#cutforbieber: Excuse Me, America. We’re doing WHAT For Bieber Now?!

Justin Bieber

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, let me quickly run over what a TT or Trending Topic is. You can limit your search from your own city to state to country to internationally. Right now, Monday afternoon, #cutforbieber is trending. That means, there is a HEAVY discussion about this tag going on in the United States right now.

If you’re anything like me, curiosity can sometimes kill the cat. In this case, curiosity makes me lose hope for humanity. If you have been keeping up with your celebrity pop dirt news (which thankfully YY doesn’t cover), you might know that pop star Justin Bieber has been caught smoking pot. In fact, a paparazzo lost his life trying to snag photos of the teen heartthrob in the act. But we won’t even touch that part of the story.

Let’s fast forward to today when fans of the Biebs have come up with a new way to combat his new habits. What exactly are we cutting for Bieber, you ask? Our wrists. That is right. A good part of his fan base has taken to posting pictures of slitting their wrists on Twitter and other social media site to get the pop star to ditch his new girlfriend, Mary Jane. For your sake, I will not be posting any of those pictures here, but excuse me?! Hold the mother trucking phone?! First of all, what is this going to accomplish? Is slitting your wrist really the solution to get Justin Bieber of all people to stop smoking marijuana?

First of all, Bielibers (or however you spell that), this is a VERY serious condition that many people – young and old – struggle with. It is not something to make light or just pick up on the whim to try and reach out to your favorite pop star. To make light of this situation or even just endanger yourself for him is pathetic. Yes, I said it. Pathetic.

Now, many Bieber fans are also taking to Twitter to claim that this all started with trolls who don’t like Bieber and that Bieber fans are really not doing this. Well, as pathetic and lame THIS alternative is, I sure hope this is the truth.

How about, oh I don’t know? Boycotting the Biebster and his music if you really feel strongly about it? Don’t request his music? Don’t download his tracks? Stop watching his YouTube videos? THAT might get your message across and you’re not endangering your life in any way in the process.

I implore you to please stop this and to stop it now. Slitting your wrists is NOT safe, healthy or a good idea by any stretch of the imagination. If this is a problem you are struggling with personally, please sit down and talk to someone about it. Your parents, a doctor, a clergy member in a place of worship. Someone. This is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly – by Bieber fans or anyone else.

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