Weird Holiday of the Day – Plum Pudding Day

Plum Pudding Day

Plum Pudding Day is dedicated to a mouthwatering treat that, surprisingly enough, contains no plums! In the 17th century when it was first created, plums were referred to as raisins or any other type of dried fruits. Plum pudding (aka Christmas pudding) is a steamed or boiled pudding usually served during the holiday season. Plum pudding is composed of nutmeg, raisins, nuts, apples, cinnamon, dates, and many other ingredients. In England, it is tradition to have every person a household simultaneously hold onto the wooden spoon together to help stir the batter. As they stir it they also have to make a wish!

I’ve never had Plum Pudding, but I’ve heard it’s good. The ingredients in the holiday dish sound like they might be quite good together, so maybe today is the day to try it for the first time! Plum Pudding Day would be the best time to figure out if this will be a holiday I should participate in every year or not. Also, if I hate it, then I only have to eat it once a year! Yes, I would still eat it! You have to celebrate the holiday after all!!! Have you had Plum Pudding? Do you have a family recipe you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

“’Make a remark,’ said the Red Queen; ‘it’s ridiculous to leave all the conversation to the pudding!’” ~  Lewis Carroll

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