hackers Hackers

Whether you agree with it or not, hackers have been doing some notorious scandalous things as of late.

The Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ recently attacked the San Francisco Bay Area’s Rapid Transit website, in reaction to them shutting down cell phone and wifi service during a protest over a police shooting in the area. However, unknown hackers have now taken it a step further. So much so that the group ‘Anonymous’ do not want anything to do with it. These new, unknown hackers have broken into the Bay Area’s Rapid Transit (BART) Police database, and have posted all their info online. This means Police Officer’s names, e-mails, password, home addresses, phone numbers etc. are available for all to see. According to BART, they have forwarded all evidence to the FBI.

Speaking of hacking, be careful who you steal from! Recently, someone stole a laptop. Yeah, happens every day right? Well, this laptop belonged to a hacker. Actually, to a man named Greg Martin, an IT Security Specialist who used to work for the FBI and NASA. Well, Greg had recently installed some tracking software called PREY, a FREE open source program on his Macbook. According to the website, the software “lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen.” Within two days, Greg knew pretty much everything about his thief, including his name, school, address, IP, and even his Facebook ID number. He passed this info to the cops, who raided the guys place, and back came Greg’s Macbook. WTG Greg!

When was I in New York?

Apparently, I was in New York a few days ago, and I was just driving along, minding my own business. I was apparently going way too fast too, and the NYC Police nabbed me, electronically… or so says the e-mails I keep receiving. The e-mails have an attachment (that includes a nice little bonus trojan) all about the ticket I got, according to the e-mail. Course I haven’t opened the attachement so other than the trojan, I couldn’t tell you about any other contents. So, for further reference, don’t open any attachments talking about your New York Speeding ticket.

Another one making the rounds appears to be from UPS. The e-mail address is almost the same as the one above (from New York) and tells you your “parcel” has been shipped, and to open the attachment for details. No one will send you something like this with an attachment. It will always be a link to the UPS website, or the store website you purchased your item from, so don’t open that one either, unless by parcel, they meant trojan, and you want one.


I will leave you this week with this. You decide what you think.


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