Survivor: The Yak’s Interview with Caleb Bankston

Today the Yak interviewed Caleb Bankston the 26 year old post office manager/ farmer from Collinsville, Alabama. Caleb is engaged to returning player Colton Cumbie from Survivor One World. Previously this Yak interviewed Colton when he exited Survivor One World and found him to be hilarious, witty, extremely intelligent and quite charming. Although Jeff Probst…

Shot into Smithereens

Survivor Recap: Shot Into Smithereens

Well Survivor fans, we are getting down to the wire.  With Penner’s exit we are down to six Survivors this week.  Just to recap;  Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Skupin are in a four person alliance for now which leaves Abi and Carter vulnerable.  Abi is basically fighting for her life and continues to intimate that…