Big Brother 14: The Yak Chats with Shane Meaney

HOH & POV winner Danielle Murphree after Shane’s eviction

Last night on Big Brother 14, Dan Gheesling, Big Brother 10’s champ and this season’s only remaining vet, spread his mist over the house once again with another shocking blindside. Never did Danielle Murphree envision she’d be sending her in-house boyfriend, Shane Meaney, packing when she used the Power of Veto to save her ex-coach, Dan. Saving Dan gave him the sole evicting vote this week, which he cast to Shane, sending the house flipper to the jury house and sending Danielle and Ian to the Final 3 by his side. Check out what Shane had to say after this shocking blindside, including what he really thinks about Danielle and who he would have taken to the finals.


The Yak: When Danielle told you that she was going to use the veto to save Dan, did you fight for her not to do that or did you trust that Dan would keep you? If so, why would you trust Dan after what he was able to pull off following the “Funeral” of his? And looking back, was there something more you could have done to solidify that Danielle kept the nominations the same?
Shane Meaney: I didn’t want Danni to use the veto initially, but I did want to let her know if it was an option that we could all give each others word and move forward with our final three deal. I did trust Dan after what he pulled off at the funeral. He didn’t really do anything wrong at the funeral except save his butt. He didn’t lie.

Shane talks to host Julie Chen after his blindside

The Yak: We have heard you say on the feeds that you really aren’t that attracted to Danielle. Will you be trying to date her once you are out in the real world? Were you just using her attraction to you to get further in the game?
Shane: No – I was never using her to further advance me in the game. I had a true final two deal with her. I held up my end but I don’t know if she held up her end.

The Yak: If the roles were reversed and somehow Danielle was evicted tonight, who would you have taken to the end with you and why?
Shane: I would have taken Dan because I knew I could beat him in the Jury votes.

The Yak: We never really got to see you get into the strategy aspect of the game. Was winning competitions the corner stone of your strategy? If not, how would you best define your strategy?
Shane: Winning comps was definitely part of my strategy but also I wanted to lay low and stay under the radar to prevent a big target on my head.

The Yak: If Kara had stayed longer in the house, do you think things may have shaped up differently for you?
Shane: Yeah – I do. Kara and I hit it off just as well as Danielle and I did.

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