Yak Exclusive: Big Brother Jun Song’s Tips To Combat Bullying

In accordance with our initiative this week, Big Brother 4 champion Jun Song took some time to send her thoughts, exclusively to the Yak, regarding bullying and the Anti-Bullying movement. Cast as part of the X Factor twist, Jun weathered through to win the prize at the end. Since her time in the Big Brother house, Jun has remained active in social media and has kept up with her fans on Twitter. While Jun has been a very polarizing previous houseguest on Twitter, she has committed herself to the Anti-Bullying movement with the Yak. At the start of the week, Jun has made a couple of affirming tweets in support of our initiative. I, Jun Song, do hereby solemnly swear to ““Stop and think. Words can hurt.” in honor of #AntiBullyingWeek because well, words are my thing. Well known by some fans for her “Twitter wars,” Jun even promised to play nice this week in support. Regardless of your impressions, stepping up for the cause is what this is all about. Here is Jun’s story and 10 tips on how to combat bullying.

We would like to personally thank Jun for stepping up and saying a few words about this important movement. We also want to sneak in a congrats to Jun as she learned that she will be having a boy!

In an effort to join forces and increase awareness, we encourage you to share these stories with your friends and family and encourage continuous efforts to make a difference! We all are capable and we just hope that this motivates and encourages each and every one of us to take a stand and put a stop to bullying once and for all. YakkityYaks, don’t talk smack!


Growing up the only (yes, check the Census records…only, haha) Korean girl on the Lower East Side of New York City in the late 70s/early 80s I was a prime target for bullies. But after receiving my first black eye I learned to fight with my quick wit and sharp tongue instead of relying on my obviously lacking physical prowess.  That doesn’t mean I was cursing people out my whole life…only occasionally…instead I was careful in who I befriended and why. It’s no wonder I ended up on a show like Big Brother where one’s social capacities and intuition lead people down such different paths. Confrontations can’t always be avoided, but people can be more thoughtful and calculating in how they deal with  such events. Not to say BB is exactly a bullying scenario, but there are so many parallels. Everyone just wants acceptance, including bullies…and unfortunately bullies don’t have the ability to deliver that message and therefore prey on others.  We just all need to be more aware. I’m happy to be a part of Anti-Bullying Week. Thank you for the opportunity!

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