Andrew Gold Dead at 59

UPDATE June 6: According to Andrew’s sister, he died in his sleep in his Encino, Ca. home. He was undergoing cancer treatment recently, but according to his family, he was responding well to the treatment.

UPDATE June 5: Gold’s passing has also been confirmed on his mother’s website. Click here to be taken to her site.

Way too young, Andrew Gold passed away on June 3rd, 2011 from an apparent heart attack. He was born on August 2, 1951, and became a huge singer/songwriter, mainly in the 1970’s.

He was best known for his hits, the 1977 Lonely Boy, and the 1978 Thank you for Being a Friend (used as the theme song on Golden Girls.)

He had the distinction of being the first human voice to be ‘heard’ on the surface of Mars: his rendition of the theme from the television series Mad About You, entitled “Final Frontier,” was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996.

Another part of my youth gone. I remember making up “dances” in my living room with my friends to his songs. We will truly miss him. He is survived by his wife Leslie Kogan, his three daughters from a previous marriage, his sisters Martha and Melani, and his mother, singer-actress Marni Nixon.

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  1. What a shame.. Great voice. His lovely Mom and his wife & family must be devestated

  2. Do you have a reliable source for this story? A lot of people are pushing it forward, but there is nothing about it in the mainstream press. I’m hoping it’s another Internet rumor, but if you have a source, I’d like to know what it is.

  3. my dad is andrew gold. he passed away last night, we are all heartbroken but know he is in a much for peaceful place now. thank you everyone for your love.

  4. Very sad news. Gold was a good singer, but an even better song writer. Rest in peace, sir.

  5. Emily, deepest sympathy to you in this terrible hour. Andrew Gold was in my view one if the very finest songwriters and will be recognized alongside Bacharach and others. His music was very, very good indeed. But he is now on a happier plane, enjoying even greater pleasures than this he gave to so many in this life.

  6. Emily, I am heartbroken with you. What a wonderful man your father was.

  7. Emily, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I’m only 25, but I do love music and am familiar with some of your father’s work. What a talented man he was. Best for you and yours as you go through this tough time.

  8. To the Gold family,

    I have been a fan since Andrew was with Linda Ronstadt and I have most of his albums….I still listen to his music just about every day.  I will miss him always.  So sad.  You are in my prayers.  Cathy W.

  9. Andrew Gold is one of the most underated musicians of all time.  I exchanged so many emails with him, trying desperately to convince him to play his amazing music live after he moved back to LA.  Everyone remembers his popularity in the 70’s, but the music he made with 10cc and Wax (partnering with Graham Gouldman of 10cc), as well as his solo releases the last 15 or so years are nothing short of classic.

  10. Sorry Emily,your dad was a huge inspiration to so many musicians.Such a versatile player,writer and singer..I’m sure he was a good dad..

  11. Emily, so truly sorry to hear about your dad….what an amazing gift he had!…I’d sent him an email once regarding “Oh Urania” and received the sweetest email back…it was so endearing how he wanted to be connected to his fans and would quickly reply…he was so much fun…I know you’ll miss him terribly….

  12. I’ve had quite a bit of contact w/ Andrew over the last 17
    years w/ my work in the realm of ‘power pop’, selling his side projects
    and CDs off my site and just chatting our love of all things music – his voice, his talent had a resonating presence
    and commanding respect for all us who loved melody, hooks and excellence
    in vocal performance.  This work was far from done….I had hoped to do
    a special feature w/ a site I’m launching next work…..not sure how
    I’ll proceed w/o his involvement but will figure out some way to
    properly honor him somehow…..

    Man,  just so very, very saddened by this news….God’s healing presence to his family with their profound loss…..

  13. Very , very sad. “Lonely Boy” is one of my favourite all-time songs, and his work with Graham Gouldman in Wax was outstanding. RIP, Andrew.

  14. Your amazing dad touched countless lives in an exceptionally positive way, Emily. Not many can say that. Speaking personally as a longtime fan, I’ve carried the joy of his work with me for most of my life.

    Yet for all his years of stardom, I’ve no doubt his most treasured memories are of you, his loving children. Always remember that YOU are his greatest legacy.

    May Light and Love and Peace surround you and your extended family at this most difficult time.

    And now I’m off to iTunes to download my all-time favorite song of your dad’s, “That’s Why I Love You,” a joyful single from his first solo album in 1975.  Been meaning to do that for a long time….

  15. i love his music, grew up with it, seemed like a great guy, i love ‘all this and heaven too’, great piece of work, very talented and in touch with his human side… yes, he was great…… we need more like him today……  

  16. very sad only just heard about his passsing, im sure he’s in a better place….real shame…

  17. WOW Of course I remember this song from when I was young, but it’s amazing when you watch this how musical Andrew was, because this arrangement is so asynchronized and offbeat, it’s almost funny, but Andrew makes it work perfectly. Gives me a giggle : )

  18. His music will live forever, what a wonderful musician and if you hear any interviews with him you can tell how much he loved his family and fans.

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