Weird Holiday of the Day – Get A Different Name Day

Get A Different Name Day

Whether you’re having a bit of an identity crisis, or simply fancy confusing your friends, Get A Different Name Day is a chance to throw off the shackles of the norm and adopt a new name!

When I was younger, I wanted to change my name to Steve. I’m not sure why I picked that name, but I thought Steve Sherman had a nice sound to it. Turns out, my dad wanted to name me Steve when I was born, and my mom overruled him and picked Sheldon, based on a name she read in a romance novel. I had never heard that story until years later, but it must have been fate, since I picked that as my fake name for a while. So, for this day only, I shall be known as Steve!

What’s your new name? Let us know below!

“I used to think feminism was a liberating force – now I see many of those people are just censors under a different name.” ~  Lydia Lunch

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