What We’re Arguing About…

If you haven’t been to the Forum in awhile, or ever for that matter, well then you are missing out on sharing your opinions with us! Not only do we discuss every Reality Show you love and become Big Brother Central in the Summer, but we also discuss current events, Holidays, Movies, TV Shows and more!

We also however have a special section that we can debate (Argue) some more controversial issues. Currently, we are discussing how Hollywood seems to have a double-standard. How celebrities seem to be able to get away with things that the otherwise normal person, like you, can’t.

One of our members mentions Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, OJ, Lindsay Lohan… Saying the former three are abusers, Jackson of course with the child molestation, and well, you know the deal on the latter two.

Another member says “If you have fame and money, you can sleep with children, kill your wife, bite your girlfriend, etc. All of that is socially acceptable here.┬áBut if you even THINK about lighting a cigarette, it’s the end of the world; never to be forgotten or forgiven.”

Another one of our members feels that Celebrities are like Gods, and should be able to live the double standard.

I will not take sides out here, but sides are definitely being drawn in there. CLICK HERE to make your voice heard! You can post as a guest, or register for FREE to receive all the benefits of being one of our members! Plus, you can help out the one side, or the other, to try and win this argument!

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