“Survivor:” The Yak Chats With Kat Edorsson, Latest Eliminated Castaway

SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERKat Edorsson the 24 year old spunky contestant from Survivor One World was eliminated from Survivor on Thursday nights’ episode of Survivor Blood vs. Water when she lost the “flame puzzle” challenge to John and Laura in the Redemption Island duel. Kat had joined the cast with her boyfriend Hayden Moss, the 27 year old winner of “Big Brother 12.”

We spoke with Kat today to find out how she’s doing now and her thoughts on her most recent foray into the Survivor arena.

The Yak: Hi Kat, thanks for spending the time to talk with us today here at Yakkity Yaks TV and Reality News.
Kat Edorsson: Happy Halloween!! Thanks for talking with me!
The Yak: Do you think that Laura cheated when she continued to look at John’s puzzle?
Kat: Do I think that John should have pushed his puzzle down, yeah you could say that. Do I think that Laura kind of cheated, yeah you could say that. But when you think about it…for a million dollars? I would have done it I have to say. I just couldn’t see and I wasn’t in the position to see. The more time I spent trying to look at John’s puzzle the less time I was able to spend putting puzzle pieces on my own puzzle. It wasn’t relevant to me because I wasn’t in a position to see it.
The Yak: The Yak has a very large Big Brother fan base so I know our readers want to know about the relationship between you and Hayden and where it stands.
Kat: We are fantastic! He’s snoozing right now. We are going to be bumble bees this Halloween. We’ve been together ever since and always will be and don’t see our lives going anywhere else than just being with each other. He’s my best friend. He’s amazing!
Swoop In For The KillThe Yak: Congratulations to you both. Do you have regret that you and Hayden didn’t switch at Redemption Island?
Kat: That’s a great question. At the time I wanted to switch. I’m not going to take that back. When I saw that puzzle I’m like “Babe get your butt down here and switch with me because there’s no way I’m making it out of here alive!” That’s when those kind two words come to me he comes and says “but long-term?” When I heard that I’m like I’m out of here. For a girl, what does that mean? Does it mean long-term for our relationship? Does it mean long-term in life? Does it mean long-term in the game? When I heard him say that, that’s just something I knew. For a long time when I found out I was going to be playing with Hayden I always wanted to prepare myself to be playing against him. So in my dreams I would dream about having a final 4 scenario with Hayden and myself. I would have to come up with all these reasons as to why I’d have to write Hayden’s name down if we go to final 4. Ideally if I was going to sit down in a final three situation with my boyfriend, I was never going to win. I knew that in the bottom of my heart. So when he said to me (I have to explain it to you guys because I want you to know how deep it was when he said this), “long-term, who do you think has a better chance of winning this game?” In my heart I’ve always known it was Hayden. I always knew he was going to beat me. Not only do I have to come into a game where I should be getting my own redemption because I got blindsided the season before, I’m coming in to this game. Here I am and he says those things to me and I’m like “dang it!” That’s why I was so emotional. I’ve always known that he was going to beat me. I was coming up with reasons to write his name down because I wanted to beat him. Not because I don’t love him and not because he doesn’t love me just because I wanted a chance at something! It was really hard.
The Yak: It appeared that you and Tina were really close. How surprised or hurt were you that she just turned on you immediately?
Kat: I mean she pulled a sniper on me didn’t she?
The Yak: She did, and I was surprised. I would have thought she’d have been a bigger target being a previous winner.
Kat: You know what? Go ahead and preach girl! Make sure you let everyone know that because I’m still trying to figure out what she was doing. I still can’t believe that happened. I spent the majority of the time making sure that Tina and Monica weren’t biting each others’ heads off! They were always at each others’ throats. You have no idea. Here I am trying to be the middle man and then I get stuck in the crossfire. Now I’m eliminated? For what?… because I’m accommodating Tina’s conversation about Monica? What else is new? Everyone talked about each other all the time. That’s why there was no true alliance in our season, from when I was there. Everyone was always against each other and talking about each other. Tina was constantly saying something bad so where does your allegiance really lie?
The Yak: If you had made it to the merge what were your plans besides you and Hayden?
Kat: I was so determined to stay with Tina that if I didn’t get eliminated I probably would have stayed with Tina but honestly I would have had to go with the flow. You never know I could have aligned with Caleb for all I know. I would have gone with Tina and maybe Tyson, I’m not sure. At the time my alliance was Tyson, Aras and Gervase but if I had gone to the merge I would have strategized with Hayden and we would have discussed who we felt more comfortable with. Who did I trust the most in the game at that point? It was Tyson and I really enjoyed Laura M.
Swoop In For The KillThe Yak: What are your thoughts on Laura B? Everyone’s interviews indicated that they found her annoying.
Kat: She’s out of her element. When you are lost in your own head you are great for Survivor lol. You don’t worry too much about where everything is in the game when you are the last person to know something and you are the first person to be going every single tribal council but you never go because there’s a bigger target somewhere. That’s the nature of the game. Did she annoy me? No, because I understand her and I’ve spent a lot of time with the Bonham’s; both of them before.
The Yak: Was it easier on Survivor the second time?
Kat: Absolutely! There was nothing I was afraid of. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. You know what I mean? I don’t need to sleep. You don’t need to feed me, I’ll starve. I was just thankful that I was in the same area code as my boyfriend for more than 3 days. I’ve never spent more time with Hayden in my life. To this day I haven’t spent that long with Hayden. I saw him for 17 days straight but hardly got to speak to him. The atmosphere couldn’t have done anything to me I was just blessed that I got to see him for 17 days in a row and you would be saying the same thing if you were dating him too.
The Yak: What would you have done differently?
Kat: If you are caught in a lie own up to it. I would have apologized to Monica and admitted it. Basically don’t lie to a Culpepper if you are caught. Lol
The Yak: Any chance we will see you and Hayden on the Amazing Race?
Kat: Hey you keep watching girlfriend! We will see! We want to see that and we will let CBS know that that is something we are really interested in!
The Yak: Any parting words for our readers at the YAK?
Kat: Just know that Hayden and I are very thankful that we’ve had all the support and love from last night. It was really, really hard. It was probably the biggest decision that Hayden had to make (not trading places with Kat on Redemption Island). It was the best experience of our lives and hopefully we will see you guys soon and if you guys want to give us any shoutouts our hashtag is #HAT it’s for Kat and Hayden. We are enjoying it. Everyone’s been giving us some love and we love you guys back so we appreciate it!!
The Yak: Thanks Kat have a Happy Halloween and make sure to come to Yakkity Yaks TV and Reality News and say hey!
Kat: Thanks so much, Happy Halloween to everyone!

Kat was very candid in our interview. She’s full of energy and fun. It was a pleasure speaking with her. Kat intimated that it may have been a good thing for Hayden’s game for her to leave when she did. She encourages us all to watch and see.

Stay tuned for more Survivor Blood vs Water to see what happens!!!!

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