The Yak Staff

Editorial/Creative DirectorKasey was born into the Entertainment world, with a mother that worked in all aspects of productions, from Talent Coordinator on such notables as ‘Midnight Special’ to Producer’s Assistant on many popular Television Series. Kasey, following in those footsteps, went on to assist in the Casting and Production Process, as well as the Actor Management Field.  After digging out from under the throws of Hollywood, from her experiences and expertise, she created The Yak. She uses her knowledge in the behind the scenes process, as well as her contacts never left behind to bring readers the most current news and information. When she is not writing and enjoying her online world, Kasey can be found dancing at the beach, climbing Mount Everest, and resting in the shade under the old oak tree… Well, maybe just resting.

Executive Editor/News DirectorJ.D. Montgomery accidentally stumbled into the world of entertainment when he first joined the Yak’s team all the way from the isle of St. Maarten. Entertainment media is probably the last place you’d expect a healthcare professional to wind up in, but YakkityYaks is where he’s at. J.D. used his fast-paced learning style to quickly further himself as one of the Yak’s top entertainment contributors. J.D. is an avid fan of television, movies, and music and his passion for the exciting world of entertainment translates into his wide array of reports. He has helped secure the Yak as a recognizable name and continues to work hard to get our readers the news they want to hear! When J.D. is not writing, you can find him busy studying for his medical boards and wandering the halls of the hospital … not Grey’s Anatomy or House, MD style (fortunately or not). He also has a BS in Neuroscience and is always looking for ways to channel his medical background for the Yak. Too bad he’s not a vet.

Publisher/Senior ProducerDavid Navarro is a working CInematographer/Lighting Director in Hollywood. For the past 15 years he has been the independent Owner and Operator of “Dream Lighting”, a successful provider of grip, lighting and electric equipment in the greater Los Angeles area. In that time, he has built a resume of well over 500 music videos, commercials, pilots and feature films, having formally lit such notables as: Anthony Hopkins, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock. Ileana Douglas, Jason Biggs, Justine Bateman, Robert Patrick, Jane Lynch and Lauren Holly. He has also lit musical artists such as: Miley Cyrus, Adele, Leona Lewis, and Dave Navarro. He has had projects in national release and on-air such as; “Black Waters of Echoes Pond”, Lucia Underground on El Rey, Straanded with a Mllion Dollars on MTV, Car Warriors on SPEED, Sports Science on ESPN, Fact or Faked [Paranormal Investigators] on Syfy and Fact Checkers Unit (FCU) a web series for NBC. Within all, David continues to strive to bring his extraordinary vision to the entertainment industry. To learn more about David, you can visit his website HERE.


Editor/YY Reality Executive ProducerSheldon Sherman comes from a long line of reality TV fanatics, reaching all the way back to Jedediah Sherman in 1778, who created the planets first reality show called “Tis’ Nothing Like Your Farm Hand Cooking!”, where he snuck into unsuspecting kitchens and replaced the homemade pies with mud versions. This led to the first public banishment from England, which eventually turned into the modern-day Tribal Council. The Sherman’s then immigrated to the US to expand upon their reality TV knowledge by creating the very first Big Brother known as “Largest Older Male Sibling”, where 20 male brothers lived together in one barn and fought for survival. When only one was left standing (most died from dysentery), they became the new Head of the Household. Not surprisingly, this game was cancelled after the first season due to a lack of surviving relatives.

Jump forward 335 years and several near-fatal reality show ideas later, Sheldon has now taken over as the newest leader of reality TV gameshows on the Yakkity Yaks website since 2012. His foray into playing the games his family helped create started as a HouseGuest in Yak Big Brother: Last Yak Standing (Season One), which led into a natural expansion as an Executive Producer for Yak Big Brother: Reyakt (Season 2) and Yak Big Brother: Garden of Good and Evil (Season 3), where Sheldon also serves as host for the most recent season. His passion for reality TV also manifested itself as he became an interviewer of evicted contestants in hit shows like CBS’s “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race” over the last several seasons.

When Sheldon isn’t pushing the envelope by producing blockbuster online reality games, he enjoys his down time in Orlando, Florida, with a nice bottle of wine, his kitty named “Pickles”, and singing the smooth sounds of Billy Vera & the Beaters. If you Google “Sheldon Sherman” and “At This Moment”, you’ll find a 2006 performance from a competition that has quite a memorable audience reaction!


Tina: Tina is a Big Brother and Survivor fan from season 1! Her favorite BB contestant ever: Dr. Will! Her favorite Survivor contestant ever: Boston Rob! She is a lover of most reality shows including the Bachelor, all the Real Housewives shows, Mob Wives, Sister Wives, Biggest Loser, Intervention, Hoarders and many others. She is also an arcade addict and soon to be retired from the day job so she can spend more time at her favorite place YakkityYaks!

Mystycl – The Yak is very proud to have our very own Mystycl, specializing in bringing the good news back to our world daily. She believes that with all the bad news, everyone can use a pick me up, and she is right! Mystycl brings us “feel good” stories, funny videos and more! See her wonderful work in her very own corner of the forum!