All My Children is Ending! Make Your Predictions!!

As the classic daytime soap, All My Children, is wrapping up their story after over three decades of daytime drama. We want to hear what YOU think about how this story is going to come to a close.

We have many scenario’s. Is Dixie back? How many times can they kill her? What about the “fake” Erica Kane, aka “Jane”. She is in love with the evil David Hayward. Even Jane is such a handful being the fake Erica, that Hayward is feeling suffocated.

Will Tad and Cara make it to the end of the story? With the shadow of Dixie hanging around the story line, is it an illusion, a dream, or a reality?

Jake would like to have a child with his wife Amanda, but there is a dark secret that lingers between her little affair with JR. Will this secret ruin everything between JR/Marissa and Jake/Amanda?

Jackson and the Kane girls are very confused at Erica’s behavior. They have yet to find out that Erica is really her kidnapper Jane.

Do you like Madison’s new bold look? Will it work for Fusion? Where will this take the story to the end?

Bianca let Marissa, JR’s ex wife, know her affectionate feelings towards her. Marissa pulled back. However, Marissa found out that the tactics that JR had been using to reel Marissa back into his life were coming from advice from Bianca. Will Marissa and Bianca end up being a couple in the end?

Griffin missed his plane out of the country on purpose and makes his move on Kendall. FINALLY!

Give us your thoughts and predictions on where this story is going and how it will end! There is not much time left!!!

The Yak looks forward to your thoughts!

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