Survivor: The Yak’s Interview with Pete Yurkowski

Pete Yurkowski the 24 year old engineering graduate from New Jersey became the 4th member of the jury on Survivor Philippines in last weeks episode. No question was more important to viewers than to find out why Pete aligned with Abi and why he kept true to the alliance when Abi was busy making them a target.


Q: Why did you keep your alliance with Abi until the end?
Pete: I kept it a little too long. I guess I was blinded by the fact that I knew nobody was gonna vote for her and that really was attractive to me. I should have cut her loose probably around when we cut Jeff Kent loose.

Q: If you weren’t connected so closely with Abi, do you think you would still be portrayed as a villain?
Pete: Probably in a different way. Me and Abi look pretty close out there, but I was really closer to Artis. I would tell him everything I was doing. He was kind of like a confidante.

Unlike Artis who said that Abi’s villainous edit was the true Abi, Pete said that Abi’s not really like that. She just became very volatile out there and every time she opened her mouth she dug a deeper hole for them.

Q: Why did you always seem so annoyed with Skupin and RC?
Pete: RC just talked strategy the whole time. She wanted to be top dog and to have everyone be her little puppets. With Skupin I just couldn’t handle having to vote on everything we decided in the tribe like we had to vote on should we cook the rice now or in 45 minutes! It was annoying. I had to make a choice between RC and Skupin or Artis and Abi. Artis couldn’t stand Skupin and he was vocal about it. Artis was my closest ally in the game so I chose Artis and Abi.

Pete’s moment he is most proud of is when he tossed the immunity idol on the shelter floor making it look like it fell out of RC’s bag. This created chaos between Abi and RC and basically shattered their alliance. Pete thinks his best move is voting out RC.

Pete indicated that he wanted to play with Malcolm because everyone else just did what Pete told them to do and Malcolm was playing really hard and he was intelligent. After finding out that Malcolm had the idol Pete still wanted to leave the door open and work with Malcolm. After watching the episodes Pete was surprised at Denise’s game play. Denise kept a low profile and didn’t indicate she was as strategic as she was.

At Ponderosa Pete had to confront RC who asked him if he regretted voting her out. Pete has no regrets about that and told her that Carter had already told them RC was turning. Pete and Artis considered RC a bitch.

Pete said that this experience was amazing and it gave him the kick in the pants he needed to go out and kick his life into gear after graduating college.

The Yak: Would you do it again?

Pete: Absolutely, in a heartbeat!!


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