“Survivor: Caramoan” – The Yak Chats With Brandon Hantz

SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN - FANS VS. FAVORITESEven diehard Survivor fans have been less than thrilled at Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites up to this point. In this week’s episode all that changed during an explosive episode when Brandon Hantz a player on the Fans tribe exploded on Phillip Sheppard which resulted in his being voted out.

“I am the author of my destiny” Brandon exclaimed. For the first time in Survivor history an impromptu tribal council was held prior to the immunity challenge and Brandon was sent packing. In true Hantz style Brandon has no regrets on how the situation transpired. His annoyance at Phillip had come to a head and as Brandon says. “I tell it like it is!”

Many fans are applauding Brandon’s action to tell Phillip off. Phillips continual “special agent” lingo and references to his “Stealth R Us” alliance grated on Brandon’s last nerve as it has with many viewers. The Yak was able to participate in a telephone interview with Brandon.

Q:: Now that the show has aired what do you want people to know about what happened?
Brandon: Really, I liked it. Obviously Phillip was annoying he did stuff that was over the top and not necessary. But I think people already understand that. I don’t think they need clarification on how annoying he was. He got aggressive first. That’s not an excuse for what I did but it’s clear as crystal he said straight up, he’s a street fighter. I wasn’t even thinking about getting physical, it wasn’t even a question. He thought about it before I did. I don’t know if he was prepared to do what he said he was going to do if I ever got aggressive with him. It kind of backfired on him a little bit.

Q: The anger that you felt toward Phillip, how much of that was connected to your first experience on Survivor?
Brandon: About 90% of it really. He really got what I wanted to do to the Coach as far as my aggression. It was a lot of bitterness towards my last season. It was sad for me, it was hard. I grew up man, just like you gotta take the good with the bad. My second Survivor experience all around, my edit was amazing. It was all accurate the first and second time but it was so amazing. The way that you know I let so much get to me my first time and it’s so not that big of a deal. Like people are going to like you or dislike you whether you play Survivor or not. It’s just on a bigger scope. So I had to grow up a little bit. It’s been so amazing. My wife says we enjoy this. She says “Baby, if you ever get the chance to go play again, you’d better bring home a million dollars.” That’s her attitude. This to me wasn’t worth it in the beginning. But now that everything happened, even our separation. It actually got us closer together man; I honestly can thank Survivor for doing that. It caused a lot of drama and it caused a lot of changes in me. Like it all went to my head the first season, everything went to my head and I allowed it to get into my marriage. If I hadn’t ended up separating with my wife I wouldn’t realize how much I love her now, so I’m taking every bit of good. The both of us really appreciate the whole experience we appreciate the help on finances, there are so many good, positive things that have come good from it we both really appreciate the whole experience.

As far as Phillip is concerned anything I say is Survivor related. Nothing is going to be personal. There is no vendetta there’s no bitterness towards Phillip. It’s literally been a year, my mind has changed. I’m always growing and always developing. We’re not children, it’s a game and everything for me, Brandon is going to stay a game from here on out. I want an opportunity to compete against my Uncle Russell. That’s what I want. He’s proud of how I played the game. He’s never been more proud he said. We will be on live on the after show with Parvati. It’s going to be exciting. We’re good friends now. We realize we are a lot alike. He cried, I cried, he got angry. I got angry sometimes. We are like each other in a lot of ways. There is a love and respect there but we both are very competitive and there would be no holds barred if I was allowed to compete against my Uncle.

Q:: Do you have any regrets?
Brandon: No I’m going to be honest with you, no. Everything happens for a reason that’s just the way that I am. Everything that I did was true feelings, true emotions. I could have done things better but as far as regrets, no I enjoyed it. I didn’t throw the game, I made a point. I didn’t quit. As you can see I was up against the wall, I didn’t have a choice. The challenge would have been thrown either way. When you take away my chance at a million dollars, ain’t no rice or beans is gonna be left at all. It’s just plain and simple. I tried to be a gentleman with Coach and it didn’t work for me. I fell on my sword. I learned my lesson. I realized I was too nice the first time, too aggressive the second time. Third time would be a happy medium and you might see me win a million dollars. You can’t win for losing with the audience. obviously I’m compelling but I don’t try to be, I just try and be me. I wish I would have been out there longer but I’m happy with the way it ended.

The Yak: Aside from the Phillip incident watching the Season so far has there been anything that has surprised you?
Brandon: Just the way everyone was jumping on the crazy bandwagon. The way that Cochrane disrespected me by equating me to a murderer the first couple of episodes. I’ve never even been to jail and I’ve only been in two physical fights in my life. It was disheartening to see that he would compare me to a murderer. That’s the whole follower thing, the whole playing to the camera thing so I can understand it I guess.

Brandon went on to praise the production of Survivor. He said that Jeff Probst’s shoulder massage during his eviction was like a tranquilizer. He has the highest respect, love and regard for Jeff Probst, the camera crews, producers, and all those that worked on the Survivor production. Brandon’s main interest is to compete against his Uncle, Russell Hantz on Survivor. His favorite player is Dawn. He said “She’s like my mama.” He’d love to see her take the win in the end.

Thanks for talking with us here at the Yak Brandon and for an exciting episode of Survivor Caramoan.

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