Big Brother 14: The Yak Chats With Jury Member, Britney Haynes

Last night on Big Brother 14, another veteran was sent home. Britney Haynes was put up on the block after Dan Gheesling’s truly last ditch effort as extending his life in the game. After Jenn used the Veto on Dan, Britney was nominated in his place next to Danielle. By a vote of 4-1 (Ian voted in Britney’s favor), she was sent packing to the jury house to join Ashley. We had the opportunity to ask Britney a few questions before Jury. Read on to see what they had to say. Don’t forget to join all of our Big Brother and TV talk in our FORUMS.


The Yak: You built a close bond with Shane because of the coaching twist, but do you think that bond also hurt your chances to win the game?
Britney: I don’t think it hurt my chances to win. He is a competition beast and as long as he had my back, I felt pretty safe going into every nomination and veto.

The Yak: Would you have still agreed to do this season of BB if you knew you’d eventually be playing the game as a HG & not as a coach?
Britney: Yes, I pretty much already suspected that would be the case going in. I just had to act like I didn’t like it because the houseguests weren’t finding the twist favorable.

The Yak: Looking back, do you think it may have been a mistake to tell Willie your prediction that the coaches would be entering the game?
Britney: Yes, who knew that he would go into total psycho mode and send the house into mass hysteria. I definitely should have kept that one to myself.

The Yak: If you got a do-over, what would you do different?
Britney: Worked harder to get Dan out before the coaches came into the game.

The Yak: Who are you hoping to see sitting in the final two chairs? Who do you hope to see next in the jury house?
Britney: For final two – Danielle and Ian. For the Jury – Frankenstein.

Thanks, Britney. Have fun in the Jury House!

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