Where Is The Generation That Cares?

As a individual that has been in the education system for 3 years now, two years as an assistant and this being my first year with my own classroom, I have come to a very sad conclusion. Where is the generation that cares? Mind you, I am talking about my own generation 20s. As a first year Kindergarten teacher, I have found very little parental support or help in the home. My poor babies come to school in 6 degree weather with short sleeves and maybe a light jacket. I have children tell me that their parents don’t pay them any attention at home.

Where is the Generation that cares?

The one who would check backpacks first thing for any notes/homework from the teacher.

The one who helped their children with their sight words/homework.

The one who would send a snack for their babies’ class.

The one who would adequately clothe their child.

The one who would stand by the teacher in a disciplined matter.


Where is that Generation? Where have they gone?

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