Work In Progress (WIP) – The Series.*


Watch out kids, there is a new show coming to a web browser near you! It is a fem driven; lighthearted, comedic web series that promises to delve into the hearts and lives of four (as women tend to be) really complex female characters.  “Work In Progress”, is a show about four sexy and smart thirty-something women who are supposed to have it all figured out — but these women prove that being beautiful, smart and savvy isn’t always that easy.  Four very diverse friends, all in different stages of their individual lives: married, divorced, pregnant, and career building, all help each other through the challenges they face — and with Los Angeles as the backdrop, they explore life through their relationships and jobs, so what could possibly go wrong?  Well we must tune in to find out!

“Work In Progress” appears to have the resume on paper – umm, I mean – the screen; appearing is an awesome cast of veteran actors who have collectively appeared in a multitude of network, cable and feature films — beginning with our leading ladies: Marquita Terry (USA High, Malibu CA & Common Law) as Peyton Nicholson,  Kristen Miller (Malibu Shores, USA High, That’s My Bush & She Spies) as Chloe Grey,  Jen Drohan (American Horror Story, Big Bang Theory, Numbers & Dog With A Blog) as Paige Turner, Vinessa Antione (Soulfood, Being Erica, Heartland & Haven) as Tracey Grant and supporting cast, Dawn Joyal (The Middle & Inverse) as Fern and Richard T. Jones (Judging Amy, Girlfriends, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals, Nikita and Hawaii Five-O) as RJ Nicholson and helmed by Directors, Mary Lou Belli (Second Generation Wayans, Reed Between The Lines & Girlfriends) Episodes 1-3 and Marc Cadieux (Tom Waits: Real Gone European, Orphan’s and The Glitter and Doom tours & Bridges Over Troubled Waters) episode 4 & 5, have all come together to introduce a celebration of friendship, fashion, and phases of life, in this relatable, mockumentary style comedy. Poking fun at everything from parenthood to pop culture this series vows to embrace the truth and comfort in the continual growth and submission to being a work in progress. They’ve come together, bringing their talents to WIP where they exhibit a chemistry that shows strive for.

There is a lot of “F’s” here people so brace yourselves: friendship, fun, faith, friction, fashion, and four fab women – whew! To wrap it up, this show proves that even through the ups and downs, the 30’s is when life starts getting good, one has just gotta find comfort in and accept that, we’re all just a “work in progress”!

Check back with the Yak for the premiere date, but first here’s a little taste of what’s to come.


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*FULL DISCLOSURE – I lit, shot and am a producer on the show but there is no prejudice written into this article, because the show is just that good!

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